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In this daily podcast experience, we talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world.

Listen to this special episode, where our Founder – Erik Bergman interviews Founder and CEO of Against Malaria Foundation Rob Mather about providing people with bed nets to battle malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Emil Ekvard and Karim Bukhadurov share the same burning passion for communication and meaningful conversations. In this podcast, their mission is not only to introduce you to some of the world’s greatest organizations but also to tell you the stories of the people behind them.

Emil Ekvardt

Emil Ekvardt is a passionate learner, podcast host, and personal development coach. 

He started his career in professional poker where he made over $1 million before turning 25. 

Looking for something more meaningful, he joined Great.coms as the first employee in 2018 where he is now the host of the “The becoming” podcast and the podcast “ talks with…” 

Emil loves to share his knowledge through Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube. 

On the side of, he runs a coaching business where he helps men grow and live richer lives.

Karimkhon Bukhadurov

Karim is a social media and analytics enthusiast with a passion for traveling and community service activities.

He is a Tajikistani native and has lived in 5 different countries and travelled to more than 20 across North America, Europe and Asia.

One of the accomplishments that Karim is most proud of is receiving “Barack Obama Community Service Award” for over 100 hours of volunteering.

Karim joined as social media assistant to founder Erik Bergman, to help youth around the globe stop overthinking, find their passion and start their own business.

Podcast Episodes Is Helping To Overcome Gambling Addiction

#582 – Interview

Did you know that problem gambling affects approximately 1% of the population worldwide? It is a serious issue that can cause significant financial, social, and psychological harm. Understanding this issue is crucial in order to help those who are affected by it. That is where comes in. This resource provides valuable information and support for individuals struggling with problem gambling. Find out how is making an impact in lives of those affected by gambling addiction. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

Zebra Centre Is Making a Difference for Child Abuse Survivors

#581 – Zebra Centre Interview

Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe and protected, yet for too many children, this is not the case. That’s where organizations like the Zebra Child Protection Centre come in. Zebra Centre offers critical services and support to children and families affected by abuse. Find out how the Zebra Centre is making a significant impact in their community and beyond. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

Sketch Working Arts Is Empowering Youth Through Arts Education

#580 – Sketch Working Arts Interview

Art is a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth. For many young people, however, access to arts education is limited. That’s where Sketch comes in. It is a Toronto-based organization that provides free arts programs to youth facing poverty, marginalization, and other barriers. Find out how Sketch empowers young people to develop their creative abilities, gain confidence, and build vital life skills through its programs. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

Lifewater Canada Is Providing Clean Water for Sustainable Development

#577 – Lifewater Canada Interview

Access to clean water is a basic human right that many of us take for granted. However, for millions of people living in developing communities, it is a luxury that is often out of reach. Without clean water, communities face a myriad of health issues, making it difficult to break out of the cycle of poverty. LifeWater is working tirelessly to provide sustainable clean water solutions to these communities. Find out how Lifewater Canada’s clean water initiatives have had on developing communities. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

CFK Africa Is Lifting Communities Out of Poverty

#576 – CFK Africa Interview

Africa is a continent that is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural resources, but it’s also a place where poverty, disease, and social inequality are still prevalent. However, there are organizations that are doing their part to make a difference in the lives of Africans. CFK Africa stands out in offering comprehensive support to individuals and communities in Nairobi, Kenya. Find out how CFK Africa empowers communities through education, health, and economic opportunities. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

CAF America Is Empowering Global Philanthropy

#575 – CAF America Interview

Charity is not just about giving, it is about hope. Knowing that even a small contribution to a worthy cause can change someone’s life can be a powerful motivator. That being said, the process of donating money can sometimes be difficult and risky, especially when it involves donations to organizations abroad. CAF America has found a way to make giving easy and transparent. They provide a comprehensive philanthropic solution that enables donors to make a difference worldwide. Find out how CAF America is working towards a better world. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

The Toronto Humane Society Is Helping Toronto’s Animals

#569 – Toronto Humane Society Interview

The Toronto Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that has been providing shelter, care, and support to animals in need for more than 130 years. Their mission is to save and protect animals, educate the public about animal welfare, and advocate for animal rights. Find out how the Toronto Humane Society has become a leading voice in the fight against animal cruelty and neglect. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

Young Adult Cancer Canada Is Raising Awareness and Empowering Patients

#568 – Young Adult Cancer Canada Interview

Cancer is a difficult, complex disease that affects people of all ages. However, for young adults diagnosed with cancer, navigating its impact on their lives can be especially challenging. Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping young adults with cancer in Canada. Find out how Young Adult Cancer Canada is providing a community where young adult cancer survivors can connect with each other and find helpful resources to deal with the unique challenges that come with this disease. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.

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