Becoming Great

Becoming has ONE goal:

To be the podcast in the world with the most value-per-minute.

To accomplish this big goal, the creators Erik Bergman and Emil Ekvardt spend many hours researching and planning each episode.

And of course, it’s ad-free.

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Becoming Great Podcast

The Hosts

Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman made over $50 million before turning 30 by co-founding the marketing company Catena Media and taking it to the stock exchange with a $200 million valuation.

In 2017 he left his previous business to found, a marketing company as well, but this time with the intention of giving away 100% of the profits to prevent the climate crisis.

He loves to inspire and he shares daily knowledge with his over 250 000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, eager to give value and teach people about entrepreneurship.

Erik Bergman

Emil Ekvardt

Emil Ekvardt is a passionate learner, podcast host, and personal development coach.

He started his career in professional poker where he made over $1 million before turning 25.

Looking for something more meaningful, he joined Great.coms as the first employee in 2018 where he is now the host of the “The becoming” podcast and the podcast “ talks with…”

Emil loves to share his knowledge through Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube.

On the side of, he runs a coaching business where he helps men grow and live richer lives.

Emil Ekvardt

Podcast Episodes

How to network online – find inspiring friends, love, mentors, and business partners


Networking is a very misunderstood term. Most people think that it’s just about business – but your networking skills can even mean the difference between a sad and lonely life, and becoming rich and happy. Today we will teach you how we have found: – business partners – new clients – friends for life – and even love by simple techniques that are easy to learn. And stick with us to the end, because we will share with you how to write the perfect email if you want to find a mentor or get your dream job.

26 Habits for better FOCUS


Your dreams will never come true unless you beat the number, one dream killer – procrastination. Nothing is more frustrating than having a great idea, knowing what you should do, but for some reason not being able to get started. The key to beating procrastination is to build habits for better focus. With the right habits, you will get better focus and you can stay away from distractions.

How to stop overthinking and procrastinating


Erik has over 300 000 followers on Instagram and “How to stop procrastinating?” and “How to stop overthinking?” are by far the most common questions that he gets. Almost everyone has this problem. You are not alone.

What is the business model of


Erik has invested $900 000 in the domain name because he wants to build a company that will change an entire industry from the inside and out. In this episode, we will explain the business model of, what industry we will change first, and why we will succeed. And stick with us, because somewhere in this episode, Erik will tell you how much money he thinks that we will make.

4 habits that save time


Our four best productivity habits give us 25 extra hours of performance each week. Habits that save time! We are two habit nerds that constantly tweak our days to maximize output. In this episode, we will break our habits down for you. How you can apply them and how you can use them to boost your personal development and your career.