What do you do when someone knocks on the door and says “I can make you 300 000 euros”? That pretty much happened to us this month and it got us jumping. We have also lost a first teammate. It’s always difficult separating with someone and this was no exception. Last but not least we will also talk about some surprising updates on the commercial side of Great.

[00:00:08] What do you do when someone is knocking on your door?

[00:00:14] Great knocking sound right before that. What? Anyway, everyone drive is a drug. Don’t. Don’t go. I was going for a dramatic intro. Don’t ruin it.

[00:00:26] Someone knocks on your door and he says, I can make you three hundred thousand euros. What do you do now?

[00:00:35] We’re gonna dive into this because this is something that actually happened with. Great. But before we are gonna have to deliver some.

[00:00:44] Sad news because we lost an employee and we are going to talk about how that is affecting our company.

[00:00:53] And hey, if you’re new here, I’m here with the founder of Great Dot.com, Erik Bergman.

[00:00:59] And Erik is a high intensity kind of entrepreneur. He created the company, Catina Media, that he has taken public and he made about 50 million euros from that.

[00:01:11] And now he’s found in great a company that will give away 100 percent of its profits to charity. Erik, buddy, how are you today?

[00:01:20] I’m very easily annoyed today, though, as he has before this recording, we played around with audio settings and I think I would put it in a good way. He said that if Erik ever becomes evil super genius.

[00:01:39] Superhero, his kryptonite will be, well, failing technology. So just give him a broken modem and he will just cry. And that’s how I’m feeling. He would start to melt from the inside. Yes. Yes. So thank you for saying that publicly to the entire world so that if when I become an evil super genius, people will know how to destroy me. Well, we should know how to keep our super humans in check. All right. Yeah. Other than that, my my soul is in a happy place. All in all, I’m I’m a I’m still happy. Most easily annoyed today. So thank you for having me e-mail my beloved friend since many, many years is the host of this podcast. And here was also the first person to join me on this crazy venture of great. So how are you today?

[00:02:31] When someone is annoyed, I go into my cuddly bear bear, playful energy. And I just want to spread some good vibes here. So that is what I’ve been doing during the warm up. I feel a little bit extra silly. And hey, what this podcast is really about. It’s called becoming great. And we want to inspire entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place to building companies and to personal development.

[00:03:01] So let’s dive into it. And what happened this month is that our employee, Frederick, has left the great ship. And that is sad to me because I will always.

[00:03:18] It sounds like he is dead, but he’s not. But I would always remember Frederick as this important detail like this warm.

[00:03:29] Presson Carm.

[00:03:32] Like a young totally kind of energy. Like always have peace spreading good vibes. Having a brain that is. I feel lucky. So it’s always been finding questions. There has been a bit different down. Question Most people ask and it makes me think in a different way about myself. Warm smile, little bit of a ladies man.

[00:03:58] Maybe that’s how I remember Frederick well. How do you think of him?

[00:04:06] Well, for context, Eckhart Tolle is this fuzzy bear spiritual teacher on YouTube for for those listening. Don’t know that. And yeah, I can see that. A young Eckhart Tolle a with a German accent.

[00:04:25] Well, Freddie to me is. And I’m gonna go with is because he is still alive. He’s just moved on for another project and he is curious. Impassionate guy comes out with a lot of a lot of energy. He is.

[00:04:44] Childish. I would say in in the good sense of the world, probably a little bit in the annoying sound sometimes as well, but mainly the kids sense of the playful in the same way as you’re saying there, and he’s just very eager to to learn.

[00:05:00] And I’m definitely gonna miss his energy in tons of different situations.

[00:05:07] Got it.

[00:05:08] So you said he wanted to move on to different company.

[00:05:13] Would you? Elaborate on what happened.

[00:05:18] Yes, sure. So what Frederick showing in integrate more or less by accident like a year and a half ago from being a close friend of mine and he was just joining in like kind of an assistant, not really having any specific tasks, but still being around like this.

[00:05:41] Kind of like this very helpful father in a teenage football team, he’s just there is just doing things. No one had really asked him to, but he was he was very helpful. That’s kind of how he ended up with great and. He started running the podcast. He was the one hosting this, not hosting, producing this podcast. Fixing everything. Uploading it everywhere. Being in all the podcast recordings and giving a lot of valuable perspectives on how we’re recording it and how he, as an outside listener then perceived what we were saying. And I feel that we learned. A lot from from having them him in here.

[00:06:23] Yeah. Because he was taken the role pretending that he don’t know us. Yeah.

