iGaming for Future

The gambling industry is very powerful. Every year it generates revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars. In general, the industry has a poor reputation and is known as greedy, and to some extent that is all true. Still, we have been in the industry for well over a decade and during this time we have met tons of amazing people.

Most people didn’t end up in iGaming based on greed. They got here by accident and stayed because they enjoyed the people they met, the products they created and the games themselves. Many are in the industry simply because they love to gamble, and many wants to make the world a better place!

We believe that the gambling industry can be the source of immense good. Much more good than the harm that it is also a part of creating. Because this is our belief, we have started the initiative “iGaming for Future” with the goal of uniting the gambling industry to do good. Where we will work to find partnerships and collaborations between companies working in the gambling industry where we can unite and do good together.

iGaming for Future

Frequently Asked Questions

The initiative is mainly focused on raising funds for highly effective charities based on the recommendations from charity experts like GiveWell.org, FoundersPledge.com and OpenPhilantropy.org. All of these organisations evaluate charities to find the organisations in the world that makes the biggest difference with each dollar donated.

No, we do not evaluate where to donate based on applications that we get. We focus on the advice we receive from experts.