New Jersey Online Casino Live Chat Support Test

In the digital age, people want everything quickly. This need for immediate attention has bleed into the customer service industry and brought about faster support channels such as live chat. People don’t want to sit on the phone or wait for a delayed email response, they would rather address their problems quickly and directly via live chat.

Live chat support for NJ online casinos is one of the many channels available to help players find the right answers to whatever questions they have about gambling, withdrawing, or any number of other challenges. We wanted to measure the live chat features at each of the 24 legal New Jersey online casinos to see which one has the best support for its players.

This page discusses the process we used to evaluate and rank each NJ online casino based on their live chat support. In addition to discussing how we tested the casinos, we also reveal some of the challenges we faced when conducting this test. If you’d like to skip all the information and jump to the rankings, you can scroll to the bottom or click here.

nj online casino live chat

Purpose of This Test

Customer support is one of the hidden elements of an online casino that can have a huge effect on how much you like or dislike playing at that establishment. With casinos, great customer support can leave you feeling happy and coming back, but poor service can leave a bad taste in your mouth and have you looking for somewhere else to play.

As part of our deep dive into customer support, we’re looking to test every support channel to determine which NJ online casino provides the best support across each. We already conducted an email support test for New Jersey online casinos, and now we’re looking at their live chat.

Live chat is one of the most important customer support channels today. It’s usually the fastest way to get an answer, and its interactivity and queue data give you more information about when you’ll be helped which provides additional peace of mind. With all this in mind, we decided to conduct a live chat support test of NJ online casinos. We wanted to find out how many New Jersey online casinos offer this feature, what their hours of operations were, and how quickly they would respond to our questions.


Below is a quick rundown of how we approached testing live chat support at each of the 24 legal online casinos in New Jersey.

  1. We visited each online casino website to see if they offered live chat as an option.
  2. We wrote a list of 10 short questions that we wanted to ask the support. Questions we felt every customer support should be able to answer. Questions like:
    1. What kind of first deposit bonus do you offer new players in the NJ online casino?
    2. What is the smallest amount that I can deposit in the casino? How do I do that?
    3. Do you offer sports betting, online poker, or online bingo on the New Jersey casino site? 
  3. We messaged the live chat at 10 different dates with different time of the day to see how fast they replied.
  4. We wrote down the exact time each time we sent a message in a spreadsheet and when we got a reply, we accounted for what time the answer replied.
  5. We gathered data first for:
    1. Did they offer live chat?
    2. What were their opening hours?
    3. Did we get a reply or not at all?
    4. How many minutes did it take to get a reply?
  6. If we got a robot reply, that accounted as a none reply, and we messaged again to get a human response and we checked the time for that message instead.
  7. We ranked all NJ online casinos, first based on if they offered live chat, then on average time to reply, we also included an element in the ranking based on their opening hours.

Cons and Challenges

This test wasn’t difficult, but it was time-consuming. Someone needed to physically start the live chat sessions and send our questions while also tracking and measuring the time from sending to receiving a response. This ended up being hundreds of different live chat sessions across many days.

Some of the challenges we faced with our live chat test of NJ online casinos included:

  1. Some casinos did not reply to our questions which greatly skewed the results for that casino negatively. Because most of the responses were done in a matter of minutes, a single non-response could drag down the score for a casino severly. As a result, we decided to omit one missed reply from each casino to avoid weighing anomolies.
  2. We didn’t send the same questions at the same time of the day or day of the week which may have affected the results.
  3. We did not consider the accuracy of the replies we got.
  4. We did not consider how friendly or professional the support was.
  5. Some casinos had fast auto replies, but slow human replies. Auto replies are not taken into the test results. 
  6. Four out of the 24 casinos in New Jersey did not offer live chat at time of the test.

Summary of Test Results

Live chat support is a much faster channel for receiving help than email support. So, a casino that doesn’t offer live chat like Scores or Harrah’s must rely on other support channels which means they are likely to have slower support. In general, most live chat features at NJ online casinos are fairly quick and reliable with the slowest time still being less than 10 minutes (Stardust at 9.7 minutes).

Virgin online casino won our live chat test with a 24-hour operating window and 1.5 minute average response time. When compared to the NJ state average of 3.6 minutes and 20 hours of support, it’s definitely the best option.

We had five casinos test out at a 5-star rating, which means they have at least 20+ hours a day of support and respond in 2 minutes or less.

There were also four casinos with no live chat option. These casinos were DraftKings, 888casino, Harrah’s, and Scores.

Test Score

RatingCasino nameReply time*Average time:Opening hours**Test chatsStars
1Virgin1.53.624 5
2Tropicana1.724 5
3BetMGM1.724 5
4Bet3651.824 5
5PartyCasino1.924 5
6Hard Rock1.620 4.5
7Borgata2.224 4.5
8PokerStars2.424 4.5
9Pala2.724 4.5
10Parx1.614 4
11Caesars2.316 4
12SugarHouse2.416.5 4
13Ocean2.612 3.5
14William Hill3.017 3.5
15Resorts3.516 3.5
16Golden Nugget8.624 3.5
17Stardust9.724 3.5
18Mohegan Sun6.316 3
19BetAmerica6.517 3
20Unibet8.115 2.5
21DraftKings0 1
22888casino0 1
23Harrah’s0 1
24Scores0 1
* Reply time is calculated in minutes from sent message to first human reply.
** Opening hours is calculated in total opening hours per day, averaged over the full week.

Stars in Our Reviews Based On:

The stars based on our live chat test have been split up based on two parameters, the first one is opening hours. How many hours per day is the live chat widget available?

To receive 2.5 stars in our reviews, opening hours need to be 21 hours per day or more.

To receive 2 stars, 16 hours or more is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, 1 hour or more is required.

To receive 1 star, no opening time is required.

The second part of our rating is based on reply time. How long did it take for the live chat support to respond?

To receive 2.5 stars in our reviews reply time of less than 2 minutes is required.

To receive 2 stars, less than 3 minutes is required.

To receive 1.5 stars, less than 5 minutes is required.

To receive 1 star, less than 10 minutes is required.

To receive 0.5 stars, less than 60 minutes is required.