Erik has just reached the milestone of 100k followers on Instagram. This results in a lot of joy but also in a feeling of being overwhelmed and not enough with messages coming in 24/7. In this episode, we explore what to do as an entrepreneur when there are more tasks than time, how important it is to prioritise and what you can do if you want to talk personally to Erik.

Today’s episode is a special edition episode. It doesn’t really fit into our normal categories. It’s a mix of how it is being an influencer, some struggles of being an entrepreneur and some guidance of what you can think about if you want to reach someone you look up to.

We start the episode by explaining that this is spontaneous and not planned. The reason is that during Erik’s morning meditation he found himself longing for a time with less notifications and messages coming his way.

We explore how many messages he gets per day. How it feels for him to answer them all and what keeps him going.

We move on to do the math in how many messages there will be when there are a million followers and can easily realise that the direction we are heading in is not sustainable.

We end by giving you a treasure map of the steps you can take if you want to reach Erik personally and make sure that he reads your message.

[00:00:01] Hi and welcome to a special edition of the Becoming Great podcast. And if you’re new here, the purpose of this podcast and why we do it is to help you out there. Who wants to make the world or your world better through entrepreneurship and personal development? And I’m here with a usually smiley guy. And if you see him on YouTube today, he is indeed Smiley, the founder of Great and my good friend Erik Bergman. Erik, how is your day going so far?

[00:00:40] I’m really impressed with the intro. I don’t think you’ve ever nailed it this much. Well, good technology goes good pace. Say I’m. I’m good. I mean, with that intro, I’m just feeling the excitement flowing. I’m excited about this episode.

[00:00:56] I feel that this is going to be very meaningful and helpful for my life. And that’s a good start. Yeah.

[00:01:07] And I’m here with my good friend Emma. It was the first one. Joining me in two great dotcom was with me when I bought the domain name in a bloody auction in Iceland. And who is the host of this podcast? And I’m happy to be here with you, my friend. How are you?

[00:01:26] I am terrific. You’re wide awake and feel sparkly on the inside.

[00:01:33] I after you on the inside, the coffee has kicked in.

[00:01:36] The coffee has kicked in. I’m awake now. We have this spontaneous episode because we plan to record something completely different.

[00:01:46] And this morning when we checked in, you shared your experience of your birthday just today. And that was a warning flag for me. Can you please tell me what happened here?

[00:02:01] And so let’s dive into that. OK. Every morning. OK. Almost every morning I do a meditation routine.

[00:02:08] And parts of that meditation is that I want to picture something happening into the future that I really want to happen and step into how that is feeling. So that could be right now I’m dreaming about having a house ready and the feeling of living in that house. And it could be basically anything that I’m looking forward to happen. And several times I’ve been thinking about how it would happen to have a large following on an Instagram, like being able to influence and impact a lot of people’s lives. And what would make me feel like. And stepping into that feeling. And today when I did this meditation, like, OK, Erik, what is it that I want to happen in my life?

[00:02:54] And I felt I want calmness. I want less notifications on my phone. I want. I’m feeling overwhelmed with messages coming from every direction. And that was like, huh? That’s not a promising sign in sight. Two days ago, I reached 100000 followers on Instagram the day before my birthday and yesterday was my birthday. And birthdays I used to call Happy Facebook Notification Day, and so today I had. Probably five hundred messages or something in my inbox and I just felt overwhelmed by that. Yeah, that’s how we got into this episode, that feeling of. How do I give. Everyone, my attention. How can I help everyone reaching out? How can I answer everyone who can create a system for this cause? It doesn’t work. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, then it’s just a matter of time before no one gets a reply.

[00:04:09] You are using the word overwhelmed to emotionally describe what you’re going through.

[00:04:14] I would feel deep anxiety, slash, panic, slash, wanting to troll my phone in the lake because when I have 10 fortifications on my phone, I feel it’s too much of my attention that is going away from me and into other people.

[00:04:30] But you mentioned that you get 50 to 200 messages a day and you personally answer all of them. And to me that I don’t know how that’s possible while simultaneously running a company and trying to build a house. So how is it even been possible?

[00:04:51] I get goose bumps with that question. I’m not sure why, but I guess that’s let’s say it’s a good sign.

