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In this daily podcast experience, we talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. 

Our purpose is to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. 

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg share the same burning passion for communication and meaningful conversations. In this podcast, their mission is not only to introduce you to some of the world’s greatest organizations but also to tell you the stories of the people behind them.

Emil Ekvardt

Emil Ekvardt is a passionate learner, podcast host, and personal development coach. 

He started his career in professional poker where he made over $1 million before turning 25. 

Looking for something more meaningful, he joined Great.coms as the first employee in 2018 where he is now the host of the “The becoming” podcast and the podcast “ talks with…” 

Emil loves to share his knowledge through Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube. 

On the side of, he runs a coaching business where he helps men grow and live richer lives.

Spirit Rosenberg

My name is Spirit and I’m hosting the Talks With… podcast.

People sometimes ask me if Spirit is my real name?
I tell them Yes. But I did change it to Spirit when I was 29. I wanted to change earlier, but it took me several years to find the courage.
Why do you think I changed it?

The reason is because I wanted to access “the 5 step formula on how Identity changes Behavior”.

If you want a conversation with me about this, or if you want to guest our podcast, please send me a message.

Spirit Rosenberg

Podcast Episodes

Dormice – Adorable Representatives of the Ecosystem

#42 PTES Interview

We spoke to Ian White, a passionate dormouse conservationist at PTES(People’s Trust for Endangered Species). Ian talks about the conservation work PTES do internationally and explains why this adorable creature is particularly valuable in all kinds of conservation work. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.
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Hindu Kush Himalayas – Pulse of the Planet

#41 ICIMOD Interview

Climate change is posing a major threat to 87% of the Himalayan habitat by the year 2100. David Molden joined us to discuss some of the challenges faced in current mountain development activity and the solutions being implemented by ICIMOD Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.
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Plogging – Pick ‘N Jog

#40 Plogga Interview

Plogga is an environmental and health movement that with a very special and fun approach, started in Sweden in 2016. ‘Plogging’ comes from a combination of the Swedish word for ‘pick up’ – ‘plocka upp’ – and jogging. In this 20 minute interview you’ll find out how to get fit, save oceans and widlife, save tax money and connect with others, through this all-in-one acivity Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.
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Saving The Forest by Calling Out the Elephants in the Room

#39 Global Forest Coalition Interview

When we think about the destruction of forests worldwide, we often don’t consider the driving forces of this. Many governmental policies, consumption patterns and unsustainable production have a directly negative impact on forests and the communities that depend on their biodiversity. We spoke to Global Forest Coalition who advocate forest conservation policies that adequately meet the needs of women, indigenous peoples and local communities that live in and depend upon these natural spaces. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.
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Discover, Defend and Restore Nature

#38 Nature Canada Interview

Nature Canada is an organisation formed of naturalists and specialists who respect nature, appreciate its wonders and do everything they can to act in it’s defence. Their work supports individuals, organisations and the Canadian government in defending and restoring natural ecosystems. We spoke to their executive director, Graham Saul, about their cause. Listen here or find us on your favorite podcast app.
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