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Great.com is a charitable initiative started by Swedish entrepreneur, Erik Bergman. While the genesis behind Great.com comes from Sweden, the project and its ambassadors extend globally. Our mission is to do the most good — which currently involves a focused and measured approach to the global climate crisis. Using technology, digital marketing strategies, and social influence, we are determined to bring awareness and positive change to the world.


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Why We Believe In Great


We use our digital products to generate revenue of which 100% is donated to environmental charities. You can find and access our active products below.

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Atlantic City New Jersey US


Effective altruism is an important philosophy at Great.com.

In addition to philanthropy education, we also partner with high-impact charities.

As of November 2020, we’ve contributed approximately


to charities.

Some of the organizations we collaborate with and recommend

Founders Pledge Clean Air Task Force GiveWell

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great.com is currently an online casino affiliate that contributes 100% of its profits to environmental charities aimed at mitigating the global climate crisis. Its long-term mission is to expand beyond gambling into more affiliate markets while continuing to contribute all its profits to high-impact causes.

Erik Bergman is the founder of Great.com and the co-host of the Becoming Great.com podcast which — among other things — highlights the journey of this organization.

Great.com is an online casino affiliate. Its team reviews and vets every online casino in New Jersey and Sweden before promoting that casino on its website. Then, it uses strategic marketing techniques to bring visitors to its website and earns a commission when they register and play at any of the online casinos it mentions.

Great.com is not a traditional charity, although it does donate 100% of its profits to charitable causes. Great.com is a by-product of effective altruism which proposes the optimization of skills and resources to bring about the most good in the world. The team behind Great.com has more than three decades of combined experience in online and affiliate marketing and has the ambition to use this knowledge and experience to drive the most positive impact possible.