Redefining the Online Casino Industry is an online casino affiliate. However, our goal is to be much more than your typical casino review site. We are building innovative products unlike anything else in the space. We’re donating 100% of all revenue earned through our affiliate efforts to environmental charities. With a name like, we have a responsibility to our users and our partners to not just meet expectations — but exceed them. While we’re currently running affiliate sites for New Jersey online casinos, UK online casinos, and Swedish online casinos, we have goals to expand to new markets and industries in the future.




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We want to approach online casino reviews differently. We test response time from the online casino support portal, we sign-up and go through the account creation process, and we continuously strive to bring unbiased and well-documented information and insight into gambling at any of the online casinos we feature on our site. If you’d like to read any of our  NJ online casino reviews or learn more about online gambling and how to improve your odds, we encourage you to browse further.

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Effective Altruism is a Core Principle is a by-product of effective altruism which advocates using your resources effectively to help others. Our expertise is in digital marketing and the casino industry, so we’re leveraging that experience and knowledge to generate money of which 100% is donated to high-impact charities aimed at mitigating the global climate crisis.

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