New Jersey Online Casino Page Load Speed Test

Time is money! That expression couldn’t be any truer than when you’re talking about page load times at New Jersey online casinos. The longer you wait for a page to load, the less time you have to enjoy the casino — and potentially win money.

So which NJ online casino is the fastest? This question is the genesis behind our New Jersey online casino page load speed test.

In this guide, we explain our process for testing the speed of pages at all 24 online casinos in New Jersey. We include the data and our reasoning for structuring the tests the way we did. If you’d like to jump right to the rankings, you can click here or scroll to the bottom,

NJ casino page load speed test

Purpose of This Test

Today’s society loves immediacy. From binge-watching entire series in one day to same-day delivery for their online orders — we’re used to getting what we want quickly. That’s why waiting is such a pain, and it’s why we get frustrated when we have to wait for a website page to load. If you’re investing your money gambling at an online casino in New Jersey, you don’t want your experience impacted by a slow-loading website.

As a player, it’s impossible for you to know which NJ online casino loads the fastest unless you took the time to track the load speeds of all 24 online casinos. Not only that, you’d need to check multiple pages several times across different days and hours of the day to get an accurate sample size.

If that doesn’t sound like something you have the time to do, don’t worry — we did it for you! We wanted to test all NJ online casinos for page load speeds to help players avoid casinos that are slow and frustrating, thus improving your gaming experience.

Additionally, testing the page load speed reveals more than just the most frustrating casinos. Another benefit to our page load speed test for New Jersey online casinos is that it reveals how concerned a casino is with the technical aspects of its online casino.

So, what is page load speed?

“In its simplest terms, page load time is the average amount of time it takes for a page to show up on your screen. It’s calculated from initiation (when you click on a page link or type in a Web address) to completion (when the page is fully loaded in the browser) –

Having a website that loads quickly is essential for any online business, and for websites offering an online service like online casinos — it’s a potential differentiator from the competition. Not only can a fast-loading website improve the player’s experience while gambling, but it’s one of the building blocks to a safe and secure website. If an online casino is neglecting its page load speed, what other important technical elements are they also overlooking?

There’s a popular adage that if you want to know how clean a restaurant is, you check their bathroom. If they have a spotless bathroom, you can rest assured that they take care of the kitchen. This same principle applies to websites. If the site is paying attention to its page load speed, you probably don’t need to worry about other technical areas like securing your information.

The purpose of our page load speed test was to see how technically sound an online casino works. The faster, the better!


We’ve outlined our process for measuring page load speed for all 24 legal New Jersey online casinos below.

  1. W used the world-leading page speed tool Pingdom to measure the load times for every NJ online casino.
  2. To get an accurate sample size and variance, we chose four different types of pages at each online casino.
  • Slots page: the page that has the most games listed and usually the most data on the site
  • Promotions page: where the casino lists current bonuses and promotions
  • Responsible gaming page: an important page for information about gambling safely
  • Support/Contact page: the page with FAQs and other support options for players
  1. We ran each page type through Pingdom and documented the score of every NJ online casino every 30 minutes for 7 days. Every casino was tested more than 300 times to create the sample size needed to make our rankings.

Cons and Challenges

The page load speed test was not the most complicated test we ran, but it wasn’t the easiest. Tracking page load times for each casino more than 300 times is a huge endeavor.

Some of the challenges we found with this test included:

The Pingdom servers are based in Washington DC and not New Jersey, which has some impact on the page load speed estimates.
All online casinos are different and even though we chose the same page types across every NJ online casino — the structure of these pages is not uniform. For example, some casinos chose to show all their games on their slot page while others only show featured casino games. This means casinos with fewer games (data) on the slots page, could improve their page load speed.
This test does not take into account the technical security of an online casino website, it only looks at the raw load time of each tested page.

Summary of Test Results

From the test, we can see a huge gap between the fastest and slowest loading casinos — which can significantly affect your gaming experience. If your time is important to you, then consider reviewing the page load speed results below before deciding which NJ online casino to join.

Our test winner was Scores Casino with an impressive average page load speed of 0.59 seconds. This is 750% faster than our last-place finisher, Golden Nugget who had an average page load speed of 4.43 seconds for our test.

We had a total of five casinos receive the full 5-stars rating in this test, meaning they averaged less than 1 second for page load speed. This can be compared to the state average of 1.88 seconds in our test.

Test Score

RankingCasino nameAverage speedAverage of allFull test resultStars
1Scores Casino NJ0.591.88 5
2Bet365 Casino NJ0.74 5
3Virgin Casino NJ0.86 5
4Unibet Casino NJ0.92 5
5Pala Casino NJ0.95 5
6Tropicana Casino NJ1.02 4.5
7Harrah’s Casino NJ1.17 4.5
8PokerStars Casino NJ1.37 4.5
9Ocean Casino NJ1.47 4.5
10888casino NJ1.48 4.5
11Mohegan Sun Casino NJ1.51 4
12Stardust Casino NJ1.71 4
13Resorts Casino NJ1.75 4
14Parx Casino NJ1.81 4
15Hard Rock Casino NJ1.88 4
16BetAmerica Casino NJ2.16 3.5
17PartyCasino Casino NJ2.42 3.5
18SugarHouse Casino NJ2.54 3
19BetMGM Casino NJ2.61 3
20Borgata Casino NJ2.713
21Caesars Casino NJ2.89 3
22William Hill Casino NJ3.00 2.5
23DraftKings Casino NJ3.13 2.5
24Golden Nugget Casino NJ4.43 2

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

To receive 5 stars in our reviews for page load speed and technical performance, the average page load speed of 0-0.99 seconds is required.

To receive 4.5 stars, an average page load speed of 1.0-1.49 seconds is required.

To receive 4 stars, an average page load speed of 1.5-1.99 seconds is required.

To receive 3.5 stars, an average page load speed of 2.0-2.49 seconds is required.

To receive 3 stars, an average page load speed of 2.5-2.99 seconds is required.

To receive 2.5, an average page load speed of 3.0-3.99 seconds is required.

To receive 2 stars, an average page load speed of 4.0-4.99 seconds is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, an average page load speed of 4.0-4.99 seconds is required.

To receive 1 star, an average page load speed of 5+ seconds is required.

Download Data

You can download all the print screens for our New Jersey online casino page load speed test here.