[00:06:28] So that was very helpful. Cause he could clarify all the time when we were talking about things that only you and I know. And the audience was feeling left out. That was very helpful. We did that a lot in the first episodes especially.

[00:06:41] Yeah. And at the same time I felt.

[00:06:47] So we didn’t pay him at all in the beginning, and then he got into a bit of a tricky financial spot like a year ago and. Out of nowhere, kind of we decided to start giving him a full time salary, even though we didn’t really have a role for him and.

[00:07:06] That didn’t turn out where well. And I paid him three months upfront and. Yeah.

[00:07:18] We didn’t really define what his role would clearly be. I didn’t set very clear guidelines for these kind of things.

[00:07:27] And it didn’t really turn out well.

[00:07:30] So three months into that, both of us felt that while this was just a really about idea. And I felt that I hadn’t really got my money’s worth. And he at the time felt that he hadn’t really delivered either, but in his experience, he had done a lot more efforts than I experienced him to be. So this has been a bit of a. Torn in the side, is that an expression?

[00:07:59] So what you’re saying that.

[00:08:03] You have different perspectives here.

[00:08:05] You thought like you didn’t feel like you set a clear role and at the same time you would have wanted him to be able to do more work than we actually had for him.

[00:08:17] And he felt like he had done more work than you thought from your perspective.

[00:08:24] Yeah. Something like that. And just to clarify before I move on, I’ve already spoken with Frederick about the fact that we wanted to talk about him in this call and my expert in my feelings regards to all of this. And he was.

[00:08:44] Yeah, he was okay with that, and at the same time, he was a bit nervous of how this would portray him and portray our relationship and stuff like that, and to be honest, I’m quite nervous talking about it.

[00:08:53] It’s it’s a tricky and sensitive topic, but he has to simplify what happened. Is that. We were high in this situation, paid him to do a bunch of tasks, and part of that included learning to do other things. And. After three months, very few of those tasks were paid, were actually done, and a lot of folks have been learning other things and we have had a different perspective how important to learning was. So when he had invested a ton of hours in learning something which wasn’t really what I was looking for or what Great needed at the time, it left us in a situation where I felt I felt betrayed. I felt like this was not what we agreed upon. This is not how this was gonna come out. And. He felt. Well, it’s hard for me to express what he felt. I think he felt judged from my perspective and felt like I hadn’t given him the guidance needed.

[00:10:03] I hadn’t been clear. So it wasn’t fair for me to feel betrayed if I haven’t clearly stated what I needed.

[00:10:11] And I guess his intention with learning as well is that he wanted to get a better understanding of how to create the podcast so it could be better.

[00:10:22] Yeah. I felt like in the beginning, especially he was the one in the group that had the biggest drive to make the quality of this podcast better.

[00:10:33] Yeah. And we never really got to where we wanted to be with this. And. He ended up feeling that he wanted to keep on working with us, but do that for free. Moving on, because he felt like he wanted to make an effort for this. I felt that was fair. And ever since he’s been he’s been involved with the podcast, but I haven’t really been involved with with anything else. And I felt that I’ve had. I’ve got a hard time letting this go. And we had another conversation about it now. And what do you mean with this? Just to clarify. Thank you. So then this in terms of my feeling of betrayal, feeling that he kind of tricked me into doing this. And to. Yeah, I felt I felt that I was promised something, I paid for it. Helping out a friend because we’ve known each other for a long time and.

[00:11:38] That wasn’t delivered. And I felt that I ended up in a tricky situation.

[00:11:45] And yeah, and he’s been running another project on the side, he’s been building a company with a couple of friends, and I’ve been very happy about that for him. I’ve been excited about his project and he’s been having pretty much all of his attention there and it’s been needing that needed there.

[00:12:05] And.

[00:12:07] He’s been less and less prescient in Great, and now he opened the conversation a couple of weeks ago that he felt okay. I want to move on and focus only on on this new chark project. And to me, I felt that that part of me felt that that was a relief. Like I’ve been feeling that he’s been heading somewhere else for a long time and had a hard time dealing with this financial situation. We we ended up having final talk about this.

[00:12:42] That felt very, very beautiful in many ways and very tricky. It’s very hard to talk about money with friends or with employees, for that matter.

[00:12:55] It gets at least for me, it gets very emotional, gets very personal and.

[00:13:03] You ended up just having very different perspective on what actually happened, but at least it felt good to clear the air on those things before parting. And he asked me if this will affect our friendship and. I felt that I wanted to say no, of course we will still remain friends like nothing have happened. And at the same time, I felt in my my heart that I wasn’t honest. I felt that.

