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In this daily podcast experience, we talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world.

Listen to this special episode about how NASA’s Dr Robert Cahalan  foresees the challenge of climate change unfolding. You’ll be left full of hope and with an understanding of how to be more proactive in tackling climate change in your day-to-day life.

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Emil Ekvard, Karim Bukhadurov and Spirit Rosenberg share the same burning passion for communication and meaningful conversations. In this podcast, their mission is not only to introduce you to some of the world’s greatest organizations but also to tell you the stories of the people behind them.

Emil Ekvardt

Emil Ekvardt is a passionate learner, podcast host, and personal development coach. 

He started his career in professional poker where he made over $1 million before turning 25. 

Looking for something more meaningful, he joined Great.coms as the first employee in 2018 where he is now the host of the “The becoming” podcast and the podcast “ talks with…” 

Emil loves to share his knowledge through Podcasts, Instagram and YouTube. 

On the side of, he runs a coaching business where he helps men grow and live richer lives.

Karimkhon Bukhadurov

Karim is a social media and analytics enthusiast with a passion for traveling and community service activities.

He is a Tajikistani native and has lived in 5 different countries and travelled to more than 20 across North America, Europe and Asia.

One of the accomplishments that Karim is most proud of is receiving “Barack Obama Community Service Award” for over 100 hours of volunteering.

Karim joined as social media assistant to founder Erik Bergman, to help youth around the globe stop overthinking, find their passion and start their own business.

Spirit Rosenberg

Spirit Rosenberg is a climate activist who enjoys deep conversations.

When he was 26 he started a public speaking movement in Stockholm to overcome his fears of speaking in public. That’s where he met Emil Ekvardt.

One of Spirits main interests, is to go out on to the street on Sundays and speak to random people about life.

Spirit joined because he believes that the best thing he can do with his time is to help fund climate change technology.

Spirit Rosenberg

Podcast Episodes

Center For Planning Excellence: Planning For Better Growth & Opportunities

#250 Center for Planning Excellence Interview

Center for Planning Excellence provides assistance to all these planning efforts in Louisiana.
For cities and towns, careful and meticulous planning is critical. Policies affecting urban, regional, and rural planning need extra consideration because it impacts everyone in that community.
Find out how planning contributes to responsible growth and development in different cities and states.
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camille manning-broome thumbnail

New York Immigration Coalition: Upholding Rights of New York Immigrants

#249 NYIC Interview

The New York Immigration Coalition advocates for New York’s immigrant population.
New York has been a melting pot of cultures since its inception. Today, a quarter of the state’s residents are immigrants. Tragically, many find themselves wrongfully disenfranchised, cut off from public services and unable to enjoy the legal rights and privileges of non-immigrants.
Find out how you can empower New York’s immigrant population and help celebrate the state’s diversity.
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murad awawdeh from NYIC thumbnail

ProLiteracy: Raising Adult Literacy All Over The World

#248 ProLiteracy Interview

ProLiteracy is an organization that raises adult literacy worldwide.
Reading might be a skill that most of us have mastered, but 1 in 6 American’s haven’t. From filling out government forms to reading novels, many of them are not able to achieve the same social mobility granted by complete literacy.
Find out how you can improve the lives of these individuals and help them enjoy the world of the written word. 
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Fairvote: What’s Wrong With Our Voting System And How Can We Change It?

#247 FairVote Interview

Fairvote advocates for a system that better represents a broader spectrum of voters and their real preferences.
Many democracies around the world, including the USA, rely on a first-past-the-post voting system. There is only one winner, and it’s the person with the most votes. Unfortunately, this system has a number of fatal flaws.
Find out how democracy can be fairer, more engaging and more empowering.
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deb otis from fairvote

Pujols Family Foundation: Los Angeles Angel Sets Up Down Syndrome Foundation

#246 Pujols Family Foundation Interview

The Pujols Family Foundation helps improve Down’s Syndrome children’s quality of life, providing them with opportunities for meaningful social interaction and stimulation. Additionally, the organization looks after Haitian communities living in poverty in the Dominican Republic.
Less than three percent of people with developmental disabilities will find full time employment. 
Find out how your donation can inspire and uplift people with Down’s Syndrome and their families.
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todd perry pujols family foundation

Providence House: Preventing & Intervening Child Abuse through Shelter

#245 Providence House Interview

Providence House shelters children, removing them from crisis situations where they can be abused or neglected.
Each year in the US, around 700,000 children experience abuse and neglect. This kind of trauma is carried throughout life and affects development adversely.
Find out how you can help give these kids a respite from these high risk environments.
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natalie leek from providence house

Eastern Market Detroit: Healthy, Inexpensive Alternative To Processed Food

#244 Eastern Market Interview

Eastern Market brings fresh food, a vibrant atmosphere and a market culture to Detroit, Michigan. 
Over 40 percent of Americans are obese. This is largely the fault of the country’s food culture; the government subsidizes a lot of carbohydrates, whereas fresh fruit and vegetables are much harder to buy at a reasonable price.
Find out how you can help Eastern Market keep Michigan healthy.
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dan carmody eastern market

Pinky Swear Foundation: Helping Children & Their Families Fight Cancer

#243 Pinky Swear Interview

Pinky Swear offers emotional and financial support to the families of children diagnosed with cancer.
Every year, over 15,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the USA. The focus of any family affected by cancer should be spending time caring for their sick child. No one should have to worry about making ends meet.
Find out how one child’s spontaneous generosity led to an entire movement.
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pinky swear foundation josh le