New Jersey Online Roulette

Everything You Need to Know About NJ Online Roulette

Maybe you’ve played live roulette inside a casino before, or maybe you’re completely new to the game. No matter how long you’ve played, trying roulette online is a terrific option for new and veteran gamblers alike.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best online casinos in New Jersey and what their most exciting online roulette options are. Read on to find your new favorite.

NJ online roulette

What Is Online Roulette?

Online roulette takes the same concepts of roulette and turns them digital. Instead of a physical wheel and table to play at, you have the screen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone displaying the layout and a digital wheel. To mimic the same randomness of spinning a wheel, online casinos use random number generators to come up with the winning number for each round.

Online roulette comes with plenty of advantages, including:

  • It’s great for new players. People who’ve never played roulette before in a live casino can try out the game online without needing to understand casino etiquette.
  • You can easily practice your betting strategies. You can more easily keep notes and calculate out your wagers when you play online.
  • Online casinos offer a variety of roulette styles. Have you always wanted to try French roulette but don’t live near a casino that offers it? You can try all sorts of roulette adaptations online, like three-wheel roulette, for example.
  • You play at your own pace. You don’t have to wait on other people to make their bets, nor do you have to feel rushed if you’re calculating your next bet amount.
  • Online casinos offer special bonuses. Online casino bonuses are like the perks that high-rollers get at live casinos, but everyone has a chance to earn them. You can get extra credits in your account or free spins, depending on the casino.

New Jersey has so many online casinos that it can be hard to find just which type of digital roulette game appeals to you. We’ve done the hard work for you to create this list of best online roulette games so you can get straight into the action. Here are our top picks.

Roulette Games at 888 NJ Online Casino

888 NJ online casino has your classic roulette games as well as some of the more advanced ones, giving you an array of opportunities to win big online.

European Roulette

888 online roulette nj
888 New Jersey Online Casino

The European Roulette at 888 is straightforward to play, and it’s simply and beautifully laid out. The display clearly shows you which numbers are hot or cold, as well as which numbers have come up on every spin. It’s hard to find a game that looks as good as 888 Casino’s European Roulette.

Roulette Games at Borgata NJ Online Casino

The online roulette offerings at Borgata Online Casino are all crisply updated classic roulette games, with three types of American roulette but also some enticing special offerings you can find only at Borgata.

Borgata Casino Roulette Pro

An exclusive roulette game just for this casino, Borgata Casino Roulette Pro is a lush yet uncomplicated form of digital roulette that has a special Borgata flair the single-zero layout uses purple and black to bring in Borgata’s theme. Even the spin button is Borgata purple. Make standard bets or try neighbor bets up to five numbers to the left and right. No matter how you wager, you’ll feel a little closer to the Borgata experience with this game.

European Roulette Pro

This is another cleanly designed game for Borgata, with the single-zero table layout taking up the whole main screen to make it easier to place your bets. To the right, you can pull up a separate screen to make any neighbor bets (up to five numbers adjacent to your chosen number), and to the left you can pull up the wheel. There are no extra frills or rules to keep track of on European Roulette Pro from Borgata online — just straightforward, uncomplicated roulette.

Roulette Games at Betfair New Jersey

Betfair Casino has a nice collection of roulette games to play, but you should definitely get started with their American roulette.

American Roulette

Cleanly designed and easy to navigate, American Roulette at Betfair Casino is great for beginners and veterans of the game. Keep an eye on the hot and cold numbers, and make neighbor bets from the easily accessed options on the bottom of the display. The wheel is gorgeously rendered, and the ball scatter is second-to-none. You’ll really enjoy this one.

Roulette Games at BetMGM NJ Casino

The table games at BetMGM New Jersey are all thrillers, taking classic games and putting fun spins on each one. From first-person digital roulette to new interpretations like Luck o’ the Roulette, you won’t be bored.

Luck o’ the Roulette

BetMGM NJ Online Roulette
BetMGM NJ Online Casino

Feeling lucky? This online roulette game has you try to win the leprechaun’s pot of gold with a special slot on the wheel. Sure, you have your standard layout and neighbor bets (which you can expand by up to five numbers on each side of your main number), but on the layout you also have a special Pot Bet. If you bet on the Pot of Gold and win, an outer wheel then spins to select which random multiplier will increase your winnings: x15, x20, x25, x30, x35, x40, x45, x50, x60, or x100.

You’ll swear that you have unending luck when you play Luck o’ the Roulette at BetMGM.

Roulette Games at Caesars NJ Casino

Caesars NJ online casino offers classic styles of online roulette, from American to French, as well as some special roulette games like Double Bonus Spin Roulette.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Caesars NJ online roulette
Caesars NJ online casino

The Double Bonus Spin Roulette at Caesars Online adds a special twist to the standard American roulette experience. In addition to the 0 and 00, there’s a special wide yellow slot. If the ball lands there, your next spin is free and includes two independent wheels, giving you double the amount of opportunities to win. There are also some advanced bets built into the system, like neighbor bets.

