Imagine a Pile with $1 Million in Cash

This may seem like a weird twist in the story, but follow me for a second — I promise it’ll make sense. 

I want you to visualize a pile of cash equal to $1 million dollars.

Now, imagine there are 100 piles just like that. We’re talking $100 million in cash.

Now, imagine 300,000 piles. That’s 300,000 piles of $1 million each or $300 billion dollars.

If you’re like me, you can’t even begin to fathom this amount of money. So, think about it like this – that’s enough money to completely layer an entire football pitch in several feet of cash.

$300 billion dollars may seem like an absurd amount of money, but that’s roughly how much money the gambling industry makes in revenue every year. That’s right, every year the gambling industry makes $300 billion dollars and could turn Wembley Stadium into a ball pit of cash.

Now, what if someone decided to take all that money and put it towards solving world hunger or fighting the global climate crisis?

This idea is exactly why I started I’m not a carpenter, so I’m not much help at building schools and unfortunately, I don’t know enough about child trafficking to begin solving that problem. But, I’m pretty damn good at making money in the online gambling industry and have been working in digital marketing for almost two decades.

I know how to build an online casino affiliate business that can generate significant money, and I can use that money to make a significant difference in the world — far more than if I were to just contribute my time or own money to causes. So, I’ll work to take as much money as possible from that football pitch and put it to good use.’s sole purpose is to generate as much money as possible as an online casino marketing company so that we can donate 100% of our profits to high-impact charities working to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Why Online Casinos in New Jersey?

If we want to get more technical, the next question would be why online casinos in New Jersey? The U.S. is still in its infancy when it comes to online gambling. In fact, online casinos are not even legal in several other states, but online casinos are legal in New Jersey.

While the current amount of restrictions in the U.S. online gambling industry might seem like a negative, we’re approaching with a 50-year vision. We’re looking for long-term, sustainable, and high-yield markets which we believe the U.S. online gambling market to become in the future.

By entering the New Jersey gambling market, we can begin growing our brand and better position as a reputable and trusted website for online casino reviews so that when other U.S. markets legalize online gambling, we already have a footprint.

We’re currently working with well-known casino brands like BetMGM NJ, Ocean Online Casino, Stardust Casino, Tropicana Online Casino, and Parx Casino Online.

Having as much experience as we do in the casino industry gives us a unique perspective when testing New Jersey online casinos. Not only are these casinos drastically different from the online casinos in Sweden or UK online casinos, but they are vastly different from each other within the same NJ online casino market.

From the best NJ online casino bonuses and no deposit casino bonus to the number of casino games on the site and their page load speeds, no two casinos are the same. This quality variance is important because it’s how we test and rank each online casino.

You see,’s different from other online casino affiliates because we actually devout hours of time and resources into testing every NJ online casino for factors like:

  • The actual bonus value of their welcome bonus and/or no deposit bonuses
  • The speed and responsiveness of their customer support
  • The size of their casino game library
  • The website speed of their online casino

As far as we know. No one else does testing the way we do. We believe that only by testing these types of categories at every online casino, can we then truly rate the casinos and provide honest reviews in an unbiased manner with complete objectivity.

Why Online Casinos in the UK?

As thought leaders and experts in the online casino space, we recognized the potential for growth and the opportunity to grow our brand in a pre-established market — the UK.

The UK gambling scene is well known and blends history with innovation. With more than 200+ licensed UK online casinos, we had our work cut out for us to provide our readers with comprehensive, unique, and relevant information about the best UK online casinos. Just as we did with our Swedish online casinos and New Jersey online casinos, we began testing each UK online casino based on categories like first deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spin promotions, customer service, game selection, and website speed.

As we continue to expand our presence in the UK, we will add more reviews and improved testing practices. However, the ratings and results you’ll find for each UK online casino is based on first-hand data collected by our research team and is unlike any other UK online casino reviews you’ll find.

What Value Do We Provide Users?

Many users turn to casino brands like for educational and entertainment purposes. So, we offer online gambling articles which cover market-related news, tips and tricks for players, and other fun and informative short-form content. We also have several long-form gambling guides for players looking to learn more about a specific casino game — slots guides, blackjack guides, roulette guides, poker guides, and a guide to sports betting.

We provide all of the guides and articles that you would come to expect from a casino affiliate, but we also strive to offer value unmatched by any of our competitors. This is where our casino test results and objective online casino reviews separate us.

For example, if you’re an online casino player, you may eventually have an issue while playing at a casino. Maybe you’re having a hard time understanding the wagering requirements of a new deposit bonus or maybe you just want to know why your withdrawal hasn’t been processed yet. Whatever the issue, you may decide to email customer support.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew which NJ online casino has the best customer support before you end up in a situation where you actually need it? Most online casino reviews have the casino support number or email address, but that’s it. We decided the best value for our users and for their gambling experience is if we actually tested each casino and measured their speed and responsiveness.

So, we sent the same 10 emails to each casino’s support address at different times and days for weeks until we tested every casino the same way and number of times. We then analyzed the results looking at whether they responded, the time between sending our question and receiving a response, and the overall helpfulness of the response.

With this data, we can now objectively tell you which NJ online casino has the best and fastest customer service. So, if you’re choosing between playing at 888 casino NJ, Resorts online casino, and Borgata online casino, you can know which one has the best customer support which is another consideration factor.

Our test results are unlike any other information online for casinos, and if you wanted to run these tests yourself, it would take you a lot more time and effort individually.

We asked ourselves what we would value when weighing online casinos and used those questions to determine the categories to focus on with our tests. Another really important factor when choosing an online casino is the value of the different bonuses they offer.

Casinos promote their first deposit and no deposit bonuses heavily, and most casino players have little understanding of what these bonuses actually mean. You see phrasing like “100% match bonus up to $1,000!” but this doesn’t show you the full picture.

We decided to create a mathematical formula that would allow you to determine the actual value of each casino bonus (Actual Bonus Value or ABV). This calculation tells you how much that casino bonus is actually worth once you’ve completed the wagering requirements and other conditions outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

The ABV isn’t just a great way to see the actual value of an individual bonus, but it also allows you to rank the value of one casino bonus against another. You can very quickly determine which NJ online casino has the best welcome bonus out of Mohegan Sun online casino, Party Casino NJ, and Unibet NJ for example.

Our test results for each casino are outlined extensively on every online casino review as our individual test results page which includes a complete breakdown of our test process, the data we collected, the issues we faced, and the final rankings of each casino for that test. Our tests are also used to build our star rating system which provides the user a more visual representation of that online casino’s quality compared to the entire pool of casinos.

Then, if you’re deciding between playing at Virgin Casino, Hard Rock Casino online, Pala Casino NJ, or Golden Nugget online casino — all you need to do is look at the ranking of each to help guide your decision. While there are other reasons to choose an online casino, we believe our tests offer a baseline of quality that can be used by most players to determine the best available casino.

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