Borgata NJ Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

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Very good

#5 out of 24 online casinos in New Jersey

Borgata online casino finished near the top in welcome bonus offers and was 1 of 7 casinos with a no deposit bonus, but it finished near the bottom in customer service and website page load speed.


Borgata finished 4th in our casino bonus test with an ABV of $93.46. They came in 2nd in our no deposit bonus test.

Customer service

Customer service

Borgata finished 18th in our email support test with an average response rate of 70% and average response time of 43.6 hours.

Software & Games

Software & Games

Borgata finished 2nd in our game selection test with 1,103 casino games which is more than 2x the New Jersey state average.

Website speed

Website speed

Borgata finished 20th out of 24 eligible casinos in our page load speed test with an average load time of 2.71 seconds.

Actual value of bonus package*


Compared to NJ average rating: $52.26

First deposit bonus:

  • Bonus Type: 100% match + $20 free
  • Max Bonus: $1000
  • Wagering Requirement: 15x
  • ABV100: $93.46
  • Bonus Code: Not Required

No deposit bonus:

  • Bonus: $10 credits
  • Wagering Requirement: 1x
  • ABVfree: $19.6
  • Bonus Code: Not Required
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Total score




Number of games


Website speed






#5 out of 24 casinos


#3 out of 24 casinos


#4 out of 24 casinos


#20 out of 24 casinos




#5 out of 24 casinos


    Borgata NJ Online Casino First Deposit Bonus

    #4 out of 24 best first deposit bonus in NJ

    Casino Bonus Overview

    • Bonus Type: 100% match + $20 free
    • Max Bonus: $1000
    • Wagering Requirement: 15x
    • ABV100: $93.46
    • Min Deposit: $10
    • Bonus Code: Not Required
    • Expiry Time: 30 days

    Borgata New Jersey online casino came in 4th place out of 25 casinos in our NJ online casino first deposit bonus test. Their welcome bonus package has an Actual Bonus Value (ABV) of $93.46 which is 75.6% more than the NJ state average of $52.26 but 7% less than the first place finisher Harrah’s online casino which has an average welcome bonus value of $100.19.

    1. Harrah’s Casino ($100.19 ABV)
    4. Borgata Casino ($93.46 ABV)
    NJ State Average ($52.26 ABV)

    For a complete overview of how each NJ online casino’s welcome bonus was evaluated and the final test results, visit our New Jersey online casino welcome bonus test. You are also able to learn more about our custom rating system (ABV) which aims to calculate the actual value of each bonus using various details found in the casino’s terms and conditions.

    Borgata online casino is currently running its welcome promo package as a 100% match on your first deposit up to $1,000 with an extra $20 in free play credit. This promotion will essentially double your first deposit over $10 and up to $1,000 and gives you an additional $20 in casino credits to use.

    • Match bonus is only valid on your first deposit.
    • Minimum deposit for bonus is $10.
    • Match bonus is only eligible within 30 days from the date of registration and $20 free credit is eligible for seven (7) days after registration.
    • Bonus is not eligible for poker or sports betting.
    • Wager requirements on $20 free credit is 1x (one time) the bonus amount.
    • Wagering requirements on the match bonus is at least 15x (fifteen times) the bonus amount.
    • Wager requirement distribution varies by game accordingly:
      • Slots: 100%
      • Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker: 20%

    You can read the full Borgata welcome bonus and promo terms and conditions here.

    Borgata NJ online casino does not require a bonus code or promo code for its 100% match welcome bonus. You can register at Borgata Casino and make your first deposit within 30-days and have your deposit amount doubled up to $1,000. You’ll also receive $20 in free play credit which must be used within seven (7) days of hitting your account.

    We tested all 24 New Jersey online casinos to evaluate which offer the best NJ online casino welcome bonus package. Our welcome bonus test aimed to measure casinos based on the actual value players could recognize on a $100 deposit.

    We combed through the terms and conditions of each welcome bonus to find wager requirements, promotion timelines, and other important information that affect the actual value you can expect to receive.

    We put these variables into a calculation to determine the Actual Bonus Value (ABV) of the welcome bonus. With an ABV for every casino’s bonus, we can then rank and measure the welcome bonuses across all the casinos.

    Learn more about our ABV rating system.

