Derek Miller

Great at Marketing

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”
– Elbert Hubbard

What am I doing for Great right now?

Right now, for Great, I’m focused on creating the marketing strategy for our brand as it relates to content, SEO, and email marketing.

What are the skill sets I’m using to help Great?

I have almost a decade of experience working in various digital marketing disciplines. I’ve developed and executed SEO strategies that increased organic rankings for Fortune 500 companies. I’ve built websites and ran PPC campaigns that generated exponential ROI for small businesses in my community. I’ve conducted organic outreach for YouTube channels that lead to hundreds of placements, thousands of social engagements, and millions of views. I’ve also shared my expertise as a public speaker at marketing conferences, as a host of a marketing podcast, and as a columnist on sites like Entrepreneur, GoDaddy, and other popular business sites. My role within Great is to utilize everything I know about digital marketing to support Great’s mission and grow its brand identity.

If you could solve any problem in the world. Which would you chose?

This is a tough question. In a very general sense, I think problems (obstacles) are catalysts for change and progress as a society and individual — and are incredibly important. However, there are so many global problems that prevent people from receiving basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety. Without basic needs being met, it’s impossible for anyone to grow. While I’d love to solve all the world’s problems, I think one of the most important would be to provide everyone with clean water. Clean water is not just a necessity for human nutrition; it can be a powerful resource to support agriculture, hygiene, and other elements of basic human needs.

About Derek

My name is Derek Miller, and I have an affinity for creating. As a child, I built things — sand castles, pillow forts, and LEGO® projects. As an adolescent, I created scoring opportunities on the soccer pitch and literary works on paper canvases. As an adult, I look for opportunities to create in my professional and personal life. I’m creating a family with my wife, Vanessa, and our two dogs Max and Cody, I build memories with my friends and loved ones, and I develop amazing online experiences as a digital marketer. I wake up every day and look for new ways to express myself creatively  — and Great gives me that opportunity.