Tobias Regnestam

Great at Swedish Casino Affiliation

“Amor fati”

– Marcus Aurelius

What am I doing for Great right now?

I am heading up our Great Sweden efforts where we are building an iGaming Affiliate website for Swedish people who are looking for great casinos to play at. I am looking at the whole chain so that includes finding new partners to work with, negotiating commercial deals to have in place as well as populating our Great Sweden website with the Casino content for people to take part of and of course, following up with our partners so that our cooperation is working well and may continue into the future.

What are the skill sets I’m using to help Great?

The skills that I’m currently using involved a lot of Networking to find the new partners, Sales skills to get them to see our vision and porpoise with, I’m looking at the commercial side of the operation of Great Sweden to make sure that we can generate as much value as possible for the charities that we are trying to help while at the same time making sure that our partners get value by working with us. I’m also trying to use my business experience to guide Great Sweden into a place where we will be able to generate income for the greatest good in the world for years and years into the future. 

If you could solve any problem in the world. Which would you chose?

The problem I would feel strongest for is also a problem that is rarely talked about. I would solve the problem that Humans/ Humanity sees itself as disconnected from everything else. Our point of view is more “Me” our “My family” than “our planet”. I believe that by solving the problem of humanity’s connection with the world around us we would solve 99% of all the problems we are seeing with how we collectively treat the nature, animals, other nations, other religions and people with other points of views.

About Tobias

 About 7 years ago I left the cold darkness in the north (also known as Sweden). Up until that point, I worked with everything, from founding and running a clothing company with 2 stores, being a CEO-assistant for a construction company and fundraising at Stockholm University.

Joining the iGaming industry I found what I´d been looking for. I started at Casumo as an Ambassador but I have since worked as an Affiliate manager ( Casumo) , Head of Affiliation ( Mr Green ), COO – Chief of Happiness ( Cashmio ), And my current role Heading up Sweden.