Zero Interview

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a process where CO2 emitted from large stationary emission sources such as industry, waste incineration, fossil fuel power plants or oil refineries, is captured and stored geologically in the underground.

Since the transition to renewable power is accelerating, the need for CCS is less for fossil power. But for industry making products such as cement and steel, which we still will need in a climate friendly future, the CCS technology is essential. Industry stands for around a fourth of the global CO2 emissions, and the cement producing industries produce five percent of this.  If there was a way to reduce the release of this gas, this could drastically reduce the effects of climate change.

Zero is a Norwegian non-governmental organization advocating for climate conscious policy to be put into practice.

Find out more about the promise of carbon capture and storage technologies, and how this practice could propel the world forward in the fight against climate change.

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