Are you willing to use public shaming to solve climate change?

Why are you eating meat? Are you still flying? Did you not climate compensate for your personal carbon emissions last year? 

When society starts to accept certain behaviors as good or bad, people tend to feel shame if they don’t follow what is morally acceptable. The development of moral values in society is a phenomenon that is continuously happening. 

In today’s episode, Talks With… Laurel Sutherlin, who works at Rainforest Action Network as a communication strategist. 

Laurel explains how Rainforest Action Network uses shame and public pressure to expose companies who are exploiting the environment to make money. The idea is to follow the money up the chain of power. 

It’s not the people in Indonesia cutting down the palm trees who are the problem. It’s the banks on Wall Street making the money. Because that’s where the interest to cut down the trees starts.

What RAN does is that they localize the company at the top of the money chain, and then research that company and expose its vulnerable spots to the media and to the customers. 

Listen to the full interview to hear Laurel’s fascinating story of how successful this strategy has been to deal with climate change. 

If you have had enough of companies neglecting the environment, then help Rainforest Action Network in their strategy of restoring the well-being of planet Earth. 

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