In the very first episode of Talks With… 

We are talking to ourselves. 

The reason we are talking to ourselves in this episode is to make the whole experience clearer for you who are listening.

Are you interested in Environmental Causes or are you more interested in Animal Welfare or maybe you want to know is what’s happening in AI Technology. 

This podcast is run by 2 different hosts. Our first host, Emil Ekvardt is going to focus his energy in interviewing the most interesting Animal Welfare organizations and Effective Altruism organizations.

Our second host Spirit Rosenberg is going all-in on Environmental organizations, to help clarify what fantastic work people are doing in the world. 

If you listen to the full episode you will understand the purpose of this whole podcast and the problem Emil and Spirit are trying to solve for you who are listening. 

Also, at the end of this episode, Emil and Spirit are asking for 2 very specific ways that you can help,  please go to 13min 39 sec to find out how you can help Emil and Spirit help the world.