New Jersey Online Casino Email Support Test

Customer support is a huge part of any business –  especially an entertainment-and-service-based business like online gambling. Players want their questions answered quickly and if they have any issues, they don’t want to be left waiting on a support team.

That’s why we sought out to find which NJ online casino provides the best customer support. To start, we focused on email support and whether casino’s prioritized responding to email questions at all. Customer support is like an airbag, you don’t think much about it until you need it –  but when you need it, you want it to work.

This page provides a thorough outline of how we tested the email support at each of the 24 legal online casinos in New Jersey. We walk you through the process, the issues we faced, and eventually rank the casinos based on how well they did in our test. If you want to bypass all the other information and go straight to the ratings, you can click here or scroll to the bottom,

NJ casino email support

Purpose of This Test

When you’re considering dining at a new restaurant, you typically look up information about that restaurant to see how good the food is and whether other patrons enjoyed their dining experience. If you come across reviews talking about how bad the service was or that they were left unattended for long periods of time, you may decide to dine elsewhere.

This same principle applies to other businesses – even online casinos. Customer service is an important factor in influencing how players enjoy their online gambling experience. If you have questions or issues, you want them resolved quickly. The longer it takes and whether you’re able to find the answers can really affect your relationship with a casino. The problem is, it’s hard to know if the support is good or bad until you actually need it – and if it’s bad when you really need it, you’re probably going to be frustrated.

The purpose of our New Jersey online casino email support test is to help you discover the casinos that are better or worse at email customer service so you can make an educated decision on where you want to play.


Below is a quick rundown of how we approached testing email support at each of the 24 legal online casinos in New Jersey.

  1. We collected ever NJ online casino’s email support address often listed prominately on their customer suppport page.
  2. We wrote a list of 10 short questions that sent to every casino. The questions we chose were ones that we felt a support team should be able to address pretty easily. It included questions like:
    • What kind of first deposit bonus do you offer new players in the NJ online casino?
    • What is the smallest amount that I can deposit in the casino? How do I do that?
    • Do you offer sports betting, online poker, or online bingo on the New Jersey casino site? 
  3. Over a 6-week period, we emailed these 10 questions to the customer supports from different email addresses at different dates and times of day.
  4. We wrote down the exact time each time we sent an email in a spreadsheet and when we got a reply, we accounted for what time the answer replied.
  5. We gathered the following key data points from their replies:
    • Did we get a reply or not at all?
    • How many hours did it take to get a reply?
  6. We did not accept automated responses in this analysis and followed-up every autoresponse with another email until we got a human response.
  7. We ranked all NJ online casinos based on:
    1. A reply percentage (replies/emails sent)
    2. Average time to reply

Cons and Challenges

This test was much harder than we expected because of the lack of quality customer support across most NJ online casinos. We expected to be able to dive further into the topic of email support and address the quality of answers, but because so few actually responded and fewer responded with helpful information – we had to resort to a simpler test.

Here are a few of the challenges we faced with our NJ online casino email support test:

  1. Only 6 out of 24 casinos replied to all 10 (100%) email questions.
  2. Only 8 out of 24 casinos replied to at least 9 (90%) of email questions.
  3. We. had to change our original goals for this test because 16 out of 24 (66%) of NJ online casinos responded to 8 or fewer emails.
  4. We did not send the same questions at the same time or day to every casino – some were sent during daytime, others at night, and some on weekends which may affect responsiveness.
  5. We did not take into account the accuracy of the responses.
  6. We did not assess the support based on friendliness or professionalism.
  7. Some casinos have automated resposnes which were triggered immediately, but slower human responses. Auto replies were not considered in our test results.
  8. PokerStars NJ online casino has no email support – ony live chat.

Summary of Test Results

From the test, we can see that surprisingly many of the NJ casinos have horrible email customer support. This information is important for players considering which online casino to try, because if you do need customer support – you want to know it’s there. With 4 casinos responding to 30% or less of our email questions, imagine trying to contact them for help if you happen to win a big slot jackpot and need help withdrawing your winnings.

The winner of our NJ online casino email support test was Virgin casino which responded to 100% of our questions in an average response time of approximately 48 minutes. This support crushes the other casinos’ results, especially Golden Nugget, 888casino, and Scores Casino which all replied to one or none of our ten different emails.

We had a total of three casinos reaching the full 5-stars rating in our NJ online casino email support test which meant they replied to at least 90% of our emails in an average of 3 hours or less. This is compared to the state average which was a 70% response rate with no average time baseline.

Test Score

RatingCasino nameReply %Average %HoursTest emailsStars
1Virgin100.00%69.13%0.8 5
2Bet365100.00%2.1 5
3Tropicana100.00%2.8 5
4SugarHouse100.00%3.1 4.5
5Caesars100.00%4.1 4.5
6Parx100.00%5.0 4.5
7PartyCasino90.00%4.2 4.5
8Pala80.00%0.3 4.5
9Ocean80.00%1.9 4.5
10BetMGM80.00%3.7 4.5
11Unibet90.00%6.3 4
12Stardust80.00%9.3 4
13DraftKings70.00%1.8 4
14Mohegan Sun60.00%2.6 3.5
15Resorts60.00%4.4 3
16BetAmerica80.00%21.6 2.5
17William Hill50.00%5.3 2.5
18Borgata70.00%43.6 2
19Harrah’s50.00%205.7 1
20Hard Rock30.00%2.1 1
21Golden Nugget10.00%9.9 1
22888casino10.00%45.9 1
23Scores0.00%N/A 1
24PokerStars 1

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

The stars based on our email test have been split up based on two parameters. First, the average reply rate. How many out of the 10 emails did the casino reply to? The maximum number of stars received based on this parameter is 3.

To receive 3 stars in our reviews reply percentage, 90% in reply rate is required.

To receive 2.5 stars, 80%+ is required.

To receive 2 stars, 70%+ is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, 50% is required.

To receive 1 star, 0% is required.

The second part of our rating is based on reply time. What was the average time from when we sent an email to when we received a response? To receive any stars from this parameter, the casino had to reply to a minimum of 50% of the emails we sent. If they replied to less than 50%, they were awarded 0 stars.

To receive 2 stars in our reviews a reply time of less than 3 hours is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, less than 6 hours is required.

To receive 1 star, less than 12 hours is required.

To receive 0.5 stars, less than 24 hours is required.