It’s easy to see your payout options by mousing over the layout, and there’s also a chart you can pull up that shows the table’s minimum and maximum bets.

Roulette Games at Golden Nugget NJ Casino

Golden Nugget’s online casino offers a vast array of roulette types, with a good number of them being mobile-friendly. Their collection includes classic styles as well as the more bold 100/1 Roulette and 3 Wheel Roulette.

100/1 Roulette

Golden Nugget NJ online Roulette
Golden Nugget NJ online casino

This is not your mother’s roulette. Not only do all single numbers pay out 100-1, but there are also 100 numbers on the layout. And, instead of having one or two green zeroes, the layout has one of each symbol you can bet on instead: circle, square, triangle, star, and diamond. You can still bet on red/black or odd/even.

You can win big on small bets with Golden Nugget’s 100/1 Roulette.

3 Wheel Roulette

Golden Nugget New Jersey Online Roulette
Golden Nugget New Jersey Online Casino

This one takes traditional European roulette and adds a new twist: three concentric wheels that spin at the same time. Each bet you make is tripled to play across all three wheels, meaning you can get extra winnings for six different awards, like color matches or even two or three of the same number coming up together.

You’re tripling up the stakes and the excitement if you try the Three Wheel Roulette at Golden Nugget.

Roulette Games at Hard Rock NJ Casino

Hard Rock online casino’s roulette games stay within the classic realm, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. They offer multiple versions of first-person online roulette and two versions of American roulette.

American Roulette

Hard Rock’s American roulette game has a terrific, streamlined design to keep you focused on the wheel. Speaking of the roulette wheel, it mimics real-life ball scatter fantastically. This is a game you need to play with the sound on for the full effect.

Roulette Games at Harrah’s NJ Casino

Every roulette game at Harrah’s online casino is good-looking, with crisp, clean design and no extra fuss to distract you from the game at hand.


Harrahs nj online roulette
Harrahs NJ online casino

If you want classic American roulette, then try Harrah’s Roulette. You have your standard layout, including the green zeroes, and there’s a big dolly marking which shows the number most recently won to better give you the feel of sitting at an American roulette table.

A nice addition to the game includes the neighbor bet, which you can adjust out to five numbers on each side of your chosen number. This all gives you better coverage and better odds to win when you give this game a try.

Roulette Games at Harrah’s NJ Casino

Every roulette game at Harrah’s online casino is good-looking, with crisp, clean design and no extra fuss to distract you from the game at hand.


Harrahs nj online roulette
Harrahs NJ online casino

If you want classic American roulette, then try Harrah’s Roulette. You have your standard layout, including the green zeroes, and there’s a big dolly marking which shows the number most recently won to better give you the feel of sitting at an American roulette table.

A nice addition to the game includes the neighbor bet, which you can adjust out to five numbers on each side of your chosen number. This all gives you better coverage and better odds to win when you give this game a try.

French Roulette

harrahs nj online roulette games
Harrah’s New Jersey Online Casino

The French Roulette from Harrah’s is another gorgeously laid out game, making the whole approach uncluttered and streamlined to give you the best focus on what’s happening. Easily check the hot and cold numbers while you strategize on your next bet.

A nice touch is that the wheel changes direction with every spin, just as a French-trained croupier would handle the table.

Roulette Games at Mohegan Sun NJ Casino

About a quarter of the selection of Mohegan Sun’s table games are roulette, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to try out your favorite betting style and find your favorite game. Maybe it’ll be their American roulette.

American Roulette

Mohegan Sun NJ online roulette
Mohegan Sun NJ online casino

The American roulette at Mohegan Sun has a straightforward design that doesn’t distract from the gameplay. On the right, you can check the hot and cold numbers as well as which numbers have come up on your most recent spins. You can also make neighbor bets easily. The best part is how quickly the rounds resolve so you can get right back in to making your next wager.

Roulette Games at Pala NJ Casino

The table games at Pala Casino are your standard fare, with American, European, and French roulette games on offer. But the really exciting game is Roulette Advanced.

Roulette Advanced

Are you the type of gambler who tries to play the numbers? Then Pala Casino’s Roulette Advanced should be right up your alley. You can place your bets directly on the hot or cold numbers, and you can also make your standard neighbor bets. Easily double your bet if you’re feeling extra-lucky.

Everything is presented on one screen so you can quickly see what all is going on with no distractions or extra displays to keep track of. Simple, easy, fun.

Roulette Games at PartyCasino NJ Casino

PartyCasino doesn’t need to add a ton of bells and whistles to its collection of roulette games because they know that the classics are where it’s at. But there’s one that goes against the grain in a fun, invigorating way.

