Keeping secrets is a huge part of our lives. Everyone knows the adverse effects that secrets can have if those secrets are hiding a mistake or fault — but we also keep secrets for good reasons.

We keep secrets every year for Christmas or when we have a surprise. Secrets can also be leveraged to help you get what you want. In other words, keeping secrets can be fun and beneficial.

Are secrets worth it — emotionally and physically?

If secrets have value, why would any organization want to be completely transparent? How would that even look?

Great’s founder, Erik, took his previous company from two employees to 250 employees in just a few years. He experienced many growing pains along the way, but probably none more than the secret of salaries.

On today’s podcast, we discuss the consequences of keeping secrets — especially within an organization. Erik also opens up about the sensitive subject of employee salaries and whether there is a better way to approach wages at Great.

Can transparent and public salaries alleviate some of the previous issues that Erik faced?

Let’s find out!