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Spirit Rosenberg

What do you call someone who never stops talking? An excited dad.
My mom used to say that my dad had a Swedish face but an Irish mouth.

I’m Spirit Rosenberg, and if God created everyone with a purpose, my purpose in life would be to listen. I’ve always had a knack for listening and understanding others.

My dad never really went to church, and yet he always seemed to be a Preacher in the home — specifically, the living room, which also happened to be the same room I spent most of my time in growing up.

Whether it was by choice or chance, I learned the art of listening at a very young age. I carried this with me as I grew up, and I really thought I was a good listener — but I was not quite there, yet.

Much like a woman faking an orgasm, I had learned the art of deception, not listening. I was a master of making my dad believe I was interested in his stories when I was actually thinking about other things, like how to get more ice cream than my sister.

I made active listening a priority in my life, and I’m continuing to learn how to become better at not just hearing others, but listening and understanding them. It’s my life purpose.

After all, nobody wants to be the guy knocking on heavens door telling God they were always great at deceiving others.

What am I doing for Great for now? What is the skill set I’m using to help Great?

My work for Great is to help others care. If I could summarize this into one specific word or skill it would be “communication.” I work as a public speaking coach, and I’ve studied techniques to help one’s active listening skills.

Combining these skills, I’m focusing on three main areas within Great.

  1. Improving internal communication processes and habits within Great
  2. Creating opportunities for personal growth and self-awareness for Great ambassadors
  3. Learning how to communicate complex topics and data about charitable giving to the public

Which problem would you solve if you could solve any problem?

It’s a Paradox. The problem that I believe could help solve most other global issues is the same problem that would arise if those other issues were solved.

It’s a problem that I see in myself, and that’s why I know that it would appear even if all the other problems disappeared. This issue is selfishness or the problem of not caring.

Imagine what the world might look like if everyone cared a little bit more about others — would there be as many global problems?

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