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The Becoming Great Podcast

What is Becoming Great?

Becoming Great is an explorative podcast about the literal and sometimes spiritual journey to becoming the world’s most innovative and controversial charitable organization — Great. 

Co-hosts Erik Bergman and Emil Ekvardt are the creative minds behind Becoming Great, and there are no topics they won’t explore. From personal health and transparent salaries to the struggles of building a completely remote organization, go behind the scenes of in Becoming Great.

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Vanessa M.

“I love listening to the Becoming Great podcast. The topics are interesting, and the conversations are real and honest — a nice break from some of the other scripted podcasts out there.”

Andreas S.

“‘The Becoming Great podcast is fun, educational, and interesting. I love to listen to a good company grow, and at the same time, hear Erik and Emil talk about the struggles in their own lives.”

Amin T.

“‘The Becoming Great Podcast helps me gain a new perspective on life because it covers topics many others won’t touch. It feels authentic and relatable, and it’s one of my favorite podcasts! “

Meet The Hosts

Erik Bergman
Founder | Co-Host

Emil Ekvardt