[00:13:37] This will still impact our friendship. I still feel betrayed. So I told him that. And. Yeah, we had a long conversation about it. It was.

[00:13:53] It felt very beautiful and it felt like we parted on.

[00:14:00] I want to say good terms, but kind of like bad, bad accepting terms. It’s like, OK, let’s just agree to disagree on how this played out. I have a clear idea of what I feel he has a clear idea of how he feels and.

[00:14:17] It felt like a very mature breakup, in a sense.

[00:14:22] Is understandable for an outsider. Am I just pretty sure? I think. I think it’s understandable for an outsider. So.

[00:14:34] I know you’ve been. Thinkin about this quite a bit and you guys sat down and you had a long and very. Emotional talk where you both really shared how you felt.

[00:14:48] How important would you say it is to because you invest a lot of energy in it that is otherwise energy that you could have used building your business. Do you think this is a good approach to leadership? Or did it take too much out of you to go through this?

[00:15:09] So I’m very happy with how Fredrik interacted with me in this conversation. I think that he dealt with everything very maturely, very honestly, and in the same way that I said that this will impact our relationship because it felt true to me. There were several situations where I felt like he stood up for his opinion and like, yeah, this is what I truly feel where I completely disagree with him. But he took that stand anyway from from a very honest place. I think that this could easily have played out with us standing, screaming on each other. No one really saying what they’re mean and trying to manipulate. But I didn’t get that feeling at all. So it did. I did invest a lot of energy in this. But I also felt that I grew as a person. I felt that if there was a one way to kind of nurture mine and Frederick’s future relationship, this was the way to do it. And I feel that if I would have gone another angle, let’s just I will just cut it there. Wouldn’t really have cared. Moved on. I think this would have been something grinding in the back of my head for a very long time. I could have dealt with it in another way. How would this have played out? How would that have played out and. I think that over the course of a year that would have drained. We have a lot more energy than this very intense conversations did.

[00:16:42] And now you’re also gaining a skill set to deal with these kind of situations in the future, which I would guess really come up a lot when you are running a company.

[00:16:52] Yeah, definitely. So you have to answer your question. I think it’s it’s a great approach to it, but it’s very, very hard. And I’m definitely learning. So I’m much more happy with this approach than approach, an approach that I would have taken three years ago. And I very much hope that three years from now I would be able to do that conversation in a much better way and especially at a much earlier stage. I think that was a big problem with that, is that we we had some deep conversations in like March, April, and then we kind of did and for six months or so. And that’s way too much time in between to nurture a relationship.

[00:17:40] I feel like I want to move on to the next topic. He has to be conservative of time. Do you have something you want to add on this? Before we move on?

[00:17:54] And just want to say that I have a lot of respect for Frederick after this situation. I feel.

[00:18:01] It was a tough situation for the both of us. It was scary in many ways and. Yeah. Felt that.

[00:18:12] Yeah, he dealt with it very maturely and in a good way. So, yeah. I’d like to say that. Yeah.

[00:18:20] And we’re gonna miss you. OK, buddy. I’m sure you’re listening to this. I’m sure he does. Yes. Mm hmm.

[00:18:29] So let’s let’s move on and switch the energy habits. You mentioned some guy knocking on a door, Santa Claus.

[00:18:38] A guy knocks my neighbor. That knocking sound again. I don’t have any wood here. Where’s all my wood? Sorry, man.

[00:18:49] You’re good at many things. You’re amazing at many things.

[00:18:53] Knocking sounds you need to practice of make your best knocking on wood sound right now. And don’t use any word shit.

[00:19:00] No, no. You made it with my mouth.

[00:19:04] Liar. Doo doo doo. That’s how I would say. Okay. Slightly better.

[00:19:12] Anyway, guys, knock on your door in search. Sound Effect. Three hundred thousand euros. Well, he’s saying I can make you three hundred thousand euros. And this happened to. Great. What happened here?

[00:19:26] Yeah. So for about six months, a guy named Tobias I wanted to have meetings with me and I’ve known him for a long time as well and just haven’t got it into my calendar or prioritized it and whatnot.

[00:19:42] And then he said to me, hey, Erik, I’ve just quit my job and I’ve done that because I want to work for Great, so now you have to take a lunch with me, just like this guy doesn’t cave, does he? So I went to have lunch with him. And well, he showed me my pants off. He said all the right things. Super smart, super clever.

