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#52 – Food HACKS – Part 2

How would higher and more stable energy affect your career and business? In the first Food HACKS episode, we explored different ways to get more focus and live a healthier life. In this episode, we enter the world of sugar....

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#51 – Food HACKS for energy, focus & a longer life

Entrepreneurs live a busy life and high energy is a key element to get more stuff done. What can you do to get energy? What are some effective ways to keep your focus high and your output higher? This is a personal development...

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#50 – The 4-STEP PATH to SUCCEED in social media

This is an entrepreneurship episode. Erik Bergman has grown from nothing to 75 000 followers on Instagram in three months. Today we will learn from Erik Bergman, who has tried hard since 2010 on social media, failed multiple...

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