Influencing as an animal advocate – what does science say? 

“We haven’t had the data to answer these questions, so animal advocates have kind of been flying blind.”

If you want people around you to eat less meat, what do you tell them? 

Historically, animal advocates have had to rely on instinct. Now, there is data available to answer this question.

In today’s episode Emil Ekvardt from talks with Brooke Haggerty, acting executive director of Faunalytics. Faunalytics empowers both individuals and organizations through access to research, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. 

Communicating how we can reduce animal suffering in a way so that people listen and change their behaviors is a challenge. Should you ask someone to stop eating meat completely, or try meatless Mondays? 

Should you show an image of an animal, or statistics on how millions are being treated? 

Knowing the right answers to these questions can highly increase your effectiveness as an animal advocate. Listen to today’s episode to learn the tools necessary to get your message across! 

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