What to Know Before Playing at Ocean Resort NJ Online Casino

Thinking about signing up for Ocean Resort NJ online casino? Here are a few considerations before you start playing at Ocean Resort Casino.

Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City Online

New Jersey’s casino scene is second only to Vegas, with the streets of Atlantic City bustling with nightlife and the luxury casinos packed with gambling hopefuls, experienced dealers, beautiful drinks, and more games than you could ever play.

The latest conquest of New Jersey’s gaming division, however, is its expansive online casino network. Dozens of sites sponsored by companies like Virgin Airlines and the popular Tropicana provide home versions of famous gambling machines, progressive jackpots, accredited live dealers for table games, and hundreds of games unique to the digital gambling experience.

One of the newer additions to the online gambling industry is Atlantic City’s own Ocean Resort Casino, whose online branch opened just a couple of years ago but is already picking up speed in a competitive industry.

This is your guide to the online gambling scene at the Ocean Resort Casino Online and why it’s not the most preferable option when it comes to choosing the source for your online gaming thrills.

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A Brief History of Ocean Resort Casino

Ocean Resort Casino
Ocean Resort Casino

Just a few weeks after the opening of its brick-and-mortar casino in Atlantic City, the Ocean Resort Casino opened its online casino for New Jersey gamblers.

It’s an officially accredited NJ online casino licensed by the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety.

It was created by GAN gaming tech.

In addition to many popular online casino games, GAN integrated sports betting into Ocean Resort’s online casino in 2018 to give even more gamblers the chance to play for prizes in their favorite pastime.

Ocean Resort NJ Online Casino

Since the online casino market in New Jersey is competitive, the Ocean Resort Casino integrated features and enticing promotions to help it acquire NJ players.

For example, they have a $100 welcome bonus promotion for all new registrants.

The online casino’s gaming platform is sleek and visually exciting  ― with attractive loading screens, unique animations, and a seamless interface.

Currently, the casino offers more than 300 games in its online casino, including 200+ online slots.

ocean resort nj online exclusive slot
Exclusive Slots at Ocean Resort NJ Online Casino

Some of these online slots are exclusive to Ocean Resort, meaning they cannot be played anywhere else other than Ocean Resort’s online platform.

So what are some of the pros and cons to playing at Ocean Resort?

Needs More Game Selection

One of the downsides to playing at Ocean Resort’s online casino instead of another NJ online casino is that it has less variety than other casinos.

While Ocean Resort is adding new games regularly, the game selection is well below some of the other competitors.

For table games, they currently have 4 blackjack games, 3 roulette games, and 1 let it ride game. That’s not a lot of variety if you’re looking for something beyond online slots.

You can see the lack of diversity when you compare it to other popular NJ online casinos like The Golden Nugget Casino. Golden Nugget offers over 500 games with 21 versions of Blackjack, 700+ online slots, and Live Dealer games, too.

Of course, it’s still early yet in the Ocean Resort Casino’s life span, but if you’re looking for a variety of casino games or Live Dealer options, you may want to look elsewhere for the time being.

Basic Financing Options

Financing or banking options are another consideration when choosing which NJ online casino to play at. This is an area where Ocean Resort’s online casino is just average.

It does offer free banking with your credit cards, wire transfers, or the PayNearMe app and assures its customers that the Ocean Resort Casino processes all its transactions within 24 hours.

However, unlike many of the other NJ online casinos, the Ocean Resort Casino doesn’t offer payments by e-wallet. This is a strange limitation to place on its customers since e-wallet payments are the quickest, most convenient, and most popular method of gambling transactions for most online casinos.

Sleek but Confusing Interface

ocean resort nj casino
Ocean Resort NJ online casino review

While acknowledging that the Ocean Resort Casino’s website is still new and some of this may change in the future, we have to talk about the presentation of its interface.

The GAN software that runs the casino is mostly intuitive. It allows you to sort the games and even prioritize them to only the games that can be found in-house at the actual Ocean Resort Casino, so you can play your favorites from the comfort of your home.

Unfortunately, the presentation on the homepage of the main site still needs a lot of work in terms of interface. The gaming lobby on the front page is jumbled, with thumbnails filling the page despite being different sizes. It looks confusing and can be hard to navigate if you are a new player. 

The navigation is also muddled with a busy sidebar and top menu that almost blends in with the screen. While most NJ online casinos focus on call-to-actions (CTAs) like promotions and bonuses, Ocean’s online casino draws your attention to the game logos and thumbnails.

Ocean Resort NJ Casino Bonuses

As we stated earlier, the Ocean Resort Casino offers strong signing bonuses to entice people to join. However, the hoops you have to jump through in the terms and conditions of these bonuses make them hard to redeem sometimes.

The casino would do well to simplify these offers to avoid new customers feeling cheated by the fine print.

For example, let’s look at the bonuses you get during your first week as a member of the casino. This no-deposit bonus of a total value of $125 is offered in segments of $10 or $25 per day on specific games for that day. This is where it gets confusing.

Consider your day one bonus: $10 of free play on the casino’s slot machines. This first condition is that you have to use it up on your first day to keep getting your bonuses up to the promised $125. The next thing you have to do is wager 30 times the bonus amount — $300 — before you can get your winnings from that money.

In other words, if you win $100 at slots using your $10 day one bonus, you can’t access that $100 until you’ve placed a total of $300 in wagers on slots ($10 x 30).

This stipulation applies to each day’s bonuses on table games, video poker, etc. Remember that you have to do this just to benefit from only $10 in bonus money.

Also, the wagering requirement applies to each bonus and game. On table games, you need to wager $3,000 before you get your $100. Each game has its own wagering requirement.

The Takeaway

The Ocean Resort online casino is newer than other NJ online casinos, and you can tell. It has a limited number of games and game options, but one of the more intuitive interfaces.

They offer competitive bonuses and promotions, but with standard wagering requirements that make them harder to redeem.

All in all, experienced gamblers will likely want to choose another NJ casino that has more selection and equally valuable promotions. But, novice gamblers or players looking for something other than their current provider, may enjoy what Ocean Resort has to offer.

Ultimately, you should try it for yourself and see if it matches your expectations for an online casino.