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#9 out of 24 online casinos in New Jersey

Parx online casino finished near the top in customer service and website speed, but finished near the bottom in Software and games.


Parx finished 10th in our casino bonus test with an ABV of $66.76, but unfortunately without a no deposit bonus.

Customer service

Customer service

Parx finished 6th in our email support test with an average response rate of 100% and average response time of 5 hours. They came in 10th in the live chat test.

Software & Games

Software & Games

Parx finished 19th in our game selection test with 243 casino games.

Website speed

Website speed

Parx finished 14th out of 24 eligible casinos in our page load speed test with an average load time of 1.81 seconds.

Actual value of bonus package*


Compared to NJ average rating: $52.26

*Casino bonuses are often hard to understand — so we created a bonus metric to help you compare multiple casinos. The Actual Bonus Value (ABV) is how much money you can expect from a bonus if you deposit $100.

First deposit bonus:

  • Bonus Type: 100% match
  • Max Bonus: $500
  • Wagering Requirement: 20x
  • ABV100: $66.76
  • Bonus Code: CASINO500
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Total score




Number of games


Website speed






#9 out of 24 casinos


#20 out of 24 casinos


#5 out of 24 casinos


#7 out of 24 casinos


    Parx Casino NJ Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

    Parx online casino in New Jersey did not offer a no deposit bonus at the time of our test which, by default, resulted in an Actual Bonus Value (ABV) of $0.00. This resulted in an 8th place finish — with 16 other casinos — in our no deposit bonus test. The state average no deposit bonus was $4.14 and our winner (BetMGM) finished with an ABV of $24.50.

    Visit our New Jersey online casino no bonus test results page, for a complete breakdown of our no deposit bonus test and methodology used in our analysis.

    We measured the actual value of no deposit bonuses at every New Jersey online casino. Because only 7 casinos actually offered a no deposit bonus at the time of our test, 17 other casinos (including Parx casino) tied for 8th place with no deposit bonus value of $0.00.

    The state average no deposit bonus value is $4.14 which includes the 17 casinos without a bonus. However, if we focus on the casinos with no deposit bonuses only, the new average value is $14.21.

    In both instances, Parx underperforms. New players looking to try a casino will appreciate free play credits in the form of no deposit bonuses. These credits allow you to win real money, but more than that — they help you determine whether you want to deposit and gamble with your own money.

    The lack of a no deposit bonus at Parx online casino may be enough to sway some people away from playing there.

    Below is the list of NJ online casinos that do have a no deposit bonus and the ABV of it.

    1. BetMGM ($24.50 ABV)
    2. Borgata ($19.60 ABV)
    3. Ocean ($13.53 ABV)
    4. Scores Casino ($12.41 ABV)
    5. Harrah’s ($9.80 ABV)
    6. Caesars ($9.80 ABV)
    7. Unibet ($9.80 ABV)

    Parx Casino NJ Online Casino Game Selection

    Parx Casino in New Jersey finished in 19th place in our NJ online casino game selection test with 243 casino games in its library. Parx NJ online has 307 fewer games than the average casino in New Jersey and 878 fewer than BetMGM which won this test with 1,121 games.

    You can visit our New Jersey online casino game selection test page to see the complete analysis and results.

    Unlike any of the online casinos in New Jersey, Parx Casino has games in only two categories: slots and table games.

    We measured the game library of every NJ online casino to find out which had the best game selection for players. We had to manually count the games at every casino and categorize them. Because libraries are updated regularly, we can only attest to the accuracy of our numbers at the time of the test (2021).

    At the time of our game selection test, Parx Casino had 243 games — good for 19th place. The average NJ online casino had 550 games, so Parx has 56% fewer games than the average online casino in New Jersey. Moreover, the majority of these games are slots, which doesn’t present much diversity in game types.

    In short, if you value game variety and want a large selection of gaming options, you might want to avoid playing at Parx Casino.

    BetMGM won our NJ online casino game selection test with 1,121 total games. The last place finishers were Bet365 with 107 games and William Hill with 39 games in its library. So, while Parx Casino is no where close to the best, it’s still not the worst.

    Below shows the 3 online casinos that finished above Parx Casino and the 3 online casinos that finished below them in our NJ online casino game selection test.

