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How can you deposit to and withdraw funds from an NJ online casino?

NJ Casino Banking Options

What Are the NJ Online Casino Deposit And Withdrawal Options?

You know how it works when you go to an Atlantic City casino in person. You make a stop at the casino cage, deposit your money in exchange for chips, and hit the slots or tables to test your luck. When you’re ready to call it a night, you exchange your chips — hopefully, more than you started with — for cash.

Though this process is easy enough in person, you might be wondering how to make deposits and withdrawals when you’re playing at a New Jersey online casino. Well, it’s a little more complex than your traditional in-person casino.

While you do have more options than you might at the actual casino, there are some negatives such as delays. This guide will cover some of the most common deposit and withdrawal options for NJ online casinos.


An eCheck is an electronic check that is directly deposited into another person’s account. ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House and is what your checks will go through when you’re making a payment or deposit into your NJ online casino account.

To use this method, you may need to first enroll in the online casino’s eCheck/ACH “VIP” program which is often required for this banking method. Once you enroll and the test transaction is approved, it’ll automatically connect your bank account with the bank account for that specific online casino.

Any time you make a deposit into your casino account with this method, it’ll be available immediately without any extended delays. Just make sure you’re staying within any transfer limits (typically over a seven (7) day window).

Using eChecks/ACH doesn’t usually cost you anything unless your bank charges additional fees for this type of transfer.

When it’s time to cash out your casino winnings, you can just click the “withdraw” button on your casino’s homepage and expect to see your winnings show up in your account within a period of three (3) to five (5) days.

Things To Consider

  • You need to have a personal bank account to connect.
  • The funds are typically available immediately after depositing.
  • Once connected, the process for withdrawals and deposits is easy.
  • It takes anywhere between three (3) and five (5) days to receive your withdrawals in most cases.


PayPal is one of the leading online resources for transferring funds to and from online casinos in New Jersey. What’s even better is that you can set up the “one-touch” feature that allows you to quickly sign into your account on a recognized computer or device.

As easy as it sounds, there are some guidelines when it comes to using your PayPal account to fund your online gambling endeavors. First off, you need to make sure that you’re using a personal PayPal account, not a business account.

It’s also important to note that you cannot use a PayPal account that’s strictly linked to a credit card or a debit card. The account itself needs to be connected to a valid U.S. bank account.

Depositing to your casino account is typically easy, but withdrawal might be a little bit of a hassle. Most online casinos require you to make a minimum withdrawal of $100, which might become a headache if you’re a new player or someone who is not wagering large amounts.

The good news here is that you should be able to see your withdrawals about 30 minutes after you initiate them from your casino account.

Things To Consider

  • Your account must be linked to a U.S.-based bank account (no credit or debit card).
  • You must be using a personal account.
  • You can’t make withdrawals under $100 for most casinos.
  • Your funds are usually available quickly (sometimes 30-minutes or less).

Credit Card

As Americans, we use credit cards for just about everything. If you’re the type of person who always whips out your card when it’s time to pay, then you’ll be pleased to find out that most online casinos accept major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

As easy as it might sound, you need to check with your bank first to see if you’re able to transfer your available funds to an online casino. Banks are just now starting to allow to online gambling services, so you might not be able to use this solution just yet.

Though it’s often useful for making deposits, you can’t use your credit card for withdrawals from the NJ online casino. So, this isn’t the best “all-in-one” banking method for online gambling.

Also, check with your favorite casino to see if it has deposit limits when players use a credit card. Some limit you to $1,000 per transaction, but you might be able to make up to three (3) of those transactions in a single day.

One last word of advice: Check to see if your credit card charges extra fees for transfers — as this could be one of the more costly banking options for deposits.

Things To Consider

  • Credit cards are only useful for depositing funds.
  • Not all credit cards allow you to fund online gambling accounts.
  • There are often deposit limits for both your credit card and your casino.

Online Bank Transfer

If you’re confident enough to give out your online banking information — then this might be one of the better options when it comes to depositing and receiving funds from your NJ online gambling accounts. This method cuts out the need for a credit card altogether.

The most important note when using this feature is that your banking account needs to have a “bill pay” feature that allows you to transfer funds directly to a “payee” — in this case, the payee would be the NJ online casino. Also, take the time to make sure that your specific bank is supported by that specific casino.

The best part of using online bank transfers for your virtual gambling account is that your funds will be available almost immediately. That means no more waiting around at your computer until you get the notification that you can play again.

