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Great’s founder, Erik Bergman, does not shy away from controversy. He created a multi-million dollar affiliate marketing business in the casino space, only to leave his lucrative career to start Great, the world’s most controversial charity project.

A Controversial Charity

Using non-traditional methods, Great will raise money for hand-selected charities around the world with a goal to drive the greatest good possible. Moreover, the $900,000 domain ( will become a hub for inspiring personal and global change.

There are several ways you can become involved with Great, and you can learn more about Great in the article below.

Want to help?

Great launched less than a year ago, and there are some small ways you can make a big impact!

Great is not your typical charity or business– it’s a charitable project spearheaded by Erik Bergman, a 30-year-old Swedish entrepreneur who has earned over $100 million through his previous ventures.

Our Purpose

Erik created Great because he was seeking something more — a purpose. He had already reached the pinnacle of what many consider to be a successful career, yet something was still missing. While he doesn’t need any more money, he does need a purpose and a reason to keep pushing himself professionally.

According to Erik, the greatest purpose in life is helping others, and Great will be a way to do that.

Unlike his other projects, Great will not be generating revenue for himself or its shareholders. Rather, all earnings from Great will be donated to various charities and causes around the world.

Great’s Mission

Great’s mission is to accomplish the greatest good in the world by:

  • Generating substantial profits through online monetization activities and donating earnings to various causes and charities
  • Building strategic partnerships and active communication channels so we can educate and raise awareness for important causes and charities
  • Encouraging personal growth and happiness by publishing engaging, informative, and motivational content on owned, earned, and paid media


While we have a clear mission, there is no definitive blueprint for how we can accomplish our goals. Therefore, we know we’ll make mistakes and have to change our process along the way.

As long as we continue to push towards our main goal: to generate the greatest good in the world, Great will be a success.

What we are building at Great is more than just a charity or a business, it’s something truly unique. Great is not a short-term project. We have every intention of making Great one of the most socially responsible brands in the world for the next 50 years.

A Revolutionary Organization

Erik wanted to find a way to use his talents to support charitable initiatives throughout the world. After many hours of researching, he realized that the most efficient use of his time was not to run a charity — but to fund them.

Erik is a successful entrepreneur who has proven his ability to make money. Great will be designed to make as much money as possible, only to give it all away.

In a general sense, Great will operate similarly to a for-profit business. We will hire employees, build a brand, and set and track goals. However, Great will be anything but “traditional” when it comes to company culture and operations.

Great will be a revolutionary organization driving real change in the world through unconventional and controversial methods.

Putting Employees First

Traditional companies often struggle with employee turnover. It’s easy to see why when more than 53% of workers are unhappy with their job. While there is no way to ensure complete happiness, we will strive to build an organization that puts employees first and creates an environment where employees feel appreciated and valued.

Some ways Great will put its employees first include:

Finding Employees Who Believe in Our Purpose

Great’s goal is to drive social well-being and philanthropy through revenue generating activities and strategic communication. To accomplish this, we need employees who believe in our purpose and are able to find creative ways to use their skills and passion to support our objectives.

Having a purpose isn’t just important for an organization, it also provides a more fulfilling career for employees. We will do our best to make sure all our employees are passionate about Great’s purpose and are as excited as we are to do the greatest good in the world.

Emphasizing Employee Health and Wellness

We anticipate Great being around for more than 50 years. Therefore, we want to take a long-term approach to our company culture. Rather than burning employees out for short-term goals, we encourage our team to focus on themselves, their health, and their families. As a result, our team will feel supported and appreciated — making them happier and more productive in the end.

We promote employee well-being by ensuring healthy sleep habits, encouraging exercise and nutrition, practicing active listening, and making sure all employees are recognized.

Great is building a company culture in the same way as we would build a family – where caring about each other comes first!

Practicing Radical Transparency

Trust is a key part of any relationship, including employee/employer. Building trust with an organization is particularly difficult because many things are kept secret. Great intends to develop a radically transparent organization — both internally and externally.

We’ll publish important information about our project online and communicate details to all our team members. From our company goals and vision to our biggest mistakes and failures, we will share the good and the bad. This even includes details about our team members and how we pay our employees, as well as our strategic partners, the terms of our relationships, and our business strategies.

We will make transparency a focus at Great because we want to create a fair environment and inspire other organizations to do the same. We believe that removing barriers and secrets will build trust with our employees, our partners, and our supporters.

Creating a Flexible Work Environment

Many organizations are starting to recognize the benefits of creating a flexible work environment. Whether that includes remote employees, flexible schedules, or unlimited PTO, giving employees more freedom provides an added benefit outside of salary and healthcare.

Because there are immensely talented workers all over the world, Great will create an environment that emphasizes flexibility. We don’t want fixed offices or set hours.

We believe that giving employees autonomy will help build trust and emphasizes personal accountability. Moreover, scientific studies have repeatedly shown that people are more creative and productive outside the traditional 9-5 office setting.

While creating a completely flexible schedule sounds great in theory, we will most certainly face challenges, especially with communication, the larger our team grows.

Letting Employees Set Their Salaries

This is still a policy that we are working out the details for, but it’s something we would love to implement. 

How important is your salary? Many studies have shown that an employee’s salary is less motivating than being recognized or feeling connected to the organization’s purpose. We want to test this theory and let our employees set their own salaries.

Outside of donating all our revenue to charity, this might be Great’s most controversial idea. We have yet to iron out the details to this approach, but it’s one of the many controversial ideas that we want to incorporate into our strategy.

One of the main reasons we want to let employees set their own salary is to avoid the dreaded “Annual Salary Review” that places employers and employees into a competitive scenario. We want to develop a culture of cooperation where everyone works toward the same goals. When you have situations like the traditional salary model, employees and employers are motivated by self-interest and not pursuing the organization’s goals.

While we are still working through the best way to implement this approach, it’s something we are exploring.

What Can You Expect from Great? launched at the beginning of 2018 and is still in the early growth stages. We have ambitious goals and a team of six creatively driven individuals working to make this a reality. Throughout this journey, we will frequently be updating our followers via videos, blog articles, and social media posts.

Want to Get Involved?

We have a long way to go before we’re a household name, and we need more amazing people to help us get where we want to be! If you are interested in getting involved with Great, you can read more on our “How to Get Involved” page.

Have a Great Charity?

Great’s team of charity researchers are working to find charities that most efficiently use every dollar donated to drive the greatest good globally.

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