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Mixergy Podcast

How does an entrepreneur overcome insecurities and complete failure to refocus and launch a successful company? Listen to Erik as he dives into the realities of life as an entrepreneur. 

Forbes Article

What are the benefits of talking openly about employee salaries? Erik is interviewed on Forbes about why he wants to let employees set their salaries which will be shared publicly.

GoDaddy Interview

Erik spent almost $1 million on the domain name GoDaddy did a feature interview with Erik about the value of to his charity project.

DN Journal Article

Ron Jackson from DN Journal takes an in-depth look at Erik Bergman and his motivation behind spending $900,000 on the domain name

DNW Podcast

Erik joins the Domain Name Wire (DNW) Podcast where he discusses how he purchased and what he hopes to accomplish with the domain. 

Sully's Blog Article

Mike Sullivan of Sully’s Blog took a deep dive into our plans with In this featured article, he covers some of Great’s future online strategies.