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Malaria is a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. 240 million people get sick every year and about 625,000 of them die. 70% of those who lose their lives are children under the age of 5 and it is the disease that takes the lives of most pregnant women worldwide.

One of the best ways to get protection against malaria is to have mosquito nets that are treated with pesticides to sleep under.

Thanks to a partnership with, we have been able to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation. This donation will result in 684 mosquito nets. The nets will protect 1431 people from Malaria.

Here you can read more about the donation and see where the nets will be distributed.

The nets donated are part of these 432 250 nets being distributed in Congo. On the left is shown where Congo is, and on the right were the different deliveries of nets are in Congo itself.

This partnership is a small step towards creating a better world and it’s a part of’s initiative “iGaming for Future” – Uniting the gambling industry to do Good.


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