Friendships and Gambling |
Becoming Great

They say that most friendships are formed from shared beliefs, experiences, and interest. Erik and Emil’s friendship started in a similar manner — a shared dream.

The dream they had was to become professional poker players. Today we share the story of how two 16-year-olds fell in love with a simple card game and the journey that it took each on — from small stakes online to the most challenging poker tournaments in the world.

The challenging journeys for both Erik and Emil helped form a strong bond between the two. From celebrating the highs together to helping each other through the hard times — we formed a deep relationship that allows us to be vulnerable, unlike other friendships.

We also look at what makes great friendships last. For most people, it means continuing to have similar dreams and finding opportunities to create shared experiences.

Do you have a great friend?
Are you wondering how you even find friends like that?

Listen to our take on friendships!

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