    Borgata Casino’s welcome bonus has an Actual Bonus Value (ABV) of $93.46 which ranks 4th place out of 24 legal online casinos in New Jersey.

    The average first deposit bonus value across every NJ online casino is $52.26. Borgata’s ABV is approximately $40.24 more than the state average but $6.74 less than the first palace finisher, Harrah’s.

    21 out of 24 NJ online casinos have some type of welcome bonus, but there were 3 casinos which have no welcome bonus offer: DraftKings, Pala Casino, and PartyCasino.

    Below shows the 3 online casinos that finished above Borgata Casino and the 3 online casinos that finished below them in our NJ online casino welcome bonus test.

    1. Harrah’s Casino ($100.19 ABV)
    2. SugarHouse ($99.50 ABV)
    3. BetMGM ($98.36 ABV)
    4. Borgata Casino ($93.46 ABV)
    5. Caesars ($91.51 ABV)
    6. Unibet ($70.15 ABV)
    7. Parx ($66.76 ABV)

    Borgata Casino offers 100% match of your first deposit up to $1,000 which means you can double your first deposit after signing up at Borgata. They also include $20 in free play credit upon registration.

    To maximize the value of your welcome bonus at Borgata NJ online you need to first understand some of the nuances of their promotion. 

    To start, the match bonus is 100% up to $1,000. If you want to maximize the value of this welcome bonus package, you need to deposit the full amount they will match — $1,000. This will immediately take your $1,000 deposit and turn it into $2,020 (including the $20 free credit).

    Next, the timeline for each promotion is different. The match bonus runs for 30 days and the $20 free credit must be used within 7 days of registration. With these timelines in mind, you need to make sure you play your $20 free credit and 100% of your match bonus inside each window to maximize your return. 

    Secondly, it’s important to understand your playthrough requirements on each. The 100% first deposit match bonus has a 15x wagering requirement while the $20 free credit has a 1x playthrough requirement.

    This means if you deposit the maximum into your account of $1,000 then you will need to wager $15,000 before you can withdraw any winnings from bets made with your match bonus credits. For the $20 free play credit, you only need to wager $20 to satisfy this requirement.

    Taking all this information into account, we advise the following strategy to maximize your return on the welcome bonus at Borgata NJ online casino.

    Start by depositing the maximum amount they match — $1,000. Then, take your deposit and the 100% match bonus ($2,000) and bet it all on red or black at European Roulette. We advise wagering your entire bankroll on European Roulette because you have a 48.6% chance of doubling your money and satisfying 13% of your wagering requirements immediately.

    Let’s assume you hit. You’ve now taken your $1,000 deposit and turned it into $4,020 (including the $20 free play credit). 

    Now, you need to work towards satisfying your wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings you just made. Considering we’ve already wagered $2,000 out of the $15,000 required for withdrawing on this bonus, we now need to wager another $13,000 before you can take out any winnings.

    The best approach to moving through the remaining playthrough requirements is to bet several small bets on a high return-to-player game. Online slots tend to have the best RTP and the highest available at Borgata NJ online casino is Blood Suckers at 98% RTP. If you wager $100 on Blood Suckers, you should expect to walk away with $98.

    This approach is important because we are not trying to mitigate risks on the $3,000 profit we have already made. To do that, we want to bet the minimum amount we can on Blood Suckers until we satisfy the remaining wagering requirement. This means betting $0.25 for 52,000 consecutive spins.

    After you’ve made all these bets you should walk away with approximately $3,740 in your bankroll (excluding the $20 free play).

    • $4,000 – ($13,000 x 2%) = $3,740

    This approach may seem unrealistic, but it’s the best way to take your $1,000 and turn it into $3,740 ($2,740 profit). You essentially have a 46.6% chance of making a 274% return on your first deposit.

    To maximize the $20 free play credit which has a 1x playthrough, simply include it in the European Roulette wager which will give you the same 48.6% chance of doubling that $20. 

    To calculate the welcome bonus ABV, we looked at several pieces of information within Borgata’s welcome bonus package. As a 100% match bonus, we needed to assess the minimum and maximum amounts accepted, the timeline of the promotion, and other details like playthrough and game wagering weights.

    Because Borgata is one of only seven NJ online casinos to also offer a no deposit bonus, we needed to include that into our equation for the welcome bonus ABV, too.