[00:20:05] Had lots and lots of good ideas. And then he said, I’d think that we should go to launch. Great. The casino section in Swedish. And I want to run that project just a little bit of Bactrim.

[00:20:18] Why are we running a casino? Quick background.

[00:20:21] Quick background. So the idea I come from the casino space. And I made a lot of money in the casino space. And I believe that the best thing that I could do for the world is to start a new casino project that makes a lot of money. But that will give everything away to the environment because we want to fix the environment. So it’s a very weird. Very, very different approach to charity. I would say. Got I got in the store. Yeah, and the intention for me has always been to let’s do this in the US. Cause Sweden’s market is so, so much competition, so saturated. And we’ve been to building this in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania. And to be as like, yeah, I want to build it in Sweden. And my first thought was like, that’s a really, really bad idea. No, we’re not gonna do that. And then he started drawing up this plan of how to do that and the kind of fees that could be charged up from basic meaning that in in Sweden since. Great, is it no name? I’m a no name, I have a track record. He believed that we could get other casinos to pay upfront for just working with us. So when in the US where we need to chase the clients to really get them to working with us, no one knows us. No one knows me. And the clients. The casinos. Yes, the clients is casinos. Nice catch. In Sweden, they would be chasing us, and I hadn’t even thought about that. And then he went to this conference and he started talking to a bunch of casinos and doing everything is like coming back. I think I can easily get three hundred thousand euros. You want to do this? I’m like, fucking convincing guy. You’re just solving everything. Yes, let’s do it. So we took Tobias on board and he’s gonna be launching a great casino in in Sweden and being charge of that that project. And yeah, you you just met to be as a couple of weeks ago in in Malta. What was your impression of that guy?

[00:22:28] My impression when I met him, life was.

[00:22:38] I really, really liked him right from the get go.

[00:22:41] And I think when I was most impressed with him was in the team call we had last Monday where it was the first time he was on.

[00:22:50] It’s six people there and he wasn’t really going to be the center of attention.

[00:22:54] But then our plans for the meeting changed and all of a sudden we said, let’s just don’t put too much pressure on Tobias right now. Let’s just all ask him a lot of questions.

[00:23:04] So he was put into the limelight and was bombarded by all kinds of questions by the the team and the way he responded to that with charm and confidence and storytelling and metaphors.

[00:23:20] I was really impressed. I was observing his communication skills and I guess, see.

[00:23:26] Yeah, I see why he’s a good salesman.

[00:23:29] I see how he how powerful he is at convincing ideas and moving people into action. So good. He was teaching, explaining concepts.

[00:23:41] I think I saw him explaining ideas about. Great.

[00:23:47] In a ways that was so easy to understand. I was really impressed.

[00:23:54] A, I think he did that meeting really well as well, was exciting to see him painting up the vision for great in a way that this is really impressive to work in an our conversate communication skills to talk about great for a long time now.

[00:24:08] But he is coming in on what’s happening.

[00:24:13] Yeah, yeah. He’s in many way here. Got a grander vision of great than I do, and he’s communicating it better than I do. I thought he did.

[00:24:23] It was very impressive. Yeah, it’s really exciting. So he’s gonna be in charge of setting up the Swedish version of the site. And it’s really fun to have him on the board. On the board. On board. In the team. Tricky words.

[00:24:40] Indeed. So what is the current progress starting with the product?

[00:24:46] So actually a lot of things have been happening lately. And we are we’re setting up a completely new design for the casino section. So for now, the casino section looks like shit. And it’s basically just been up for Google to be able to read it and start indexing it for the future. And now we’re launching the new design of the site, which I’m actually very proud of. And that’s gonna look really good. So we’re going from looking like shit to looking something I’m very proud of. And I’ve been involved with designing it.

[00:25:18] And I’ve been designing for the first time in like five years. I’m very excited about that. So it feels really good. And I think that we came up with a lot of new ideas. Got a great feedback from the team and how we structured it. So by the time that this podcast is live, the new casino section might actually be alive as well. It’s not up and running yet, but hopefully it will be in the next week. So I’m very excited about that. I’m very excited about launching this site in Sweden. I’m very excited about seeing how the traffic grows. So we actually we increased we still on very low levels of traffic. So we had last month we had about a hundred visitors to the casino section. So one hundred visitors we could make money from. And this month we’re reaching over 200. So it’s a hundred percent increase.

[00:26:07] Still very small numbers, but it’s very exciting to see that that trend. There’s a lot of things happening with a product that I’m very excited about.

