Fredrik Brannlund


Have you ever had some asshole jump in front of you in line? Did you get mad? Well, you definitely wouldn’t if it was me. I’m Fredrik Brannlund, and people don’t get angry when I unexpectedly end up in front of them in line.

I’ve been told that it’s hard to get mad at me. I think it’s because my biggest fear is being disliked. That fear and my innate curiosity have made me fascinated with human behavior.

So where does a curious and likable man end up in his mid-twenties?

Well, right now I’m in Thailand. I’m remotely leading my SEO agency while trying to understand this rapidly-growing country.

How do I contribute to Great, what am I doing today?

I’m researching and exploring possible channels for us to inspire people to make rational contributions to a greater world. I also summarize and edit our weekly meetings which we record and publish on Great.com.

Most of all I’m eagerly curious about how technology changes society’s rules and conditions while developing a global environment, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Countries in Asia and Africa are growing at an exponentially faster rate than the Western World did, thanks to the seamless implementation of technology into those societies.

My friend helped install 4G antennas for a village in Vietnam that was previously using smoke signals to call ambulances. In a matter of days, that village went from communicating via fire to using smartphones.

I’m a part of Great because I want to help expose the world to incredible ideas and help uncover tomorrow’s next innovator.

What world problem would I like to solve?

If I could solve any problem, it would be to remove fear and irrational thinking. I’m personally trying to see the world independent of my feelings and biases. Organizations like Gapminder have actually proven that the human brain cannot see the world with complete rationality. I believe our emotions and fear can prevent us from creating a beautiful life for ourselves.

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