New Jersey Online Casino Game and Slots Selection Test

People love choices. Whether it’s choosing your favorite ice cream flavor or selecting your favorite casino games, the more variety and options you have — the better!

This is why we decided to test the game libraries at New Jersey online casinos. We wanted to find which online casino has the best selection of games and online slots. From variety of game type to amount of games altogether, our game selection test will help show you which NJ online casino has the best slots and other casino games.

This resource walks you through our process of reviewing game selections at New Jersey online casinos. It also includes the data we collected and how we used that information to rank each casino. If you’d like to skip the information and go straight to the rankings, you can click here or scroll to the bottom,

NJ casino game selection

Purpose of This Casino Slots Test

Gambling at an online casino is supposed to be a fun, entertaining pastime. Having the option to play several different types of games is one of the key selling points for most players who are deciding between two casinos with relatively similar promotions. All things considered equal, you would probably choose the casino with more games than less.

Some online casinos in New Jersey have a massive library of games, and others have very little to choose from. While many NJ online casinos will let you browse their full collection, others require the player to create an account first.

Even if you can see the full game library, it’s not easy to know how many games they actually offer — unless you count them yourself. Simply put, there’s no quick way for someone to answer the question “Which New Jersey casino has the most online games?”

Well, that’s where we come in! We want you to get the best casino experience possible, so we decided to collect all the game library information for you and rank the New Jersey online casinos by their selection of casino games.


Below is an overview of the steps we took when calculating and ranking New Jersey online casinos by game selection.

  1. We started by emailing the customer support departments from each online casino to ask for a breakdown of their game library.
    • None of the casinos were able to provide us this information
  2. We then manually counted the total number of games at each casino.
  3. We listed and ranked the casinos based on how many games they offered in their library.

Cons and Challenges

The game selection test was one of the easier tests to complete. While it would have been helpful for the casino support team to provide us the information related to their game library, we were able to collect the data ourselves manually by accessing the library and counting the games piecemeal.

The main challenges we faced during this test included:

  • Manually counting all the casino games is a tedius process that has a risk of human error.
  • Casinos add new games to library regularly, so the data may not be as accurate as it was when we completed the test.
  • We are currently focused on size of the game library, so the number of games is the basis of this test. However, game quality and varience of game types are important considerations that we will eventually include in future iterations of this test.

Summary of Test Results

From the test results, we can see that there is a huge difference in the game selection across all 24 New Jersey online casinos. If you’re looking at strictly the number of games at NJ online casinos, this test will give you that information.

Our winner was BetMGM which had an impressive 1,112 different online casino games and slots in its library. Our last-place finisher was William Hill with approximately 39 games — a 2,800% difference from BetMGM.

We awarded a 5-stars rating to eight casinos. This was based on a threshold of 800 different casino games and online slots which was substantially higher than the NJ state average of 550 games and slots.

Test Score

RankingName of casinoNumber of gamesAverageStars
4Golden Nugget8515
5Resorts Casino8235
7Mohegan Sun8095
13Hard Rock5154
24William Hill391

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

To receive 5 stars in our reviews for casino games selection 800+ games and slots are required.

To receive 4.5 stars, 600+ games are required.

To receive 4 stars, 500+ games are required.

To receive 3.5 stars, 400+ games are required.

To receive 3 stars, 300+ games are required.

To receive 2.5 stars, 200+ games are required.

To receive 2 stars, 100+ games are required.

To receive 1.5 stars, 50+ games are required.

To receive 1 star, 10+ games are required.