[00:26:16] Yeah, that was a beautiful graph. Another beautiful graph.

[00:26:21] Yeah. For the first time, I’m feeling very confident in what’s happening with the product section. Philip, we had this podcast.

[00:26:30] I don’t know, three months ago where I spoke about disbelief in myself and in the project and these kind of things and a lot of it related to the product. And now I’m starting to feel the opposite. I’m feeling very proud of the progress we’re making and where we’re heading.

[00:26:46] Mm hmm. That’s great to hear.

[00:26:49] Now, I want to move on to the third talking point in this episode, which is that we are launching a new podcast. Is there something final you want to say about the charity product before we move there?

[00:27:02] If you buy the cherry product, I mean the casino product, then the answer is no. I’m great at words. Charity, Casino, you know, we are making it the same things. I understand the mix up, but no. Please tell me about the charity podcast. How about you tell me about the show? I tell you all. Okay. I will tell you. Huh? Okay.

[00:27:23] So we are launching this new podcast where Emily will be the host and spirits will be the host. Our man behind the curtain usually. And we will. The intention with this is that we want to explain what a charity organization does in 20 minutes or less. So if we take a complicated charity organization, we want to interview a person from that organization in a way that they can explain what they’re doing very easily, because this is something that I feel is missing in the world away too. Like, okay, what is this organization actually doing? What were their last successful projects or first successful project or. I think that at least when I visit a charity Web site, trust me, it’s very hard to grasp the entire thing. Few managed to communicate it. So we’re launching a podcast that will do this and in 20 minutes or less. What are you excited about for this?

[00:28:25] Oh, boy, I’m so excited. I’m having my first podcast today, actually, with an organization that is called Latino Justice that is working on mass incarceration in the US now involving mass incarceration means a lot of people in prison have a lot of African-American and Latino seeing justice.

[00:28:51] Would you say they’re working with a fairer justice system than for African-American and Latino people in the US?

[00:28:59] Yes. To simplify it. Yes. Yes. Now.

[00:29:05] What I’m going to be focused on is that there are big organizations that are evaluating different charity projects and then they’re ranking the most effective ones and they are giving grants to them.

[00:29:19] So what I want to be focusing on is to look at all of these projects that have gotten grants for being very, very effective at making the world a better place. And then I want to explain why they are effective. I want to hear their perspective on why did you get this grant? Why did Open Philanthropy Project, for example, think that you are such a great organization? And can you explain that in a way so that anyone could understand it in less than 20 minutes? So just to be able to talk with them, simplify what they’re doing, and also for me to learn and everyone else to learn about these very interesting causes. I want to learn about mass incarceration in the US. I think that’s super interesting. And there could be many different topics, but that is what I would focus on because great fun to do charities. We want to support effective charities. So this is gonna be one negative podcast and great the salts are gonna focus on the environment. So the podcast that Spirit my colleague is going to do is going to focusing on interviewing a lot of environmental organizations that are doing various things to make our environment better. So that is why I’m very excited about this podcast. What makes you, Erik, excited about this podcast?

[00:30:47] There is a lot of things that I’m excited about. This product is one thing that really made me excited, were listening to spirits, excitement. They had their day, say he he will do the environmental aspects of this.

[00:31:02] As you mentioned, and he is a guy, in my experience, that prepares a lot. He wants to make sure that everything is done in the right boxes to start with. And then he got the option of doing a podcast the next day. Someone just replied as a hey, OK, we can do this tomorrow. And the spirit that I know would say, no, let’s wait. I want to prepare. I want to do this and that. And and he just jumped on it. Is that OK?

[00:31:31] Let’s do it. And he had recorded the first podcast episode before we even heard about it. And what he shared was like, oh, man, I’m so proud of you. You’re so freakin brave because we were plotting to set up so he could practice, have another podcast just to play with a friend.

