Why are forests so vital to stop Climate Change? 

If you watch a football game, some players will play offense and some will play defense. The same strategy applies to Climate Change.

“Carbon Offense” represents actions that primarily focus on capturing carbon from the air. One of our most important Carbon Offense strategies is planting new trees. 

“Carbon Defense” represents actions that focus on reducing the loss of carbon that is already being stored in the forest. This could be preventing forest wildfires or trees from getting chopped down. 

In today’s episode, Spirit Rosenberg talks with the President of American Forests, Jad Daley about why the forest is essential in the fight to stop Climate Change. 

Jad believes that our trees and forest are like a Swing vote. The trees can determine whether we are going to lose or whether we are going to win this battle against time. 

Listen to the full interview to hear Jad explain how trees play a double role in fighting climate change and why science is so important when planting new trees. 

We already know how many trees we need to plant to reduce the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions. The question is, are we going to plant enough trees? 

Want to find out more about Great? Off you go! 

Believe we need to act today to stop global warming? One of the best things you can do right now is to plant 1 tree for 1 dollar

If you want to understand more about the new technology American Forests is using when they plant trees, go to their website and find out for yourself. Thank you for your support.