    The variables we used to calculate Borgata Casino’s actual welcome bonus value included:

    • First Deposit amount: $100 (We used $100 as the baseline deposit amount for our test)
    • Welcome Bonus amount: $100
    • First Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirement: 15 (fifteen times playthrough requirement)
    • First Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirement dependency: 1 =  only the bonus amount
    • No Deposit Bonus amount: $20
    • No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirement: 1 (one time playthrough)
    • No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirement dependence: 1 =  only the bonus amount
    • Maximum RTP accepted: 98% or .98

    We plugged this information into our expected bonus value equation as follows:

    • $100 x (.98^(15x1)) = $73.86
    • $20 x (.98^(1x1)) = $19.60
    • $73.86 + $19.60 = $93.46

    If you deposited $100 into your Borgata NJ account, you should anticipate earning $93.46 from the welcome bonus package alone. This doesn’t take into account your deposit and strictly requires following our playing strategy above.

    Borgata NJ Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

    No Deposit Bonus Overview

    • Bonus Type: Casino Credits
    • Amount: $20
    • Wagering Requirement: 1x
    • ABVfree: $19.60
    • Bonus Code: Not required
    • Expiry Time: 7 days

    Borgata casino in New Jersey came in 2nd place in our NJ online casino no deposit bonus test with a no deposit bonus ABV of $19.60 — which we broke down above. Their no deposit bonus was 473% greater than the NJ state average of $4.14 but 25% below the highest no deposit bonus in New Jersey which is $24.50 from BetMGM.

    For complete test results and a detailed explanation of our no deposit bonus calculations, visit the NJ online casino no deposit bonus test page. You can also find more information about our Actual Bonus Value rating system which accounts for bonus criteria such as playthrough requirements and other stipulations found within the bonuses’ terms and conditions.

    While most NJ online casinos have a first deposit bonus, few offer free play credits just for registering an account — no deposit bonuses. However, this type of bonus is important to new players who may be deciding which NJ online casino to play at. Therefore, we reviewed all 25 eligible casinos to see which offer no deposit bonuses and if they did — we calculated the actual value of their no deposit bonus.

    Only 29% of New Jersey online casinos offered no deposit bonuses. Borgata casino was 1 of the 7 that did have a no deposit bonus for new players.

    Their offer was a simple $20 free credit upon registration that had a 1x playthrough and 7 day eligibility window. This bonus was lumped into their welcome bonus package which we outlined in the previous section.

    Because Borgata’s no deposit bonus only has a 1x wager requirement, you can satisfy the playthrough by simply wagering $20. For our ABV, we used the most strategic method for betting that bonus which is simply to bet the least amount possible on the highest RTP slot game (Blood Suckers) until you hit that threshold. If you do this, you’re likely to have lost only 2% of the $20  which is the casino rake on that slot —  leaving you with $19.60 left.

    • $20 x (.98^(1×1)) = $19.60

    The average ABV for no deposit bonuses in New Jersey is $4.14 which includes the 7 casinos offering no deposit bonus as well as the other 17 which don’t. If you only measure the online casinos with no deposit bonuses, the average jumps to $14.21. In both instances, Borgata Casino’s $19.60 ABV beats the average handily.

    The only casino with a no deposit bonus better than Borgata is BetMGM which has an ABV of $24.50. The 17 casinos without a no deposit bonus include: Golden Nugget, SugarHouse, Parx, 888casino, Mohegan, Resorts, Tropicana, Virgin, Bet365, Hard Rock, Stardust, William Hill, PokerStars, BetAmerica, DraftKings, Pala, and PartyCasino.

    Below shows the 7 New Jersey online casinos that currently offer a no deposit ranked by ABV. Visit our NJ online casino no deposit bonus test for more information.

    1. BetMGM ($24.50 ABV)
    2. Borgata ($19.60 ABV)
    3. Ocean ($13.53 ABV)
    4. Scores Casino ($12.41 ABV)
    5. Harrah’s ($9.80 ABV)
    6. Caesars ($9.80 ABV)
    7. Unibet ($9.80 ABV)

    Borgata NJ Online Casino Game Selection

    online casinos in New Jersey

    Borgata NJ online casino came in 2nd in our New Jersey online casino game selection test with a total of 1,103 casino games in its library. The state average is 550 games, so Borgata’s library has approximately 2x more games than the average online casino in New Jersey. The only casino with more games than Borgata is BetMGM which won our test with 1,121 available games.