Black & Yellow Roulette

Roulette purists might clutch their pearls at this one: Instead of black and red, this single-zero layout is in black and yellow! Don’t let this aesthetic turn you off, though. It’s still a great, straightforward game of roulette under all that color. You can crank up the thrill with neighbor bets, allowing you to include up to five numbers on each side of your main bet. Give Black & Yellow Roulette at PartyCasino a shot — you might not want to play roulette any other way after this.

Roulette Games at PokerStars NJ Casino

The roulette selection at PokerStars NJ online is heavy on the live roulette, but they still have a solid selection of standard online roulette offerings, from American and European to High Roller.

High Roller Roulette

PokerStars NJ Online Roulette
PokerStars NJ Online Casino

Even before you start the game, High Roller Roulette at PokerStars lets you know that they’re not messing around you have to confirm your stake from $1 to as high as $2,000. This game is for the real fans and those who love high stakes.

Roulette Games at Resorts NJ Casino

Don’t let the number of poker games dissuade you Resorts has plenty of roulette options to keep you satisfied. From intense live roulette to more standard fare, you’ll find what you need to have a fun time.


Resorts nj online roulette
Resorts NJ online casino

This single-zero game is bright without being garish, simple without being boring. The extra thrill comes from being able to make neighbor bets that you can adjust to include up to nine numbers on each side of your main bet.

Another nice little design addition in Roulette! from Resorts is that you can choose one of four table colors to change up the visuals. And while the ball has a really nice scatter, the rounds still resolve rather quickly so you don’t end up feeling like it’s slowing down a streak.

Roulette Games at SugarHouse NJ Casino

The online casino for SugarHouse offers the standard roulette games for the purists and new forms of online roulette for the adventurous.

First Person Roulette

SugarHouse NJ Online Roulette
SugarHouse NJ Online Casino

This exciting interpretation of online roulette brings a new dimension to the game. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re sitting at an intimate, high-roller table all by yourself. With bonus bets like neighbor bets and hidden surprises within the game, First Person Roulette from SugarHouse Casino is bound to thrill veteran roulette players.

Roulette Games at Tropicana NJ Casino

If you want variety in your online casino games, Tropicana Atlantic City has a treasure trove. Almost any pop culture obsession you can think of has a game on their site. But if you’re here for roulette, then you should try the high stakes single zero roulette.

Single Zero Roulette – High Stakes

Tropicana NJ online roulette
Tropicana NJ online casino

If you like high stakes, then you need to play Single Zero Roulette – High Stakes from Tropicana Atlantic City online. You can wager up to $4,000 on each spin, cranking up the tension with every round.

Everything is right there on the screen but still easy to read and access, with the neighbor bets already there above the main table layout. You can change your table colors to match your mood, and if you want a speedy game, you can effortlessly select “instant” instead of spin to see the winning number right away instead of waiting to see if your thousand-dollar bet paid off.

Roulette Games at Unibet NJ Casino

The online casino at Unibet is great for gamblers who like classic, low-frills roulette that get straight to the action.

Roulette Advanced

Unibet NJ online roulette
Unibet NJ online casino

This single-zero roulette game has a fun little twist: You can bet directly on the current hot or cold numbers. This adds an extra level of intrigue beyond your standard bets and neighbor bets. No other crazy bells or whistles Roulette Advanced from Unibet is for purists at heart.

Roulette Games at Virgin NJ Casino

The online casino at Virgin has a solid selection of table games, with a heavy emphasis on roulette. They offer classic roulette games, including three different versions of single zero roulette (including one with high stakes up to $4,000!)

Single Zero Roulette

While this may seem like the same game as others by the same name, this Single Zero Roulette from Virgin has a lot going on. The first screen is your table layout, taking up nearly the whole screen to make it easier to see which numbers you’re betting on. There’s also a ticker up top that keeps track of the latest numbers to come up.

Virgin NJ online roulette
Virgin NJ online casino

Once you hit “spin,” the screen fades over to a new display, with the wheel now taking center focus. Again, everything is large-format and easy to see, from the numbers on the wheel to the winning result. The scatter on the ball can be pretty broad, adding a nice amount of tension to every round.

No neighbor bets, no crazy extra slots or wheels — just straightforward, pure roulette in digital form.

Virgin New Jersey Online Roulette
Virgin New Jersey Online Casino

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Golden Nugget NJ Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

Golden Nugget Offers has a Deposit Bonus Worth Up-to $1,000

Golden Nugget NJ Online Casino has a first deposit bonus that will match your deposit in free play money up to $1,000. Players will then have to hit a 20x wagering requirement before they can withdraw any winnings from the first deposit bonus. ​Golden Nugget offers a simple 100% match bonus for players making their first deposit on its NJ online casino. As long you deposit at least $30, you will receive a 100% match in free play money up to $1,000. This bonus doesn’t require a bonus code, and you have no maximum limit to how much you can win with the free play money. Similar to other NJ online casinos, you will need to hit a wagering requirement threshold before you can withdraw winnings from the deposit bonus. Golden Nugget requires you to wager 10x the deposit and the bonus — or 20x the bonus. Additionally, the various game options contribute differently to the wagering requirements.

