If you want to change the world – you don’t have to go further than yourself

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

That’s the message our environmental guest Daniel Schaffer emphasizes as a key philosophy to create a better world.

Daniel is working at the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Since they’re working to help society become more sustainable, they decided to ask themselves how they could become more sustainable in their work. 

Here is one answer they found: they began compensating for the carbon emissions they released when travelling by setting up the Global Forest Fund, that calculates carbon footprints.

Today’s episode of Great.com Talks with is all about understanding the work that FEE does for the environment. If you haven’t heard of FEE before, they’re a truly impactful organization. They’re present in over 80 countries and have helped create over 60,000 Eco schools around the world. 

Additionally, FEE uses 4 other interesting approaches when dealing with environmental injustice. To hear about them, listen to our full episode. For a summary of the key mechanism you can jump directly to 11min35sec in the interview, where Daniel describes the golden thread that runs through all of their work. 

Want to support the work FEE does? Then FEE invites you to go back to your office and ask yourself, “what can I do, to make my own workplace more sustainable?”