    For complete results and details of how we reviewed each online casino, visit our NJ online casino game selection test page.

    Borgata Casino has 1,103 available games in its online library for players to choose from. It organizes its library of games into a few categories:

    • Live Dealer
    • Table Games
    • New Games
    • Exclusive
    • Slots
    • Jackpot Slots
    • Variety Games

    We felt like measuring NJ online casinos by their game library was an important metric for evaluating each casino. While game variety and library size may not be the most important measurement of casino quality, it’s interesting to see how each casino approaches its game library.

    Most players would agree that having more options is better than having less, so we focused our game selection test on the library size. On average, a New Jersey online casino will have roughly 550 games available in its library. 

    However, there is a lot of variance in game libraries from one casino to the next. For example, the last place finisher, WilliamHill, has only 39 games while the winner, BetMGM, has 1,121 — a difference of 1,082 games.

    Borgata finished in 2nd place right behind BetMGM with 1,103 games. This is 200% more than the NJ average and ample options for any gambler.

    Below are the top 5 casinos from our NJ online casino game selection test in order of ABV.

    1. BetMGM (1,121 games)
    2. Borgata (1,103 games)
    3. PartyCasino (875 games)
    4. Golden Nugget (851 games)
    5. Resorts (823 games)

    Borgata NJ Online Casino Email Support Test

    #12 out of 24 online casinos in New Jersey

    Borgata New Jersey online casino was 18th out of 25th in our New Jersey online casino email support test with a 70% response rate and average response time of 43.6 hours. Borgata finished slightly above the state average response rate of 66.25%, but their average response time was 2.5x slower than the average NJ online casino.

    To review the complete test results with screenshots and detailed overview, please visit the NJ online casino email support test page.

    Casino support is an area we find incredibly important for players evaluating different NJ online casinos. Email support is especially interesting because it’s one of the best ways to measure a casino’s effort. While helpdesks and live chats are great — they’re mostly automated based on information the casino has already created. However, email support and phone support require a dedicated person to receive, review, and respond to ad hoc questions.

    We started our casino support tests with an intense review of each casino’s email support. Our email support test required sending the same 10 emails to each casino from different addresses and times of the day/week for 6 consecutive weeks.

    In addition to seeing whether they would actually answer our questions, we wanted to measure speed and responsiveness. To our surprise, we found that very few casinos even responded. This unresponsive made it more difficult for us to evaluate response times for casinos.

    We ultimately decided to set a response rate requirement of 50% before measuring average response times. Borgata did meet this threshold with an average response rate of 70%, but their average response time of 43.6 hours was the 2nd worst time out of all qualifying casinos and earned them a 2-star rating.

    Only 6 out of 25 New Jersey online casinos responded to all 10 of our emails and the winner of our email support test was Virgin Casino which answered every email in an average of 0.8 hours.

    In addition to email support, Borgata has a support desk with several helpful articles for common casino questions and issues. You can also reach out to their support team through a 24/7 live chat widget or via phone at (877) 448-5833 between the hours of 12pm – 8pm EST.

    Borgata NJ Online Casino Website Speed

    #20 out of 24 online casinos in New Jersey

    Borgata finished in 20th place in our New Jersey online casino website speed test with an average page load time of 2.71 seconds. The state average speed was 1.88 seconds, so Borgata was almost 1 second slower than the average online casino in New Jersey.

    To see the full test results with explanation and screenshots, visit our NJ online casino page load speed test page.

    Website speed is another important metric to consider when comparing New Jersey online casinos. The average player doesn’t want to waste time waiting on a game to load, and it’s an objective measurement that can be used to rank casinos beyond their bonuses or game selection. 

    In our page load speed test, we focused on 4 important page types at an online casino.

    • Slots Page: The page with some of the most content and media.
    • Promotions Page: An important page for new and current players.
    • Responsible Gaming Page: A section of the site that we find especially important.
    • Support Page: The area of the site devoted to supporting players.

    We used Pingdom to measure the page load speed of these pages at every NJ online casino every 30 minutes for 7 consecutive days. In total, we measured each casino’s page speed more than 300 times to determine their average.