  • Virtual Slots: ​Contribute 100% unless stated otherwise
  • Table Games: ​Contribute 25%
  • Roulette: ​Contributes 25%
  • Blackjack: ​Contributes 25%
  • Video Poker: ​Contributes 25%For example, if you deposit $100, you will need to wager $2,000 on eligible slots before you can withdraw any winnings. If you choose to play games which do not contribute 100% like table games, roulette, blackjack, or video poker, then you will need to wager more to hit the 20x wagering requirement.
New Jersey Golden Nugget Online Casino Screenshot

Unibet Online NJ Casino Review & Bonus Code

Enjoy $10 in Free Play on Any Casino Game from Unibet NJ

Unibet NJ online casino has a $10 no deposit bonus code when new registrants sign-up with the promo (UBCASINO10). You’ll have no max limit on your winnings and can withdraw your earnings after hitting a 25x wagering requirement. Like many of the other NJ online casinos, Unibet offers a no deposit bonus for new users at its online casino product. Unlike many other casinos, you will actually need to use a promo code during your registration to receive the $10 free play credit. Once the $10 is credited to your player account, you’ll be free to wager it on any of Unibet’s casino games. However, it’s important to note that the games contribute differently to the 25x wagering requirement for withdrawing your winnings. Virtual slots count 100% towards the wagering requirements — while casino table games contribute 20%.


Borgata NJ Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

Borgata’s $20 No Deposit Bonus is Perfect for Slot-Lovers

Borgata keeps things simple with their $20 no deposit bonus which is only available on selected virtual slots. Their no deposit bonus has a 1x wagering requirement and no max limits to your winnings. ​ If you’re a fan of virtual slots, then you will appreciate Borgata’s $20 no deposit bonus which is limited to selected classic and progressive slot games. This free play bonus is credited to your account after registration and does not require a bonus code. Borgata’s no deposit bonus is only available on selected slots at Borgata’s virtual casino. While most of the slots will count toward the wagering requirement, you should verify eligibility as needed. Borgata’s wagering requirement is a simple 1-times the Bonus Dollar amount. In other words, you’ll need to wager the entire $20 no deposit bonus before you can withdraw any winnings.

New Jersey Borgata Online Casino Screenshot

Caesars NJ Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

Caesars’ $10 No Deposit Bonus is a Straightforward Promotion for New NJ Players

Caesars NJ Online Casino has a simple $10 no deposit bonus that is made for beginners. Instead of a complicated structure that splits the bonus across multiple offers or throttles the free play credits over time, Caesars gives new users a $10 credit that is eligible on any of Caesars casino products — but not its Sportsbook.   If you’re looking for one of the most straightforward New Jersey no deposit bonuses, then Caesars Online Casino has you covered. Their $10 no deposit bonus doesn’t require a bonus code and doesn’t have any casino game restrictions (It can’t be used on sports betting).    Additionally, Caesars does not require you to make a deposit before you withdraw your winnings. The only caveat that comes with Caesars’ no deposit bonus is that it has a playthrough wagering requirement that must be met before you can withdraw any winnings.   While all the casino games count towards the playthrough wagering requirement, there are different stipulations for each game type. If you choose to play your no deposit bonus on virtual slots, you’ll need to wager five times the bonus or $50. Video poker has a 10x requirement and all the other casino games have 25x wagering requirements before you can withdraw any earnings.

New Jersey Caesars Online Casino Screenshot

SugarHouse NJ Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

SugarHouse Online Casino Matches Your First Deposit Up to $250

SugarHouse Online Casino offers a 100% first deposit match for new depositing players who use the bonus code: 250MATCH. This promotion is only available to first depositing players and comes with a 1x wagering requirement. ​When you make your first deposit on SugarHouse Online Casino, you can earn 100% in free play money up to $250 by using the bonus code: 250MATCH. This first deposit match bonus has a minimum deposit requirement of $10 and a maximum bonus cap of $250. The first deposit bonus is only eligible on virtual slots, video poker, live dealer games, and sports betting. Additionally, all bonus money has a 1x wagering requirement before it’s eligible for withdrawal. For example, if you deposit $100, you will receive $100 in free play bonus within 48-hours of your first deposit. You will not be able to withdraw the $100 bonus money until it’s wagered at least once. In other words, if you wager that $100 and win, it will immediately be eligible for withdrawal.

New Jersey Sugarhouse Online Casino Screenshot