Erik Bergman

Founder of Great

“There are two main reasons we don’t get out needs met. First, we don’t know how to express our needs, to begin with. And second, if we do, we forget to put a clear request after it or we use vague words like appreciate, listen, recognize, know, be real and stuff like that.”
– Marshall Rosenberg

What am I doing for Great right now?

At this stage, my main focus with Great is to clarify a vision and how to communicate it. We want to be able to reach out to as many people as possible to share our goals and grow our team. To add the most value in the process I’m learning how to speak in public and to deliver great interviews.

What are the skill sets I’m using to help Great?

I’m great at building things. I just get started and things tend to happen. I find people and I get them together. I believe I’m a good leader. I’m good at inspiring people and to help them see their own talents. I look for what needs others have and I find ways to meet them while aligning towards the same goal.

If you could solve any problem in the world. Which would you chose?

I believe the biggest problem in the world lies in communication. That poor communication is the source of most of our problems today. From wars and poverty to schoolyard bullies and divorces.

If we would be able to always clearly express our needs and the people around us would be able to listen to understand – that would save us from so much pain.  That’s the main problem I would want to solve.

About Erik

I’m Erik Bergman and I’m truly passionate about creating things. Whatever I’m doing I’m looking for ways to make it improve, to make it bigger or smarter somehow. It’s just my nature.

After school, I started building companies. My first big success came with Catena Media. It was started out of passion, we just wanted to make websites and it worked tremendously well – almost too well. In 2016 the company went public, I made a lot of money from it but at the same time, I had lost both my health and my passion. I was overworked and drained of energy.

It took me about a year to get back on my feet. I could once again feel the tingling excitement about building things. I asked myself, how can I keep building on something for the rest of my life without making the same mistakes again? If you should plan for half a century, what’re the most important things?

Today I’m very passionate about these questions and around them, we are creating