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Becoming Great Podcast

What is Becoming Great?

Becoming Great is an explorative podcast about the literal and sometimes spiritual journey to becoming the world’s most innovative and controversial charitable organization — Great.com.

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The Hosts

Co-hosts Erik Bergman and Emil Ekvardt are the creative minds behind Becoming Great, and there are no topics they won’t explore. From personal health and transparent salaries to the struggles of building a completely remote organization, go behind the scenes of Great.com in Becoming Great.

Emil and Erik talking

#71 – Meditation – How to get started

What is actually meditation? How could meditation help you in your personal growth or your entrepreneurial journey? There are many ways to meditate, and there are many benefits to the practice. Today Erik and Emil break down their favorite ways to meditate so you can feel BETTER and be less distracted, Meditation – How to get started.
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#70 – Great.com is giving away $100 000. Why are we doing that? – Update

Great.com will give away 100% of its profit, but so far we have had zero revenues. Yet, we have decided to do our first big donation – $100 000. The purpose is to unify the team, get a publicity push, and support what we believe is a great organization – the questions to answer, are we really unifying the team, or only causing stress and distraction? And will we get any publicity at all?
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#69 – Shift mindset, build willpower and stop procrastination!

How come some people seem to have unlimited willpower with the ability to push through anything? Today we explore what willpower is, and how anyone can build it stronger. “The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life.” – Tim Ferriss This quote by Tim Ferriss inspired the episode of today. We look into how to build will power and stop procrastination by making it easy to choose your challenges today.
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SPECIAL – Great.com talks with the Founders Pledge about Charity, Covid-19, Climate Change and Casino

Don’t you want to generate the most impact with your charitable giving? Then, you should listen to today’s episode of Great.ctom talks with… Emil Ekvardt talks with the Co-founder and CEO of Founders Pledge, David Goldberg.

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#68 – What is Great.com? Here’s our long term vision – Update

What is Great.com? To answer that question, the best way is to look at our long term vision. What will Great.com become? In this episode, we are diving into our founder Erik Bergman’s vision of where Great.com is heading.
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