A future free from animal suffering, is it possible?  

“Using media to share messages is often even better than one to one conversations. Because when people see something in the media, they know that they are not the only ones who get influenced. People don’t want to be weird. “


To reduce animal suffering, should we focus on changing laws and subsidies, or inspiring people to eat a more plant-based diet? For Anima International, these two approaches complement each other.

Today Emil Ekvardt from Great.com talks with Dobrosława Gogłoza from Anima International about how to make life better for animals. 

Changing laws and behaviors can be challenging, but also a very effective way to reduce the suffering of animals. In today’s episode we explore a range of topics from milk subsidies, male and meat stereotypes, economies of scale and the importance of communication and leadership when running an NGO. Do check it out! 

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