Author: Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman has been in the online casino industry since 2005, startingout as a professional poker player. In 2008 he moved from playing pokerto marketing, first with a focus on online bingo and later to casino. In 2012he co-founded the company Catena Media that very quickly grew to be asignificant player in the world of gambling affiliation.Catena Media built both large scale casino guides as well as small nichewebsites focused on specific casino bonuses or various slot games. Erikhad all kinds of roles within the company working with everything fromcontent and SEO to strategy and developing the business.In 2015 Catena Media started acquiring a lot of other online casino guidesand grew into a powerhouse within the space. Erik moved on to focus a loton mergers and acquisitions while simultaneously working to get thecompany listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Stockholm.In 2016 Catena Media entered the stock market with a valuation ofapproximately $200 million. Erik stayed on for about another year butthen decided to move on.From 2017 Erik has focused on the unusual mix of philanthropy and onlinecasinos. He has done several large donations focused mainly on climateand environmental causes. Among others donating $1.2 million to TeamSeas efforts to clean the oceans of plastic, and another €1 million to CleanAir Task Force’s work to stop climate change.Today his focus is a mix of philanthropy and online casinos. He hasfounded, a company built to partner up with gamblingcompanies and donating all profits to buy food, clean water, medicine etc.for people that need it the most. is an online casino guide as that has already partnered withhundreds of different casinos including giants like Betsson, Unibet,Tropicana NJ, Stake, Roobet and many others.