New Jersey Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Test

No deposit bonuses are free cash awarded by casinos in the form of game credits to incentivize players to try their online casino. Casinos give the player a few free play credits, and the player gets to test their luck firsthand.

Unfortunately, not too many New Jersey online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. We know this because we research, reviewed, and evaluated every NJ online casino to see if they offered a no deposit bonus — and if they did, how much value they were really worth.

We measured the casino’s no deposit bonus using our Actual Bonus Value (ABV) metric.

Below is a detailed overview of our process for measuring New Jersey online casino no deposit bonuses including the data we used to rank all 24 casinos. If you want to just see the final results, you can click here or scroll to the bottom.

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Purpose of This Test

With gambling legalized in New Jersey, there is a lot of competition for gamblers’ time and money. NJ online casinos are one of those options, and they are doing everything they can to get new players to try them instead of other online or even land-based casinos. No deposit bonuses are one incentive these online casinos can use to get players to try their casino and hopefully, deposit real money. Much like Chinese restaurants in the food court offering samples to patrons, online casinos use free play credits to get you in the door.

However, no deposit bonuses don’t just benefit the casino through new sign-ups, the players themselves benefit by getting to test a casino without risking any of their own bankrolls — and, they could actually win real money from these promotions.

The actual value of no deposit bonuses is often difficult for players to understand — both new and seasoned. Therefore, we wanted to make no deposit bonuses in New Jersey easier for everyone to understand. The purpose of this test is:

  1. To see which NJ online casinos offer no deposit bonuses.
  2. To calculate the value of those no deposit bonuses using ABV.
  3. To rank each online casino in New Jersey by the value of their no deposit bonus.


Below is an explanation of the process we used to test every New Jersey online casino with a legal gambling license.

  1. We started by downloading the terms and conditions for all active promotions at each casino.
  2. We read all of the T&Cs for each promotion — making notes of any information relevant to no deposit bonuses.
  3. We created mathematical formulas for different bonus types that accounted for the following.
    • Wagering requirements (playthrough) which must be met before you’re eligible to withdraw
    • Whether the wagering requirements are calculated with only the bonus amount or the bonus + deposit amount
    • Maximum return-to-player (RTP) eligible for clearing the bonus
    • Whether there is a no deposit bonus
  4. We took all the data from the terms and conditions that we have gathered and ran it through our formulas.
  5. We created the “Actual Bonus Value” (ABV) metric as a way to measure the overall value of each casino bonus.
  6. We ranked the casinos based on ABV and rewarded stars in our reviews accordingly.

Cons and Challenges

The no deposit bonus test was difficult for many reasons. Not only was it difficult to find the terms and conditions for the bonuses, but very few NJ online casinos actually offer no deposit promos. We did our best to measure all the casinos fairly and feel that our ranking of no deposit values with ABV is one of the most objective ways to rank these casinos.

Remaining as transparent as possible, below are some of the hurdles we faced when conducting our test of no deposit bonuses for New Jersey online casinos.

  1. The data we used for this test came straight form the casinos’ websites. It does not include other external promotions or offers.
  2. New Jersey online casinos update and change their promotions often. Our test is based on static data and does not update every time a new promotion is offered.
  3. Our bonus ranking formula does not currently include expiry time of the promotion. Longer expiry time is obviously better than shorter, but we have not figured out the best way to include this into our metric yet.
  4. Our bonus ranking formula does not include a variable for how complicated it is to complete the bonus. Some offers you receive immediately, while others are spread out and require certain steps to be completeyed. Again, less complicated bonuses are better.

Summary of Test Results

To our surprise, the test revealed how rare it was for New Jersey online casinos to offer no deposit bonuses. In fact, only 7 out of the 24 measured casinos had a no deposit bonus. However, if you were to take advantage of all 7 of the New Jersey no deposit bonuses, you’d receive a total of $99.14 in Actual Bonus Value without having to deposit any of your own money. For a new player or someone looking to jumpstart their bankroll. this is a great place to start.

The winner of our no deposit bonus test BetMGM casino with an impressive Actual Bonus Value (ABV) of $24.50. This is especially good when you compare it through the lens of the 17 online casinos that finished tied for last with a $0 ABV — none offering no deposit bonuses.

Only 2 casinos received a full 5-stars rating in this test, meaning they offered more than $15 in free money without requiring a player deposit. The average across all the 24 casinos was $4.14 ABV in our test. The full results can be found below.

Test Score

RankingCasinoABV*Average Math formulaT&CStars 
1BetMGM$23.53$4.14 5
2Borgata$18.82 5
3Ocean$13.53 4.5
4Scores Casino$12.41 4.5
5Harrah’s$9.80 4
6Caesars$9.80 4
7Unibet$9.80 4
8Golden Nugget$0.001
8Mohegan Sun$0.00 1
8Hard Rock$0.001
8William Hill$0.001

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

To receive 5 stars in our reviews of no deposit casino bonuses, $15+ in “Actual Bonus Value” (ABV) with no deposit required.

To receive 4.5 stars, $10+ ABV is required.

To receive 4 stars, $8+ ABV is required.

To receive 3.5 stars, $6+ ABV is required.

To receive 3 stars, $4+ ABV is required.

To receive 2.5 stars, $3+ ABV is required.

To receive 2 stars, $2+ ABV is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, $1+ ABV is required.

To receive 1 star, 0 ABV is required.