As convenient as it seems to be, plenty of online casinos will not allow you to use this method to withdraw winnings. If that’s the case, an eCheck or ACH is the better alternative if you want to directly connect your bank account.

Also, there are usually daily limits, around $1,500/day – $3,500/week, so keep that in mind when considering how competitively you play.

Things To Consider

  • A lot of online casinos won’t allow you to withdraw funds with this method.
  • Your deposits will be visible immediately for use.
  • It can only be used if you have the “bill pay” feature on your bank account.

Casino Cage

If you’ve ever been to a New Jersey casino in real life, then you probably know all about the casino cage. This is the area of the casino that houses a live cashier who allows you to change your money for chips and your chips for money.

While the cage is ideal for in-person visits to Atlantic City casinos, you can also head to the casino cage to fund your online account. All you really need to do is give the cashier the money and tell them your email address and/or username for their online casino partner.

This is one of the better options if you like to do your business dealings in cash. And to make it even better, you can make a trip to the casino cage to pick up your winnings from your online casino playing, as well!

Things To Consider

  • The cage can be used for in-person cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • You don’t need to give anything other than your account information.
  • You’ll have immediate access to your deposits and withdrawals.

Rewards Card

At this point, most New Jersey casinos offer their own rewards program associated with their land-based and online casino. This rewards program and rewards card functions as somewhat of a middleman between your credit card company and your online gambling account.

The good news is, enrolling for this type of card won’t actually impact your credit score because it’s not an actual credit card. All you really have to do is fund your casino rewards card with a valid credit card and your funds will be immediately available.

Better yet, you can sometimes use these cards at local ATMs (check with your casino first) to make both deposits and withdrawals to and from your casino account. The only issue you might experience is some additional fees that are included in the fine print of your Terms and Conditions.

Things To Consider

  • You can connect rewards cards to your bank account or credit cards.
  • They’re useful for both withdrawals and deposits.
  • They can be used at some ATMs.
  • There’s no impact on your credit score.

Pay With Cash (or Pay Near Me)

If you only have cash and don’t live all that close to Atlantic City, that doesn’t mean you can’t use cash to fund your account. In fact, you can head to your local 7-Eleven and fund your online casino account right now.

What you first need to do is sign up for the “Pay Near Me” service, create an account, and get your “PaySlip.” Then, just head to your local 7-Eleven with the PaySlip and your cash and they’ll deposit the funds into your account.

The biggest downfall here is that you can’t deposit anything more than $500, and your monthly limit is about $10,000. But, the positive is that you’ll have access to your deposit about 20 minutes later, which is just about the time it’ll take you to get home and sign in to your casino’s online account.

Things To Consider

  • You need to be near a 7-Eleven.
  • You need to have access to cash that you’re planning to deposit.
  • It only works with deposits.
  • There’s a daily limit of up to $500.


If you truly enjoy getting that paycheck in the mail and dropping it off at the bank, then you can opt to receive your withdrawals via a check in the mail. The biggest issue with this method is that it usually takes 10-14 days to receive, and it requires a trip to the bank to deposit the check.

Things To Consider

  • You can’t make deposits via mail.
  • It can take up to two (2) weeks just to get the check in the mail.

Choosing Your Banking Method

Now that you see how many options you have when it comes to depositing and withdrawing your online casino funds, you should try to figure out which method(s) will be best for you and the NJ online casino you choose to play at.

To help you out, we’ve broken down the key characteristics of which type of person should use each method. Check out what we came up with.

  • If you’re the type of person who likes to physically hold a check in your hand and deposit it at the bank, receive your withdrawals via mail.
  • If you don’t have access to a credit card that you’re willing to use online to fund your account, use the Pay Near Me feature where you can drop off cash at your local 7-Eleven.
  • If you want immediate access to your funds and consider yourself a “frequent flyer” at a certain casino, think about getting a casino rewards card.
  • If you live pretty close to the casino and want to make deposits and receive your winnings in cash, head to the casino cage at the actual casino.
  • If you don’t plan on spending too much or have a high credit limit, use your credit card or debit card to make deposits.
  • If you want to easily deposit and receive your winnings with the simple click of one button, use the one-touch option with PayPal.
  • If you want a foolproof deposit and withdrawal method that goes directly in and out of your bank account, choose a bank transfer, eCheck, or ACH.