    16. BetAmerica (422 games)
    17. Stardust (371 games)
    18. Ocean’s (354 games)
    19. Parx (243 games)
    20. PokerStars (190 games)
    21. Tropicana (177 games)
    22. Virgin (176 games)

    Parx NJ Online Casino Email Support Test

    Parx New Jersey online casino finished 6th in our NJ online casino email support test with a 100% response rate and average response time of 5 hours. Parx Casino was 1 of 6 casinos to finish our test with a 100% response rate which was 34.75% higher than the NJ state average of 66.25%.

    Check out our New Jersey online casino email support test results page to see a complete breakdown across all 24 NJ online casinos.

    When we started our email support test, we had goals of measuring the quality of customer service both in the sense of speed and reliability, and also as it relates to the quality of answers received. We sent the same 10 questions to every email support address at online casinos in New Jersey.

    However, we quickly realized how little emphasis New Jersey casino support teams placed on email. Only 6 out of 24 casinos (25%) responded to every email and the average speed of a response ranged between 20 minutes and 205 hours.

    Ultimately, for this first iteration of email support tests, we didn’t even look at whether these responses were helpful — we focused solely on whether they responded and how quickly it was.

    Parx Casino was one of the few casinos to respond to 100% of the emails and they did so with an average time of 5 hours which was the worst of all casinos that answered 100% of emails. However, they were still above average in response rate and average response time (casinos >=50% response rate).

    The NJ state average response rate was 66.25% and the average response time for casinos that answered 50% of emails was 17.3 hours. This means Parx Casino was 34.75% more responsive and over 12 hours faster than the state average when it came to email support.

    In addition to email support, Parx Casino has other ways to contact their support team or find answers to your questions. You can access their FAQ page and navigate some of the more commonly asked questions. You can also contact their live chat or toll free number (1-866-472-7965) between 10am – 12am daily for support.



    Parx NJ Online Casino Website Speed

    Parx Casino finished 14th in our NJ online casino page load speed test with an average load time of 1.81 seconds. While this was below average in ranking, it was marginally faster than the NJ state average of 1.88 seconds.

    Visit our New Jersey online casino page load speed test results page to see how we tested every online casino in New Jersey’s page load speed.

    We measured the speed over every NJ online casino to determine which casino was the fastest and which was the slowest in New Jersey. Our page load test focused on the same 4 pages at every casino.

    • Slots Page: One of the largest pages from a resource perspective.
    • Promotions Page: A frequently visited page by new and current casino players.
    • Responsible Gaming Page:  A page that’s important to player safety.
    • Support Page: The section of the casino where players can find helpful articles or answers to their questions.

    To test the speed of these pages, we used Pingdom which is the world-leader in web speed analysis. We measured these 4 pages every 30 minutes for a week. By the end of the page load test, every casino in New Jersey was measured over 300 times.

    Parx Casino finished our test with a 1.81-second average page load time. This was 0.07 seconds faster than the state average of 1.88 seconds. While it was over 1 second slower than our first place finisher (Scores Casino), Parx’s page speed is still considered strong which is why we gave it a 4-star rating.

    Below shows the 3 online casinos that finished above Parx Casino and the 3 below it in our NJ online casino page load speed test.

    11. Mohegan Sun (1.51 seconds)
    12. Stardust (1.71 seconds)
    13. Resorts Casino (1.75 seconds)
    14. Parx (1.81 seconds)
    15. Hard Rock (1.88 seconds)
    16. BetAmerica (2.16 seconds)
    17. PartyCasino (2.42 seconds)

    Page load speed is an important part of your overall experience on a website. If it’s fast, you may not even notice its effect. But, if it’s slow, your experience will certainly be affected negatively.

    This holds true to gambling online, too.

    Most gamblers would agree that a faster online casino is better than a slower one. Not only does it affect your happiness while gambling, the site speed can reveal how technically sound a casino is.

    Much like the cleanliness of a restaurant bathroom can indicate further issues with hygiene in the restaurant, the speed of a website can reveal issues behind the scenes. These technical issues could lead to privacy concerns or further issues with your gambling experience or worse — your money.

    Fortunately, Parx Casino has a page load speed that is average when compared with other NJ online casinos, so your gaming experience is unlikely to be hindered. Moreover, 1.81 seconds is faster than most websites on the internet.

    If you decide to play at Parx NJ online casino, you should not have any issues with page speed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Parx NJ Online Casino is legit.

    Parx NJ online casino features one of the best first deposit bonuses in New Jersey which is valued at $66.76 per $100 first deposit.

    New Jersey state law requires all Parx Casino players to be at least 21-years old and be physically in New Jersey.