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In this daily podcast experience, we talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world.

Listen to this special episode about how NASA’s Dr Robert Cahalan  foresees the challenge of climate change unfolding. You’ll be left full of hope and with an understanding of how to be more proactive in tackling climate change in your day-to-day life.

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Emil Ekvard, Karim Bukhadurov and Spirit Rosenberg share the same burning passion for communication and meaningful conversations. In this podcast, their mission is not only to introduce you to some of the world’s greatest organizations but also to tell you the stories of the people behind them.

Emil Ekvardt

Emil Ekvardt is a passionate learner, podcast host, and personal development coach. 

He started his career in professional poker where he made over $1 million before turning 25. 

Looking for something more meaningful, he joined Great.coms as the first employee in 2018 where he is now the host of the “The becoming” podcast and the podcast “ talks with…” 

Emil loves to share his knowledge through Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube. 

On the side of, he runs a coaching business where he helps men grow and live richer lives.

Karimkhon Bukhadurov

Karim is a social media and analytics enthusiast with a passion for traveling and community service activities.

He is a Tajikistani native and has lived in 5 different countries and travelled to more than 20 across North America, Europe and Asia.

One of the accomplishments that Karim is most proud of is receiving “Barack Obama Community Service Award” for over 100 hours of volunteering.

Karim joined as social media assistant to founder Erik Bergman, to help youth around the globe stop overthinking, find their passion and start their own business.

Spirit Rosenberg

Spirit Rosenberg is a climate activist who enjoys deep conversations.

When he was 26 he started a public speaking movement in Stockholm to overcome his fears of speaking in public. That’s where he met Emil Ekvardt.

One of Spirits main interests, is to go out on to the street on Sundays and speak to random people about life.

Spirit joined because he believes that the best thing he can do with his time is to help fund climate change technology.

Spirit Rosenberg

Podcast Episodes

Decisions Informed by Science Benefit People and the Planet

#181 GCSE Interview

Why wait until crises strike in order to bridge communication gaps between scientists and decision makers? Communication routes can begin now, in preparation to deal with large-scale environmental issues such as climate change. 
Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) connects scientists with decision makers to strengthen the impact of durable solutions to environmental challenges.
Find out how you can create safe spaces to welcome crucial connections in communications.
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The Waters We Love Will Waste Away

#180 Healthy Gulf Interview

The Gulf of Mexico, an area rich with diverse ecosystems, has lost much of it’s natural beauty due to the oil and gas industry. There are currently more than 27,000 oil wells that have been drilled and abandoned in the Gulf. 
Healthy Gulf works to reverse the long-term exploitation of the Gulf of Mexico’s natural resources. 
Find out how you can take action to support the Gulf Coast.
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Improving the Education System for Students with Learning Disabilities

#179 National Center For Learning Disabilities Interview

1 in 5 students in American schools has a learning disability or an attention issue. Yet many affected students still face unnecessary hurdles that can set their learning back.
The National Center For Learning Disabilities aims for a US education system that fully values its disabled students.
Find out about the difficulties students face by hearing from three young adults with learning disabilities.
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How Can We Build Eco-Friendly Laws That Work For Everyone?

#178 Environmental Law Institute Interview

Our commitment to the environment must be enshrined in law if we are to take it seriously. 
The Environmental Law Institute gives crucial advice to the governments of developing countries to encourage them to implement sound, well-balanced policy. The laws they help draft, preserve natural ecosystems and protect the interests of local people.
Find out how environmental education can help national judicial systems fight the planet’s corner.
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A Sustainable Solution to Hunger Straight from Your Soil

#177 Interview

The nationwide lockdown saw the number of gardeners in the US rise from 42 to 62 million. With so many extra hands in soil, it is essential to educate people on just how impactful their surplus harvests can be. connects gardeners with local food pantries in order to eliminate wasted food, malnutrition and hunger in their communities. 
Find out how you can help to eradicate hunger in your community.
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Bridging the Gap Between Aid and Sustainability

#176 Brother’s Brother Foundation Interview

These days many people are calling for a renewed model of humanitarian aid. Recognizing the myriad of flaws within the current system, we must work to provide sustainable solutions rather than  perpetuating vulnerabilities and hardship.
Brother’s Brother Foundation works to bridge the gap between aid and sustainability by supporting localized programs and essential resources. 
Find out how you can help to reform the humanitarian aid sector today.
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How to Solve the World’s Water Crisis Whilst Empowering Locals

#175 Water4 Interview

3.8 billion people across the world don’t have reliable daily access to safe drinking water. With $120 billion per year spent on international development, why is this enormous problem so perpetual?
Water4 is a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the world’s water crisis whilst empowering local communities. 
Find out how you can start supporting local people in a bid to end the water crisis once and for all.
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Delivering Sustainable Medical Care in the World’s Least Developed Nations

#174 International Medical Corps Interview

Everyone deserves help in a time of crisis. Unfortunately, the effects of global warming have blindsided many developing countries and taken an overwhelming human toll. 
International Medical Corps works with local healthcare teams to deliver a broad range of medical treatment and training to those in disaster zones. 
Find out how your donation can help save lives and soften the humanitarian blow.
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