New Jersey Online Casino High Roller Bonus Test

Who doesn’t want to hit it big when gambling? It’s why people play the lottery. It’s why you’ll shove all-in when playing poker.

So, when it comes to online casino bonuses — don’t you want to know what your maximum value is for that promotion? If you deposit $1,000 for Borgata’s 100% match bonus, what’s the biggest return you should expect to get out of that offer?

These questions were what led us to our high roller bonus test for New Jersey online casinos. We wanted to know which casino has the best, biggest value welcome bonus.

This guide walks you through our testing — including a breakdown of the pros and cons associated with our ABVmax test. If you’d like to jump to the rankings, you can scroll to the bottom of this page or click here.

nj online casino high roller

Purpose of This Test

Online casino bonuses are one of the main incentives for new players to try a casino — yet, their actual offer (value) is often a mystery. Casinos typically promote their bonuses using some larger-than-life number or promise like “100% Match Bonus Up To $5,000.” However, if you dig into the terms and conditions, the real value to the player is often much less.

To make matters worse, casinos use different languages and stipulations with their offers. These variations between bonuses and between casinos make it really difficult for players to calculate and compare multiple bonus offers.

The purpose of our high roller bonus test is to use our Actual Bonus Value metric to find the maximum return a player could expect from each NJ online casino welcome bonus. We want to give you the opportunity to easily see and compare all of the current welcome bonuses in New Jersey based on the maximum potential. In other words, we want you to see which casino offers you the best chance to win big.


To determine the maximum value of each welcome bonus in New Jersey, we tested every casino’s bonus. Below is a quick rundown of how we structured the testing of each NJ online casino.

  1. We started by downloading the T&C for each promotion at every online casino in New Jersey.
  2. We reviewed every bonus’s terms looking for important information associated with no deposit and first deposit bonuses.
  3. We created mathematical formulas for each bonus measuring important information such as:
    • Wagering requirements needed to withdraw our money after getting a bonus
    • Whether the player needed to playthrough the bonus amount or the bonus and the deposit
    • Maximum RTP eligible for clearing the bonus
    • If there is a no deposit bonus
    • If there is a first deposit bonus
    • Whether the first deposit bonus is a match bonus or rebate bonus
  4. We took all the data from the terms and conditions that we have gathered and ran it through our formulas.
  5. We based all calculations on the deposit amount that would give the maximum bonus according to the terms and conditions. 
  6. We have previously created an index that we call “Actual Bonus Value” (ABV), which calculate how much the bonus package offered is actually worth after all bonus terms.
  7. We used the ABV index but modified the bonus amount to use the maximum available instead of the standard $100. This new value is ABVmax — which shows the maximum actual bonus value for an online casino bonus.
  8. We have not included this test results in our overarching stars ratings of casinos because our first version of this test was done after we had made all current star ratings. In future iterations of our casino grading, the ABVmax will be part of the full ranking formula.

Cons and Challenges

The cons and challenges with our big casino bonus test were very similar to the challenges we had in our NJ casino promotions test previously. We have used the same data as before.

Here are a few new cons with the maximum bonus value test.

  1. Since we did our previous tests, a few new casinos have entered the NJ online casino market. These casinos are not included in our previous data sets and in our existing formulas. Therefore, we have chosen to exclude them in this test. We will launch a new version of all tests during 2022, but until then, we will use the same 24 casinos from all active tests.
  2. There were a few minor errors in our previous formulas that we have discovered when we have updated our testing. These errors still exist. We are working to create a more automatic way to present all numbers and update on the site to make sure that this will not happen in the future.
  3. This is a simplified test and is not included in our overall casino ranking. Therefore, we have not documented it as rigorously — nor have we included pdfs and calculations as we have done in our main tests.

Summary of Test Results

This bonus test shows some of the largest variances between online casinos in New Jersey. Some of the casinos offer huge earning opportunities to new players, while others are less than exciting. If you are looking for the best high roller bonus in New Jersey, you have a few options which can net you several hundred dollars in value.

The winner of our high roller bonus test for NJ online casinos was Caesars Casino NJ with an ABVmax of $817.07. Their 100% match bonus up to $1,000 with only a 10x wagering requirement is the best bonus in New Jersey for people looking to net the most money on a welcome bonus. This bonus looks even better when you compare it to the three casinos at the bottom of the list with no welcome bonus offer and the 20th ranked casino, William Hill, which had the next lowest ABVmax value at $24.33.

Only three out of the 24 casinos tested received the full 5-star rating in this test, which means they earned an ABVmax over $700. The NJ state average for ABVmax was $291.90 in this test.

Another interesting takeaway from this test is that a player could earn a little more than $7,000 in Actual Bonus Value if they were to attempt to maximize the value of all 24 high roller casino bonuses. If you follow our strategy in our NJ online casino reviews, you have a good chance of increasing your odds of walking away with more money from each of these welcome bonuses.

Test Score

4Golden Nugget$667.614.5
5Mohegan Sun$545.484.5
7Hard Rock$445.704
13Scores Casino$248.263
21William Hill$24.331.5

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

To receive 5 stars in our reviews for high roller casino bonus and promotions, $700+ in “Actual Bonus Value Max” (ABVmax) is required.

To receive 4.5 stars, $500+ ABV is required.

To receive 4 stars, $400+ ABV is required.

To receive 3.5 stars, $300+ ABV is required.

To receive 3 stars, $200+ ABV is required.

To receive 2.5 stars, $100+ ABV is required.

To receive 2 stars, $50+ ABV is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, $10+ ABV is required.

To receive 1 star, 0 ABV is required.