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Great Weekly Calls - Episode 3

Before We Begin

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We’d love for you to watch the video meeting in its entirety — but, if you want the highlights, you can find the notes below.

Call Overview

Leaders: Fredrik Brannlund, Derek Miller, Erik Bergman

Participants: Angelica Isaksson, Spirit Rosenberg, Emil Ekvardt

Topic/Theme: Audio, Video, and Facebook

We’re Moving Quickly — But How and Why?

If you’re just starting to follow Great, then it might look like we have our sh@%t together. However, we’re an organization very much in its infancy, and only over the last few weeks have we actually started making any noticeable movement with our project.

We’ve had for a while, but just recently started posting content regularly. We’ve always had ambitions of developing an active community but just started our first Facebook Group a week ago (1/16/2019). We didn’t even begin recording and publishing videos and podcasts until January.

In other words, we’re moving quickly. On this weekly call, we take a step back and look at what type of content we’re publishing, how we are producing it, and why we think it’s important.

Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and videos are going to be a huge part of Great’s 2019 content strategy. In fact, several of our organizational and individual OKRs are tied back to podcasts and videos. We’re currently publishing podcasts on SoundCloud and videos on YouTube, social media, and our blog.

Fredrik leads us through his strategy for collecting, organizing, and producing video content. We get a glimpse at the software he uses and the process that helps him stay on track.

We also discuss the workflow and weekly deadlines for our current content strategy which includes:

1. Everyone participating in the content creation (weekly calls, podcasts, etc.).

2. Spirit taking notes and uploading them to the team Google Drive.

3. Emil or Derek taking those notes and turning them into introductions for the video. If Emil writes it, Derek is editing it and returning it to Emil.

4. Fredrik taking the video/audio files, editing them, and publishing to the appropriate platform.

5. Derek collecting the published videos/podcasts, adding it to the text content, and publishing it on

6. Everyone promoting the published content on social media and other channels.

As you can see, this is quite the process — and one that we’re still finetuning. This call was the first step towards streamlining that process so that we can continue to scale our content marketing efforts.

Facebook Group

We then dive further into the Facebook Group that was launched just a few days before the call. Derek takes a few minutes to provide support for why a Facebook Group is important.

He mentions how an engaged Facebook audience can help support Great’s future initiatives while also influencing our focus and approach as we scale. A community of like-minded people that are actively engaging in conversations and supporting each other is a powerful resource that we can find a way to use — even if it’s not immediate.

Derek also discusses some thoughts about how to scale the group effectively — mentioning that we should publish some guidelines/rules for group members, create a weekly content schedule with daily themes so that members have clear expectations, have someone internally take ownership (Angelica), and continue to focus on quality.

While the Facebook Group is only a little over a week old, it’s already over 300 members, and the group continues to have high engagement on posts. We are thrilled by the results we’re seeing, but we are also aware of the struggles that can come as this group continues to grow. We’re taking steps to mitigate those variables while continuing to build a great community for all its members.


Producing content and building an audience are two of the main goals for Great in 2019. We are making an effort to produce audio, video, and copy content regularly. We’re also publishing those assets on different channels. By taking the approach of producing and pushing content as much as possible, we expect to come out of it with more clarity of what content and platforms resonate best with our audience.

Startups or organizations that are looking for ways to grow their online presence would be wise to follow a similar approach — test different content ideas, formats, and publishing platforms. After you’ve finished testing, test some more.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll come out the other side with concrete evidence to support your future content initiatives.

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