Emil Ekvardt

Great at Podcasting

“Have more than you show. Speak less than you know.”
-William Shakespeare

What am I doing for Great right now?

Currently, my role within Great is to help Erik become the world’s greatest podcast guest (Podcast King). To do this, we are conducting frequent podcast episodes for Becoming Great, and I’m providing Erik with genuine feedback from those episodes to help him improve. 

What are the skill sets I’m using to help Great?

I believe that being great at poker, maximizing the impact of charitable giving, and succeeding in life have one commonality — I call it the golden question.

How can I do this better?

There is not always an easy answer to this question, and it will sometimes require self-reflection, critical thinking, and in-depth analysis of data. Other times, the answer to this question can come from instinct, intuition, or creativity.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to continue to ask yourself the golden question — even if you are doing well and a strategy is working.

I will bring this same mindset to Great.

My role within Great will be to find outstanding charitable giving opportunities. I will also help empower the individuals within and outside of Great to make better decisions about charity and donating.

If you could solve any problem in the world. Which would you chose?

If I’m allowed to dream, I solve problems associated with disease and more specifically, aging. I would love for everyone to live a long and healthy life.

More realistically, I’d like to solve the problem of factory farming. What will our great-grandchildren think when they look back at how we are treating livestock today? I think they’ll be appalled. I believe we’ll eventually view factory farming similarly to how we now view slavery or Roman gladiators.

About Emil

Do you remember that popular guy in school that all the girls liked? I was not that guy — but that was ok. I had more important things to do!

I always loved sports and competition. I enjoyed math, games, and anything that involved strategy. When I was 17 everything changed for me. I found my life’s passion — Online Poker.

This game was fast, exciting, and it combined everything that I loved into one activity. Best of all, I was really good.

For the next eight years, I buried myself in poker. I played and studied it every day. I was in love.

In 2016, I used some of my poker winnings to help a friend found the NGO www.itforchildren.org. Erik Bergman and I visited Ghana to see what our donations were able to accomplish. To my surprise, our donations helped open a small school. This was an incredibly profound moment in my life.

It was the first time I saw how my passion could be used to help others. I felt more accomplished than I had ever felt before, and I loved it!

That experience made me start asking myself some tough questions.

How can I take my talents and help others?
What are the most effective ways to help people?