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Becoming Great Podcast

What is Becoming Great?

Becoming Great is an explorative podcast about the literal and sometimes spiritual journey to becoming the world’s most innovative and controversial charitable organization — Great.com.

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Erik Bergman and Emil Ekvardt are the creative minds behind Becoming Great, and there are no topics they won’t explore. From personal health and transparent salaries to the struggles of building a completely remote organization, go behind the scenes of Great.com in Becoming Great.

Emil and Erik talking

#58 – BORING TASKS, how to deal with them?

Boring tasks are a killer of joy and creativity, still, every job has them. What can you do to make boring tasks more fun? How can you use your selfishness to become a better team player? These are the questions we explore in today’s episode. This episode can change the way you are thinking about boring tasks, forever.  
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#57 – Job opening & launching a NEW podcast – Update

We have just launched one of our biggest projects ever. A new podcast! We are interviewing charity organisations with the purpose of building more trust and understanding between the causes and people that want to donate.
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#56 – 6 POWERFUL HABITS you probably haven’t tried

We have realised that we are addicted to creating habits. We think outside of the box and we look for ways to live our lives with constant small improvements, different from most people.
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#55 – 7 Books that CHANGED our lives

Some books can change lives, and some books have truly changed ours. Today Emil and Erik talk about which books have influenced them the most. We talk about books on topics that range between social skills, spirituality, sleep, sex, saying no, creativity and communication. It turned out that both Erik and Emil have the same favourite book ever that they rank higher than all the other books combined. Find out which one it is! Some of these books introduce new ideas that are highly useful in our lives. What we discovered though, is that a lot of these books are very good at pinpointing the negative behaviours we are doing, that we might not be aware of. So we can change.
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#54 – Not reaching GOALS, how to deal with it! – Update

We are currently missing all of our goals with Great.com. It’s a source of frustration and powerlessness. We believe this is a common challenge in when building an organisation and in this episode, we explore how to deal with it and how to move forward.
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