[00:04:58] Well, at first I really love engaging with people I love. I feel that I’m giving a lot of value. I feel that I’m receiving a lot of value. There is a lot of people appreciating what I’m doing, telling me how it has impacted their lives. It gives me a lot of energy to help out. And I’m really deeply in my core feel that I want everyone to get an answer. And at the same time, I’m realizing that it’s not sustainable. I mean, sure, even if there was sustainable right now, I think I’m spending three hours a day just answering messages maybe. And it’s easy to say that, OK, a year from now, if I have half a million followers or a million followers, if I’m spending three hours now, there’s going to be 30 hours a day a year from now, which is not doable.

[00:05:53] And that is also three hyper effective hours.

[00:05:57] Yeah, that’s true. I wouldn’t be able to do that for me.

[00:06:00] It would take me 10 hours to do it.

[00:06:02] Yeah. Ascites is a realization that, OK, I’m not going to be able to answer everyone. It’s not doable and it has nothing to do with me not wanting to. It’s nothing to do with me not caring. It’s simply about the number of hours of the day and the things I want to do in my life.

[00:06:24] Yeah. You have reached a point toward this as it has become impossible if you cannot. If having a birthday is putting is putting so much stress, then that to me is it’s not sustainable. So I guess the intention with this episode is to present a the second best option.

[00:06:49] Yeah. The second best option. I like that. Is it one thing that I learned in Catina, my previous company was that pretty much everything in the business was done better. If I did it at least early on, because I had so much passion and so much engagement in it and I had learned it from day one, I had built the systems. And the problem with that is that I don’t have endless energy, I don’t have endless time. And if everything goes down to me doing it, a lot of things are not gonna get done. So I had to realize this and I think this is an insight that every entrepreneur can benefit from. And that’s it’s better that someone else does it or a system does it. And it’s half as good as if you do it then. If you’re trying to do everything. So what I’m trying to do now is create a system where I’m not gonna be able to answer everything, but at least it gets everyone gets somewhat of reply. Every get one, get some kind of feedback and everyone gets to know what they can do to actually reach me.

[00:08:00] So you still want to interact with people and have one on one conversations?

[00:08:05] Yes, definitely. I just want to make sure that the ones that mean let’s take this to the extreme. Let’s say I got. 10000 messages in a day, which is probably what the top influencers can get. And let’s say I can answer one hundred messages a day without ruining my life. That’s 1 percent of those messages. And it’s really hard to know which one percent is the most meaningful to answer. Who would have the most benefit from this? Who is the most eager to learn or what? One percent? I should answer is that what I’m want to get to hear is on a create a system where it makes it easier for me to find that 1 percent or 10 percent or whatever it is. And this podcast becomes part of it as if you listening to this. That means that you have taken one step more than most people reaching out to me. You really want to learn what does it take to get to talk to me personally? And that’s just a huge step that already you listening to this.

[00:09:15] I’m gonna give you an e-mail address by the end of this episode where you can reach me. And yes, getting that and e that email means that you have done things that most people haven’t.

[00:09:27] And you’re already ahead of the curve then. Did that make sense?

[00:09:33] Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

[00:09:36] I guess you as someone who wants to inspire and change people’s lives, you have to prioritize your time and choose to give your knowledge to someone that you already have some kind of certainty about, that they will take action on it. They have already proven that they’re willing to invest their time. Yeah.

[00:09:59] Yeah, definitely, I mean, I want to teach and I want to teach the most eager students. I want to teach the ones who care the most. I don’t want to teach the ones who are throwing rubber gums at the teacher or whatever it’s called erasers at the teacher. I want to be the be there for the people who really want to learn and deeply care. And someone who deeply cares will be willing to make the extra effort to get the knowledge.

[00:10:28] So how can someone then show that they are in that percentile? The one that deeply cares is the one.

[00:10:37] The messages I get now on the emails I get now that I feel the most engaged answer are people where it’s clear that they have watched a lot of content. It’s not. They didn’t just stumble into my Instagram. PHC saw that while this guy made a lot of money he can teach me. It’s people who have been watching a lot of things and who can who references things that they have seen. Like, I really like what you said in this podcast episode or when I read this quote that you had and that explanation, it made me think like this. Something like that. One of the things that happened quite often and I get really flattered by is that I love recommending the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. And a lot of people send me pictures of this book that have bought it. Thanks to that. And that’s a great example of showing me that this person has really listened to my advice. They’ve taken action and went out and bought a book and they send me a picture of it, which means like, wow, I really impacted their lives.