    Borgata Casino finished near the bottom of the group with an average page load of 2.71 seconds. Their average speed is 44% slower than the state average, but 160% faster than the slowest NJ online casino — Golden Nugget which had an average load time of 4.43 seconds.

    The winner of our page load speed test was Scores with an average load time of .59 seconds. However, they were not the only 5-star rated casino. The other top casinos at page load speed are: Bet365 (.74 seconds), Virgin Casino (.86 seconds), Unibet (.92 seconds), and Pala Casino (.95 seconds).

    Below are the 3 online casinos that finished above Borgata Casino and the 3 casinos behind them in our New Jersey online casino page load speed test.

    1. PartyCasino (2,42 seconds)
    2. SugarHouse (2.54 seconds)
    3. BetMGM (2,61 seconds)
    4. Borgata (2.71 seconds)
    5. Caesars (2.89 seconds)
    6. William Hill (3.00 seconds)
    7. DraftKings (3.13 seconds)

    A website’s page load speed is becoming increasingly important as users get more and more aware of load time while navigating the web. It’s estimated that websites lose 50% of their traffic if their website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As users’ attention span decreases and the general overload of daily content continues, each second matters.

    While the literal effect of page speed is obvious, there’s another subtle importance which is less noticeable. A casino’s page load speed is the result of several technical factors in the background. A fast-loading website is operating efficiently with little to no noticeable issues, and a slow-loading page is indicative of underlying issues.

    To visualize this more, think about a nice sports car. It could look great on the outside and have cutting-edge technology on the interior, but if the engine is broken — you won’t enjoy driving it. This is the same idea behind measuring page load speed. An online casino with great page load speed indicates that the site’s engine is clean and running well.

    While Borgata’s 2.71 second page load time is one of the worst in New Jersey, it’s still fast enough that players shouldn’t be worried about their experience or Borgata from a technical perspective. This speed earned Borgata a 3-star rating.

    How to Register Online at Borgata

    Before you can bet at Borgata NJ oinline casino, you need to set up an account and add money, Follow the step-by-step guide to registering an account at Borgata online casino.

    Borgata Sign-up Step 1

    Visit the Registration Page

    Click on one of Borgata’s registration buttons, and you’ll be directed to a separate page to create your account.

    Borgata-Registration-Step-1 Step 2

    Create Your Profile

    Provide your personal information, create your username, and input other relevant details for your account.

    Borgata-Registration-Step-4 Step 3

    Verify Your Identity

    After providing your information and SSN, you’ll need to provide verifying documents to Borgata.

    borgata registration Step 4

    Make Your First Deposit

    Once your account is approved, it’s time to make the first deposit and take advantage of their welcome bonus package.

    borgata nj casino games Step 5

    Start Playing at Borgata

    After you’ve deposited money into your account, you can now start gambling at Borgata NJ online casino.

    Borgata NJ Online Registration Process

    Borgata NJ Online Casino’s four-step registration process is quick and easy — assuming their software is able to verify your account without manual review.

    Much like other NJ online casinos, Borgata requires details like your account information and personal data such as your name, address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).

    Our test account had trouble verifying their physical address and had to enter their entire SSN for further identification. All in all, registering an account at Borgata is seamless and straightforward.

    Borgata Deposit & Withdrawal Options

    When considering which NJ online casino to join and use, the banking options are critical. After all, you want to choose an online casino with easy deposit and withdrawal processes — otherwise, you’ll face unnecessary headaches and delays.

    Borgata Online Casino allows its players to deposit using:

    – Borgata PlayPlus

    – Cash at the Borgata Atlantic City casino cage

    – Online Banking Transfer

    – ACH (Electronic Check)

    – PayNearMe

    – VIP Preferred Program

    – Mastercard

    – Visa


    – Skrill

    For withdrawals, Borgata Online Casino uses:

    – ACH (Electronic Check)

    – Cash at the Borgata Atlantic City casino cage

    – Borgata PlayPlus


    – Check by mail

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, online gambling at Borgata Casino is 100% legal for players in New Jersey. Since legislation for NJ online gambling passed on February 26, 2013, NJ online casino products like Borgata Casino have opened and operated legally in accordance with mandated laws and regulations from the New Jersey DGE.

    To sign-up and start playing at Borgata Online Casino, you need to be 21+ years old and within the New Jersey state lines. These requirements are standard for all NJ online casinos.