[00:31:47] And I felt so proud of of him doing that. And it felt so. It felt so good to feel that he is so excited about this project in general that it feels like this is something he really wants to do and really feels passionate about. So his his excitement built about this, really? It rubbed off on me in a very amazing way. And then I’m very excited about this podcast. As a marketing tool. So now it goes into my business head. So this podcast will be a good way of getting links to awards. Great. And to explain it very easily, the more links you have to a site, the higher that site will Ranko in Google. And obviously, the higher you are in Google, the more people will find you. So if we get links towards a podcast about charity, that will still benefit our commercial side of the business. That is about Cassie, you know. And that will rank higher up. I believe that this will be a great way of adding value with this podcast, interviewing these organizations and all of these things. And at the same time, benefiting the side of the business that I’m very passionate about, which is Google rankings. So I think that by doing this protocols, we can firstly get links from these organizations themselves, which is really nice from other organizations that evaluates these organizations are right about them. And I believe that this can be a very great marketing tool at the same time that we put great on the map as an authority within charity, which has a lot to do with future visions. We have from great. So I’m excited with pretty much every angle of this project in different ways and it feels like. Like we’ve been looking I’ve been looking for the perfect fit for you in spirit into this great company mix, and I think that this is the first time there is a piece of the puzzle that makes so much sense in so many ways, and I’m very excited about that.

[00:34:03] Me too, buddy.

[00:34:07] I’m excited because a lot of these organizations don’t get the attention that they deserve.

[00:34:16] I think a reason why there’s so effective is that the cost to working on is neglected. Not enough people know about it so they don’t get enough funding.

[00:34:26] And yet we might really be able to do good there either by giving them attention or inspiring people to maybe donate to them or choose to donate to these very effective organizations instead of just a random one.

[00:34:42] So there’s a lot of good effects that can come out of that. And I’m looking forward to it. I think hosting is fun.

[00:34:50] Yeah.

[00:34:51] I really like it.

[00:34:52] And hey, our goal is to make one podcast a day and that feels awesome.

[00:34:59] Yeah, I have a perfect new coworker for that project, but we’re gonna tell that. I mean maybe the next update because you don’t even know about it.

[00:35:09] Don’t go through it.

[00:35:12] Yeah. So let’s wrap this up with one little final thing we want to say. Anything else on the podcast? No. Then I’ll go with one little final thing. Mm hmm. See how I’m gonna explain this?

[00:35:30] Ok, so let’s imagine. That you are Superman and then your kryptonite isn’t multi-functional functional modem. Yes, I’m saying that I’m Superman.

[00:35:45] And yes, I’m saying that there are malfunctioning modems. Then you find this superhero co-work, a guy who just fixes all the broken modems. He just solves all your problems and just makes you want to be working much harder on everything that you’re doing. That’s what I found. You heard metaphor. I found this amazing guy named Carib. He reached out to me on Instagram.

[00:36:09] I don’t know, a month ago something like that and say, hey, Erik, I want to work for free for you, because I think you do amazing stuff. And there is actually quite a lot of people reaching out to me saying that. And usually they’re just excited in the moment and don’t really want to do anything. So I sent them a list with some tricky questions. And he replied so well to them. Just like that. Then I sentence. OK.

[00:36:33] You can do these tasks and you just solve them before I could even solve them. That is like, ok. Can you put a subtitle on this video? And he came back without really quickly and I looked at it and was like, OK, here he did a spelling mistake. And then they check the spelling mistakes. Fuck. I was the one doing this to him. He’s actually better. He is not helping out with so many things. Came out of nowhere in only five days.

[00:36:59] I told him that, hey, guy, you can’t work for free. I need to pay you because you’re working too much, too hard and too good. So he’s now my assistant and so many things that I didn’t even know that I needed slash wanted help with. And it has just made me a lot more excited about Instagram in general, but also a lot of other things in in great because I feel that. He speeds up my processes so much. I’m very excited about having Kareem on the team. So this became a month where we lost one really amazing person and we got to so all in all, it’s good. Good. Perfect for a good month for sure.

[00:37:42] Karriem It’s a really awesome guy. I had a couple of calls with him and now I’m just looking forward to talking with him. Yeah, he makes me smile. Now it’s time to wrap up. And one of the reasons for doing this podcast is because we want to give people who are thinking about making the world a better place.

[00:38:10] Trying to pronounce ship. We want to give them an inside look into how to start up life. Actually look like it’s it’s smooth sailing. Where are you going to have to have super deep conversation and seperating with co-workers are going to have pleasant surprises. What kind of challenges is there really now? Can you think of someone you’re listening that is into this kind of stuff who are thinking about starting their own company? Or maybe they already do. If you do think of this person and consider sending this episode to them for inspiration, that would really mean the world to us because we want to create a little community here of like minded souls.

[00:38:54] And that is one of the biggest reasons that we do this podcast. Hey, if you stick out until plan, well, maybe we’ll see you next week. But no, we’re not going to force you, but you are going to be there next week or if you want to.

[00:39:12] Thank you for it, my friend. We definitely. I love you. I love you, brother. Bye bye. Bye bye.