[00:11:43] And by a next next step being that I like this part of the book and that teaching have influenced my life in this way.

[00:11:53] Yeah, exactly. So that’s been the most moving things have been. Yeah. Let’s take that book, for example, someone who read that book and said because they were struggling to make friends and he was struggling to make friends. And I told him that this book is probably the best guidance I can give on how to meet people. And he read the book and he reached out to me and said, like, wow, I have a friend now. And just feeling that thanks to something I said, he went out and did something and that gave him a friend for the first time ever, more or less. It gives me so much meaning.

[00:12:27] And I think that it’s a beautiful example in the sense that to reach you, I guess you don’t need to have a certain expertise in business. You don’t need to have a certain network. You don’t need to have a certain net. You want to teach people at all stages in life as long as they have the engagement and the willingness to invest their time into learning and to become a sharper version of themselves.

[00:12:54] I got goose bumps from that as well. Yeah. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I want to teach people who care and are willing to do the work. I don’t want to teach people who just want to make money or and don’t want to do the work. Just want the secret formula that’s I can’t teach a person like that anyway because they’re not gonna be willing to do the effort.

[00:13:25] So do you have something else you want to add on? What else could you be more specific on? How can someone reach you? And then I think it’s time to wrap this up.

[00:13:36] He has some first and foremost. Ask yourself, why do I want to reach Erik and then let me know that it’s like if that’s just because he sounds like a cool dude, then OK, then let me know. That was like, I really think you’re a cool dude. You’re doing these things. But if that’s. I really like how you care about people and that you aim to spread joy or whatever that might be. Let me know that because that makes that gives me an understanding of why are you reaching out to me and not any one of the other thousand people on Instagram or other social media. It’s like if you. If you write in a way that made me understand that you care about me, it’s gonna be a lot easier for me to care about that message. I’m not sure how specific I can be more than what I’ve just said. I’m going to leave it there.

[00:14:35] Yeah, go.

[00:14:37] I guess to have some certain hygiene in your writing, making sure that the messages are clear that you can write them, that the grammar is correct. It might be obvious, but I really want to add that in. But if I get a message that is difficult to read, I immediately feel disengaged.

[00:14:54] Yeah, that’s virtue’s and write something and then read through it. Spell check it. Imagine that you’re sending something that really matters because that’s hopefully what you’re doing. And if I see that it’s full of spelling errors or it’s just written in a really weird way, I’m not going to feel that this would be my most engaged student either. So I would lose interest already there. Someone is not willing to spend some time on the on the message. It’s probably not going to spend much time on the on the homework. So that’s that’s a part of this as well. And be specific with why you’re reaching out. Like, what is it that you want help with? Why does this matter? And it doesn’t need to be a super long message. Just tell me something that it is you want to learn or what you want to accomplish in your life. And instead of sending me a message on Instagram where I get ridiculously flooded, send it to smiling Erik at great dot com, my email address. And that’s an email address that’s I’m only using in this podcast right now. So it will not get flooded by a lot of other things. I will know that if you email that address, it’s because you genuinely care and have done the homework. So you’re already far ahead of the curve. There are some people just messaging me and because I feel that I genuinely want to answer and I felt previously I’ve been trying to reach out to a lot of big people at various locations. I’ve tried to message Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss and I most of the time, I don’t even get a reply from anyone. And it’s really frustrating because I don’t even get the chance to show that I care or show that I can do a show why this matters. This is my way of giving away that treasure map. Like, what can you do to reach me? And there are things you can do. And this will then be my kind of funnel to show that, okay, you care. You really want to learn something.

[00:17:03] Yeah.

[00:17:04] Tell me why you want to talk to me specifically. Tell me what you want to talk to me with. About do it in proper well written language as least as good as you can and send it as an e-mail to smiling. Erik adds Great outcome.

[00:17:21] That to me was very clear and a good spot to end this episode. Thank you. I’m happy we did it. Me too. And I’ll see you next week. We will. Cheers. Cheers.