Great is always looking for help.

Want to get involved? was launched less than a year ago, and we’re constantly looking for people who are passionate about our goals. You can join our movement by doing one or all of the ideas below.

At this stage in the Great journey, there are some small things that can make a huge impact. Everything from here can affect the next 50 years of progress so now, help is more valuable than ever.

Please do one or many of these steps, and it will make a difference!

Super easy step 1: Like/follow our pages

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All channels are brand new. This way you can get future updates and we will be able to reach each other.

Super easy step 2: Share our introduction video

This video is probably the reason you found us. The more people that see it the people will find us and be able to help.

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If you want, you can use any of these descriptions:

I think this is something you will love. Because it’s inspiring, heartwarming, engaging – and a little crazy.

Crazy or genius? Some guy just bought the domain for $900 000 and will use it for charity (!!).

A little bit more advanced is going to be an online media company. It means that everything we will do will utilize different algorithms. Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc, all favor various things.

Two key factors of who gets the most exposure are how many clicks/views something and the number of links towards a page.

Links will be the most important thing for us. The more links we get, the more money we can give away. Every link can be super important.

Easy step 1: Write about us

If you have a blog, a website or anything else. Please write something about us and add a link to

You can write anything and if you want to find out more info about me, see some more pictures, etc you can do that on

Easy step 2: Send tip to a newspaper, podcast or blog

If newspapers, podcasts or big blogs write about us, that’s the most valuable thing of all. This will bring more attention to us and it will bring amazing links.

If you have a newspaper you are reading frequently or a favorite blog please send them a message. You can use this below or you can write anything of your own.

“Good day,

I think this is something that your readers will love, because it’s inspiring, heartwarming, engaging – and a little crazy. I saw this video and I felt that more people would want to hear about it.

A 30 year old guy have just bought the domain for $900 000 and will use it for charity (!!). On the site there is a video with the background story of how he made all his money but didn’t feel happy. Now he is going to help the world instead.

Check out the video, I’m sure people will love it!

Warm regards,”

For the future

Please also send an email to with the headline “Let’s be Great” telling us a little about yourself.

– Why would you like to be a part of this?
– How would you like to help?

And we will keep this email in a very safe place and look for you once we have the perfect thing for you to help us with.

Thank you so much for helping us! You are GREAT!

With love and gratitude,
Erik Bergman