What are the biggest challenges for this Earth when it comes to facing climate change?

What do you learn when you live with the indigenous tribes of South America for 4 months? In our second episode of Great.com Talks With, Spirit Rosenberg has invited a man who traveled across the world to find out. 

His name is Adam Holm – some people call him an influencer, but Adam himself prefers the term outfluencer, since he inspires people to find nature. 

In 2019 Adam wanted to understand what it is like to live in close contact with nature, and so he traveled from Sweden to live with indigenous tribes in Central and South America in a project he named Love Like Nature. 

For 4 months, Adam lived with tribes from 4 different elements of nature. Jungle tribes, mountain tribes, desert tribes and island tribes. In one of the tribes, Adam asked the leader “what is the biggest challenge for this earth when it comes to facing climate change?

If you want to hear the answer Adam got, listen to the full interview.

If you want to see Adam’s journey with your own eyes and find out how Adam traveled home with minimal carbon emissions, you can see it all on his Instagram account.

You can also see the videos from the Journey taken by the professional filmmaker David Sahlberg, or listen to the podcast of Adam and his traveling partner Hanna Hax Linder sharing their experiences.

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