Spirit Rosenberg

Great at Speaking

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”
-Simone de Beauvoir

What am I doing for Great right now?

Right now, my focus is helping Erik improve himself as a public speaker to become the best ambassador possible for Great.

What are the skill sets I’m using to help Great?

I work as a Public Speaking coach and I use my Abilities in 3 areas for Great:

  1. Providing feedback for the benefit of Greats Public Speaking Army
  2. Simplifying the Charity Sector for the benefit of the people on Planet Earth
  3. Co-Creating a Transparent Culture for the benefit of the Future Employees of Great
If you could solve any problem in the world. Which would you chose?

It’s a Paradox. The problem that I believe would solve most other problems are the same problem that arises when most other problems are solved

I see this problem in myself and that’s why I’m the first one to admit that when other problems disappear, this problem arises. It’s the problem to not caring.


What would the world look like if every human cared 10% more for the collective wellbeing?


About Spirit

When does one’s life start?

It depends on how you perceive that question and who you are asking, right? I believe life starts when we make conscious decisions based on our heart’s desires.

When I was born, my beautiful parents named me Andreas Rosenberg.

However, when I was 21, I started to plan for my own funeral.

7 years later I finally decided to kill my old identity, Andreas and was reborn as the identity which I have today – Spirit Rosenberg.

For me, that was a conscious decision based on my heart’s desire to start a new life.

When did your life start?