Something is wrong with the way we talk about

Climate Change.

So the team at Great is setting out to change the way people talk about climate change — but, that’s not all! We’re putting our money where our mouth is by donating $30,000+ to help protect the environment in 2019! 

Rethink Climate Change

Climate change is often talked about as an impossible challenge for humanity.

I hear people say that we are doomed. Climate change is the end of humanity. That might actually be true with our current politic systems.

For example 1of Jan. 2019 Brazil elected a new president, under his political management the deforestation in the Amazon has increased with almost 300%

Want to help?

Great launched less than a year ago, and there are some small ways you can make a big impact!

And as a consequence of that, major parts of the amazons are on fire. The Amazon is not burning. It’s being burnt down to make room for soybeans to feed cattle.

So what can we actually do about the rainforest being burned or cut down?

Well, one thing we can do is to plant new trees.

This is a cheap way to help our atmosphere. United Nations (UN) alone has planted 13.6 billion trees and there is still much room to plant more. 

This is Great news and the best thing is that we have even Greater news for you.

What’s even more impactful than planting trees is to save the forests that we already have.

And the cheapest way we have found to do this is through something called, policymaking.

One organization with an exceptional track record in policymaking is, Coalition of Rainforest Nations

They are a union of over 50 Rainforest Countries working together with the UN to make sure the rainforest is more valuable alive than dead to the people living there.

What that means is that the UN provides education and resources in return for these countries protecting their rainforest.

One example of what education could be is this.

Providing Rain Forest villages with Drones.

Drones make it possible for the villagers to identify illegal loggers, forest fires and to monitor crops and finding water resources.

Now, why is this information relevant for you?

Have you ever heard of the term being “Climate Positive”?

Imagine that you’re walking in the snow… what will you see behind you? A Footprint right.

Well, humans leave other footprints as well, invisible footprints.

One of the footprints every living human leaves on this planet is called a Carbon Footprint.

Being climate positive means that your lifestyle removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits.

The average Swedish Citizen releases approximately about 10 ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

To becoming Climate Positive by planting trees, it would cost 1 person around 500 euros per year.

However, if you instead would Compensate through policymaking, then Founders Pledge, has calculated that the cost for preventing 1 ton of CO would be 0.002 – 0.78 cents.*

Can you guess why this is Great news?


If you want to become Climate positive it would cost you less than 10 EUR per year to compensate for your lifestyle Footprint. 10 Euros!!! That’s insanely well-spent money.

And why stop there…

Have you ever tried to convince your friends to stop eating meat or driving a car… Not so easy right?

Now you don’t have to… By Compensating 100 Euros you can make yourself and 9 friends “Climate Positive” for a whole year.

In 2019, the team at has chosen to donate about 30k EUR to the environment.

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations is the most exciting cause we have found to help our climate and atmosphere. Follow this link to donate. making an impact is that easy.

What will you do? Will you join us in creating a great future? 

Yours sincerely,
The Team

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