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Guide to Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses

Understanding the nuances of free spins no deposit bonuses is an important distinction for casino players looking to find and maximize online casino bonusesFree spin promotions give gamblers a chance to try slots without needing to wager any of their own money — offering a chance to win real money with minimal risk.

However, not all free spins bonuses are the same, and it’s important to understand how free spins no-deposit differ from first deposit bonuses with free spins. Additionally, in this guide to free spins bonuses you will learn the difference between in-game free spins and promotional free spins as well as how free spins workhow to maximize free spins, and how to find the best free spin bonuses, equipping you with the knowledge needed to take advantage of this online casino bonus type.

Different Types of Free Spins (Free Spins No-Deposit) Bonuses

Understanding free spins bonuses when gambling at an online casino is critical because these bonuses drastically change your gambling experience. Free spins let gamblers try slots without needing to wager any of their own money — but, free spin bonuses are not created equal. It’s important to understand the different types of free spin bonuses like no-deposit and deposit-bases free spins as well as in-game free spins. While similar in that these promotions all offer you a chance to spin a slot for free, they are all triggered differently and may come with their own set of rules (wagering requirements).

Before you can evaluate free spins, you need to understand them and the terms and conditions that come with this type of online casino bonus. Factors like wagering requirements, game restrictions, spin value, and win caps are just a few of the many considerations that can influence the value of a free spins bonus.

Because free spin bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, it’s important for players to have a complete understanding of how each free spin promotion is triggered and restricted. Below are some of the most common types of free spins from online casinos.

No-deposit vs. Deposit Free Spins

Many free spin bonuses are triggered after registering for the online casino and are part of a welcome bonus. These types of free spins bonuses are triggered when you register or when you register and make a deposit.

no-deposit free spins bonus will be awarded to new players after signing up for an online casino and do not require a first depositNo-deposit free spins are arguably the most attractive casino bonus because they allow people new to online gambling or players bonus-hunting to win real money without needed to risk any of their own or make any long-term financial commitment to that online casino.

Deposit free spins are similar in that they trigger for new players, but only after they make a first deposit into their account. This benefits casinos because they are not just increasing new players, but they are adding new players who are more likely to gamble because they have an active bankroll. Occasionally, casinos will offer secondary deposit free spins promos to incentivize dormant gamblers to redeposit.

In-game Free Spins vs. Promotional Free Spins

Another distinct difference in free spins bonuses comes from the source of the promotion. Free spins can be awarded by the casino itself through promotions like the no-deposit and first deposit promotion mentioned above, or the free spins can be triggered within the slot gameplay itself.

In-game free spins are a big part of the slot gameplay and some slots are known for offering more free spins than others. When playing the game, you may trigger a bonus round within the online slot such as landing the needed sequence of scatter symbols. Triggering in-game free spins is a completely random occurrence that is very much out of your control — and important note.

Promotional free spins, on the other hand, are awarded by the casino itself whenever you complete some desired action (deposit, sign up, etc.). The main difference between these two types of free spins is that you can control when you trigger a promotion free spin. Additionally, an in-game free spin will only trigger if you wager your own money, but many promotion free spins are triggered without needing to risk any money.

In both cases, the player is granted free spins — but, the source and control for triggering these free spins come from different sources.

Wagering Requirements Comparison

Beyond the different types of free spins, it’s also important to understand the nuances of the conditions that come with different free spins bonuses. The most glaring consideration are the wagering requirements from one free spin bonus to the other. The wagering requirement of a casino bonus essentially means the minimum threshold you must meet before you can withdraw any winnings from the free spins.

No-deposit free spins often come with higher wagering requirements because they don’t require the player to actually deposit into their new account — meaning they are less valuable to the casino. As a player, this means that your winnings from a no-deposit free spin promotion will be a lot more difficult for you to actually cash out.

On the other hand, deposit free spins will typically come with less wagering requirements because the casino has already acquired the player’s first deposit — which is much more valuable to a casino. That doesn’t mean wagering requirements from deposit free spins will be easy to satisfy, just that they won’t be as difficult as no-deposit free spins.

In-game free spins will often come without any wagering requirements since they are built into the gameplay, like a jackpot winning. Some online casinos or slot games may have wagering requirements on in-game free spins, but that is not the case for most slots.

Regardless of the free spins bonus type or source, make sure you have a clear understanding of the bonus’s terms and conditions to avoid any surprises after you win.

The main difference between no-deposit and deposit free spins is that deposit free spins require the player to deposit money into their account before it’s triggered. A no-deposit free spin bonus simply requires creating and registering an account at the online casino.

In-game free spins are triggered within the slot gameplay itself while promotional free spins are awarded by the casino when the player completes some required action. The player can control promotional free spins, while in-game free spins are completely random.

Each type of free spin bonus and even free spins from one online casino to the next can have wildly different wagering requirements. In most cases, no-deposit free spins will have the strictest wagering requirementsDeposit free spins will have less difficult playthrough requirements, but they will still have some requirements. In-game free spins will typically have no requirements attached to winnings.