We are sitting in a small meeting room.

She is sitting on the other side of the table. Her back in hunched, her shoulders are up and her gaze is staring blindly down on the table.

On the other side of the table is me. I’m sitting straight up, my jaws are clenched together, and my eyes are fixed on her.

I’ve just told her that I will not pay her what we have agreed upon. She has already done the job. I’m going against my word.

I have miscalculated, I’ve done the error, she’s the one that gets to pay for it. I’m using my authority to get my way.

This happened eight years ago. No one else found out how I dealt with this situation. I ran her over, she kept it to herself.

I never want to do something like that to someone else again. I don’t want anyone doing something like that to anyone. I want the world to be a fair place.

I believe that companies and people hide a lot behind secrets. That secrets are one of the biggest enemies of our society. If I couldn’t have kept my unfairness secret back then, I wouldn’t have dealt with that situation in such a horrible way.

The antidote of secrets is transparency. If we put our cards on the table, there are no secrets. No way to bluff.

With Great.com we are doing things differently. We keep secrets to a minimum and transparency to a maximum.

Our intention is to be as transparent as we possibly can. We want to share everything from how we set salaries to how much we invoice our clients. Not everything will be possible to share but if it is, our intension is to share it.

Most of the team with spouses gathered in Stockholm 2019

*Several people have chosen to lower their salary to instead increase donations to the rainforest. These salaries are for full time commitment, some in the team are working less than 100%. These titles are not official, we don’t use titles, they are included here to describe their roles.

I’m Erik Bergman, founder of Great.com. My passions are building organisations and making a difference. Great.com is my life long project for that.

I’m happy to talk further about this topic and whether it is right or wrong. You can reach me on erik.bergman@great.com.